Why does my Bluetooth keep turning on: Common Reasons and Solutions

Why does my bluetooth keep turning on
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Bluetooth technology is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, enabling wireless connections to various devices. However, some Android users face an irritating issue where Bluetooth turns on automatically, draining battery life and causing unintended connections. There are several reasons for this problem, such as certain apps running Bluetooth services, scanning for enhanced accuracy, etc. So are you trying to find a solution for – Why does my Bluetooth keep turning on? We have outlined some proven solutions in this write-up. By understanding these causes and implementing the provided fixes, users can effectively prevent Bluetooth from turning on automatically on their devices and maintain better control over their wireless connections.

Why does my Bluetooth keep turning on? Reasons and solutions 

Bluetooth turned on automatically on mobile phones can be attributed to various factors, including certain apps running background processes that trigger Bluetooth activation, auto-scanning for enhanced location accuracy, and the rapid device connect function intermittently activating Bluetooth. System errors, interference from third-party apps, or unintended changes to Bluetooth settings may also contribute to the issue. Understanding these causes allows users to take proactive steps in resolving the problem. Having Bluetooth turned on all the time can cause certain impacts on the overall device performance and battery life. So it is necessary to find the right solution for the Bluetooth problem on your device and fix it as soon as possible. Restarting your device can fix small bugs, including issues related to background processes or certain apps. 

1. Location accuracy and Bluetooth scanning 

One of the primary culprits behind Bluetooth automatically turning on is the “Location Accuracy” setting on your mobile phone. This feature enables Bluetooth scanning for better location accuracy, requiring Bluetooth to be periodically active on your device. So it can result in Bluetooth turning on automatically on a periodic basis, even if you turn it off. To fix this Bluetooth problem, you can follow these steps: 

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location accuracy
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  1. Swipe down on your phone to access the quick settings options, or open the settings app. 
  2. Tap the “location” option in the settings and select “Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning” under the location toggle option. 
  3. Toggle off the slider in front of “Bluetooth scanning.”
  4. By deactivating this option, you can eliminate the automatic Bluetooth activation caused by location-based scanning.

2. Bluetooth tethering 

If you are wondering why does my Bluetooth keep turning on? Then Bluetooth tethering might be the issue. Bluetooth might activate automatically if you often use Bluetooth Tethering to connect another device to your mobile data. 

Why does my bluetooth keep turning on
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  1. Open “Settings” on your smart phone and look for “Hotspot & tethering.”
  2. Find the “Bluetooth tethering” option in it and turn it off.
  3. Disabling Bluetooth tethering can prevent Bluetooth from turning on automatically when the feature is not needed for internet sharing.

3. Apps enabling Bluetooth 

Certain applications or processes on your Android phone might have permission to enable Bluetooth automatically. However, if you haven’t granted them the authority to modify system settings, they should request permission before activating Bluetooth. To ensure that automatic Bluetooth activation is disabled for recently installed apps, follow these steps:

Modify system settings
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  1. Open “Settings” on your phone and look for “Modify system settings” in “Apps”. You can simply use the search option in the settings to find “Modify system settings” option. 
  2. Now you can find the apps with access to modify system settings. 
  3. Click the app you think is the reason for enabling Bluetooth and toggle off the slider. 
  4. By adjusting these settings, you can regain control over apps that might be causing Bluetooth to turn on unexpectedly.

4. Quick Device Connect

If you are trying to find why does my Bluetooth keep turning on? You must try disabling Quick Device Connect. All the recent versions of smartphones are now equipped with a new feature called – Quick Device Connect. So there is a chance for this feature to turn on Bluetooth automatically. 

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Why does my bluetooth keep turning on
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Disabling Quick Device Connect: 

  1. Open “Settings” on your Android phone, and navigate to “Connection & sharing.” You can also search for Quick Connect or Quick Device Connect in the search bar to find this option in the setting. 
  2. Look for the “Quick Connect” or “Quick Device connect” menu and turn it off. 

By deactivating Quick Device Connect, you can stop the automatic activation of Bluetooth associated with this feature.

5. Incorrect Bluetooth settings 

In some cases, incorrect Bluetooth settings can be the issue. So it is necessary to check that to know why does my Bluetooth keep turning on? To resolve this issue, you can try network resetting to reset all your device’s Bluetooth settings. But you must remember that resetting the network settings will change all the Bluetooth, mobile data, and Wi-Fi settings to default, removing all the paired devices. 

Incorrect Bluetooth settings 
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Resetting Bluetooth settings involves the following steps: 

  1. Launch your phone’s “Settings” app and look for “Additional settings.”
  2. In the “Additional settings” menu, click on the “Backup and reset” option and choose “Reset Phone”.  
  3. Tap the reset option, then click “Reset network settings.”
  4. You can also use the search bar in the setting menu to look for “Reset network settings” directly.
  5. Follow these instructions to initiate the process and reset your Bluetooth settings.

6. Uninstall recently installed apps

If the Bluetooth issue on your device started after installing a particular application, it is better to uninstall that app. Some apps might interfere with Bluetooth settings, leading to its automatic activation. Removing these apps can help identify the source of the Bluetooth issue and potentially resolve it.

Why does my bluetooth keep turning on
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Why does Bluetooth keep turning on? Other solutions

  • Update all the installed apps on your mobile phone. 
  • Do system updates, if any. 
  • Factory reset your mobile phone (remove everything). 


Are you trying to find an answer for why does my Bluetooth keep turning on? If yes, go through this information to find the right solution for your bluetooth problem. By understanding the underlying causes, users can implement proven solutions to regain control over their Bluetooth and prevent unwanted activations. Taking these proactive steps will ensure a smoother and more efficient Bluetooth experience on Android devices.


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