001 Stranger things: Who will portray in Season 4?

001 Stranger things

Since the 2016 premiere of “Stranger Things,” fans have wondered who the other test subjects besides Eleven were at the Hawkins Laboratory (Millie Bobby Brown). Several novel experimental subjects and their numerous spinoffs have been introduced throughout the show. Eight, alias Kali Prasad, makes his debut in Season 2. In the comic books that accompany the television series, Jamie (or Nine), Marcy (or 9.5), Francine (or Six), and Ricky also appear (or Three). However, the fourth season of “Stranger Things” introduces all of the test subjects and the very first one. Everything you need to know about him is presented here. The following paragraphs disclose key plot elements. Obtain additional information about 001 Weirdness.

Jamie Campbell Bower thoroughly understands the overwhelming majority of fan cultures. During production, the British actor was 33 years old and had previously appeared in Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Infernal Instruments. In Stranger Things season 4, he portrays One/Henry Creel. Before the dissolution of the punk band Counterfeit in 2020, he served as frontman and guitarist for the group. His adaptability is remarkable, and that is evident.

What Is the Identity of Stranger Things’ Number One?

After the première of the third season of “Stranger Things” in July 2019, most viewers have speculated that the Mind Flayer is indeed One. The most significant fact was that Eleven and the dictator of Upside Down shared similar abilities. The fourth season of the program has demonstrated that things have changed. Hawkins confronts a new creature from the Upside Down at the beginning of the season. Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) nicknames it Vecna, after the evil wizard of the same name from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game because its killing technique resembles magic.

Vecna, or 001, is Dr. Martin Brenner’s first subject at Hawkins Laboratory. Henry Creel was the former name of Victor’s son, who is now referred to as Victor. After World War II, Henry, his parents Victor and Virginia, and his sister Alice relocated to Hawkins. After a month of happiness in their new home, conditions gradually deteriorated. Various animal corpses began to appear inside and outside of the residence. Alice, Virginia, and Victor all began to experience visions. Virginia suffered the same fate as the rest of Vecna’s victims. Victor was murdered at the same time Alice was killed while he was trapped in one of his visions. He concluded that Henry had been murdered and the demon was responsible for the incident. When his guilt in the murders was established, Victor was confined to the Pennhurst insane asylum.

001 Stranger things

001 Stranger things

Does the number 001 have any additional significance in the Stranger Things universe?

Jamie Campbell portrays Number 001, formerly Peter Ballard, in Stranger Things. Vecna, which means “Villain,” was his adopted moniker. The young actor who portrays the lead role in Stranger Things Episode 1 will be the first test subject in Hawkins Lab.

Who Is Your Fave “Stranger Things” Character?

In the final chapter of Volume 1, Number One, alias Henry Creel, was revealed to be Vecna. A detailed examination of the 001 tattoos on his arm confirmed his transformation.

The 001 and 11 don’t add up consistently.

Eleven’s actions had devastating effects on Hawkins National Laboratory. It is common knowledge that Vecna is responsible for the disorder that plagues the city. Season 4 reveals that neither a demon nor Victor was responsible for the crimes of Virginia and Alice, Henry’s mother and sister. Henry’s mother and siblings perished due to his exceptional abilities. His objective was to destroy all manmade structures on Earth. He was without a doubt a dreadful, evil person.

One regains his strength and wreaks havoc as Eleven seizes his chip. After One died in the lab, Eleven ultimately faced the truth about One. She witnessed Act I’s entirety transpire in the Rainbow Room. 11 also saw through One’s pretenses, realizing that the device he had her remove to control his abilities and that the chip he claimed to possess was a red herring. She noticed that he had “001” tattooed on both wrists. In other words, One and Eleven were correct in their assessment that he was a hazardous, containable monster.

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Eleven, therefore, decided to prevent and defeat him.

The individual explained everything that had occurred. Nonetheless, he did not recognize Eleven’s sincerity. She mustered all of her strength to attack him. During this conflict, the Rainbow Room was the only entrance to The Upside Down. 001 was nonetheless struck by lightning and eradicated in the Upside Down. He was able to withstand the exposure to light. However, Evil Monster 001 mutated into something much more monstrous: Vecna. This was how Vecna located Hawkins.

What is Henry Creel Vecna’s Situation?

Henry transformed the fearsome Vecna after Eleven released him into the Upside Down. Even after the first volume, the “001” tattoo on Vecna’s wrist remains. Before brutally murdering Chrissy and Fred, he claimed that El had granted him superhuman strength. Like many of his other victims, Max (who is still mourning the murder of her brother Billy) appears to be a target because she is a troubled teen who has endured tragedy. Now that Nancy is a captive in Upside Down, she appears to be his next target.

Exists a connection between Eleven and One/Henry?

There is no evidence linking Eleven to the Creels. Their parents are both named Dr. Brenner. Consequently, she and One are “siblings.” In the final chapter of the first book, One manipulates Eleven into trusting him by disclosing his tattoo, which suggests that they share psychic and telekinetic abilities. We will not know if these two are related until Season 4, Part 2 of Stranger Things, is released.

001 Stranger things
001 Stranger things

How Can One Determine Whether There Are Exactly 101 Stranger Things?

001 was extraordinarily gifted. Dr. Brenner invited him to work in his lab due to his proficiency in this field. Brenner determines that he is a suitable subject for the experiment because official records indicate that he has already died. Henry was to be examined to create additional beings with his abilities.

In season 4, not only does One’s past loss become evident, but so do a variety of other behaviors. Similarly, the corrupting influence of 001 on Eleven was on open display for all to see. In the series, he portrays Vecna as well. Vecna is responsible for the fatalities of numerous city residents. It has been observed that Vecna’s palms possess magical abilities. Everything he desires is within his grasp. Virginia, Henry’s mother, was also assassinated by Vecna, which profoundly impacted him emotionally.

What is the little boy’s number?

Peter Ballard, a lab orderly with a tattoo of the number 001, which can be translated as “One,” was the facility’s first minor patient, as indicated by his tattoo. You may be wondering who this individual is. Henry Creel is Victor’s son’s name. He scarcely escaped death during the massacre and was ultimately responsible for it.

Who Bestowed 001 with Their Power?

Dr. Brenner gave his children extraordinary abilities by administering psychedelics to their mothers while they were still in utero. There is no evidence that Henry Creel’s mother ever ingested LSD, so he appears to be an outlier. Instead, his abilities appear to have developed organically during his adolescence.

Is There Any Particularly Terrifying Character in Stranger Things?

Season 4 features the complete return of the Duffer Brothers and the introduction of Vecna/One/Henry Creel, the show’s largest monster to date (played by Jamie Campbell Bower).

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Is Number One Hazardous Brain-Eater Real?

Vecna is infamous for destroying minds. Vecna, portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, connects to the show’s prologue. One was sent to the Upside Down shortly after meeting Eleven for the first time.

What is the significance of the number 11 in “Stranger Things?”

The lads can tell she is female because she has the number “011” tattooed on her left forearm. Mike welcomes El into his home after renaming Eleven “El” and awarding her permission to reside in his basement. Eleven manipulates Mike into keeping the secret from the adults to shield herself from Dr. Brenner, whom Eleven calls “Papa.”

Orderly 001 was free to depart the lab and regain his abilities after Eleven’s arrival.

She was victimized by two lab employees and a few others. One individual took advantage of her insecurity by convincing her he was the only One who cared about her welfare. He had control over Eleven because he knew Brenner would eventually kill him. One was able to gain Eleven’s trust and then exploit her. She removed the Soteria implant from 001, and he is once again destructive. He utilized his magical abilities to murder the entire laboratory’s personnel and subjects. Henry, or One, is an extremely dangerous being. When Eleven removed the implant from his neck, he made a terrible choice.


As seen on the popular Netflix series Stranger Things is a science fiction story with a great deal of intense drama and terrifying moments. The supernaturally-powered antagonists in the show inexorably placed the protagonists in terrifying situations. The aesthetics of the 2000s significantly influenced the plot of the web series. The Duffer Brothers constructed the fictional town of Hawkins for the story. Researchers are investigating supernatural beings and gifted individuals in this facility to create more of both. Due to their investigations, however, these entities have relocated to a parallel universe. This dimension is known as the “Inverted” dimension. Unsafe notions about the Upside Down have materialized, posing a danger to Hawkins. All other assets belong to the state.