Can Cats Eat Raw Meat- A Complete Answer To It!

can cats eat raw meat

Every cat parent in this world aims to feed their cat nutritious and tasty food. Hence, while searching for the best food options, you will come across the option of non-veg for sure. In this case, most of you will wonder whether or not can cats eat raw meat. Well, the answer to this question depends on the type of meat you select for feeding your cat. Additionally, there are various other things that cat parents should consider before feeding raw meat to their cats. 

Well, some of our readers might either be new cat parents. Or, instead, they might be new to the concept of non-veg. In both the cases, you will be unaware of the things related to the same. Hence, to educate you, we decided to come up with this blog on whether you should feed raw meat to cats. Additionally, we will also discuss various other things related to cats and raw meat. Please keep reading to learn everything about it. 

Whether or not can cats eat raw meat?

can cat eat meat

There is a huge variety of non-veg options available in front of cat parents that they can feed their furry babies with. But every raw meat is different from the other one. Hence, before feeding raw meat to your cat, you should properly do your research. Additionally, as cat parents, it is your duty to check whether that particular meat is safe for your cat or not. 

Raw meat options that you might think of feeding to your cat

Listed below are some common non-veg options that you might prefer for feeding your cat. Please have a look at all of them to know which one will be a better choice for your cat’s overall well-being. 

Raw Chicken 

raw chicken- can cats eat raw meat

Chicken is a lean meat and is considered one of the best protein sources. Additionally, both human beings and cats can digest it easily. This is because it contains low sodium and fat content. Also, various nutrients, including fatty acid Omega 3, proteins, and vitamins, are found in chicken. Hence, this is the reason why cat parents wish to feed raw chicken to their cats. 

However, as new cat parents you might wonder can cats eat raw meat, specifically chicken? Well, the answer to this question is yes. You can feed your cat raw chicken. It is very beneficial for their overall health and well-being. Feeding your cat raw chicken will lead to a healthy skin texture and improved bone and muscle health. Additionally, raw chicken meat will directly brighten and soften your cat’s fur. Also, being a lean meat, raw chicken meal will facilitate strong teeth and balanced weight. 

Pork and bacon

Pork and bacon are meats that are extracted from pigs. However, they are very different from each other. The major difference between pork and bacon is their cured and uncured nature. Pork falls under the category of uncured meat. On the other hand, bacon is a cure meat. 

Bacon for cats

raw bacon

Bacon is preserved with a lot of preservative ingredients, including salt and nitrates. Hence, bacon should not be considered raw meat but instead, it is a processed form of meat. Clearly, you should not feed processed meats to your cats. This is because it is harmful to them and can result in various health issues. Hence, feeding bacon is clearly eliminated from the list of can cats eat raw meat. 

Pork for cats

raw pork

Talking about pork, it is a better option for raw meat that you can feed your cat. This meat contains various nutrients, which provide a lot of health benefits to cats. Some of those benefits include improved metabolism, healthy skin, a silky and smooth coat, etc. Additionally, it also benefits their digestive tract and nervous system. 

Well, you should consider the quantity before feeding it to your cat. In other words, you should feed pork to your cat in moderate quantity. This is because pork naturally contains increased salt content and other saturated ingredients. Thus, feeding it to your cat in an excessive quantity might lead to the development of various health issues. These include their weight gain and high blood pressure. Hence, instead of feeding it as a complete meal, you can give pork to your cats in the form of treats. 

Raw Beef

raw beeef- can cats eat raw meat

When talking about raw beef, it is a yes for can cats eat raw meat. Just like raw chicken, raw beef is also a great source of protein. It not only promotes your cat’s overall health but is great for your cat’s eyesight. Additionally, raw beef is the best choice for female cats. This is because it is enriched with nutrients that help maintain and enhance the reproductive parts and the overall system. 

Another advantage of feeding raw beef meat to cats is the growing muscles and the development of soft tissues. As a result, your cat will start gaining strong muscles. Also, there will be a smooth formation of tissues and cells. 

Raw beef contains a lot of nutrients. These include zinc, vitamins A and B, iron, manganese, etc. However, this fact cannot be ignored that beef meat contains a good quantity of fat as well. This fat can lead to excessive weight gain in cats. Hence, it would be best if you removed the fat part before feeding raw beef to your cats. 

Raw Duck Meat

raw duck- can cats eat raw meat

Can cats eat raw meat? Yes, cats can safely eat raw duck meat every day. It would not be wrong to say that raw duck is a super food for cats. This is because it contains all the minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats that are required for maintaining your cat’s health. Some of these nutrients include protein, vitamins B and C, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. All these facilitate a smoother and shiner coat and skin.

Additionally, raw duck meat is a great source of zinc and selenium. As a result, it helps in keeping your cat’s immune system in a healthy position. Also, the production of red blood cells is also increased in cats when they eat raw duck.

Raw Lamb

raw lamb- can cats eat raw meat

Raw lamb contains various vitamins which belong to the B group. Some of them include B2, B3, B6, and B12. All these B-group vitamins are known for maintaining and enhancing neurological functioning in both cats and human beings as well. Additionally, consuming raw duck will also let you maintain your cat’s overall health. 

Apart from vitamins, zinc and protein are two major components in duck meat. Zinc enhances and maintains your cat’s immune system. On the other hand, protein helps in building strong bones and muscles. Hence, your cat will stay very active and energetic when shifted to raw duck meat. 

Raw Turkey for cats

raw turkey for cats

Raw turkey is very much similar to raw chicken when it comes to nutritional value. It is also an excellent, lean source of protein. Additionally, turkey contains some different nutrients which might not be present in other raw meats. One example is the presence of an amino acid that can provide a lot of benefits to your cat. A strong immune system, improved digestion, and enhanced visual power are just a few examples. Hence, cat parents don’t need to think twice before feeding raw turkey meat to their cats. 

However, the only thing cat parents need to consider is that the raw meat is properly cleaned and fresh. This will ensure that your cat will enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal, free from any diseases. 

Different types of raw diets that you can safely feed your cats! 

Since you know the answer to can cats eat raw meat, you probably want to know the best way to feed it to your cat. This is because raw meat is available in different types. Additionally, there are certain ways to feed raw feed to your cat. Well, to assist you with the same, we have listed different raw diets that you can feed your cat in different ways. 

Raw meat diets cooked and prepared at home

cat enjoying raw meat

If you wish to feed your cat a protein and mineral-rich raw diet, we advise you to cook at prepare it yourself. Doing this will ensure that the raw meat you are feeding your cat is not processed and completely free from any type of preservatives and diseases. Additionally, you should also ensure that the meat contains all the required vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This will let your cat consume a properly balanced diet, directly ensuring their overall well-being. 

Defrosted meats available in the market

can cats eat meat

You can feed defrosted meats to your cats that are available in the market. However, it would be best if you did not ignore the fact that these commercially frozen meats do not contain all the required minerals and vitamins. Hence, they won’t be a balanced meal for your cats. But the good part is that you can customize them according to your preference. 

For example, you can add some calcium bones to a packet of defrosted meat before serving it to your cat. This will increase the amount of calcium in your cat’s meal. Similarly, you can also add other vitamins. Additionally, adding some fresh veggies to add some extra protein and crunch is also an option.  

Dried-freeze raw meats available in the market

cats and raw meat

Feeding your cats dried and frozen raw meats available in the market is also an option available with cat parents. This raw meat is first dried so that all the extra moisture is removed and further frozen. Various brands in the market have launched dried and frozen raw meats. Also, they claim that their product contains all the required nutrients. However, to be extra sure. You can make some additions to this packet before finally serving it to our cat. You can either add some vitamins and calcium supplements. Or, instead, adding nutritional food toppings will also be beneficial. 

Two deadly diseases that cats may catch after eating raw meat

No doubt, raw meat is beneficial for cats. But feeding it to your feline baby has various drawbacks as well. The main ones are the diseases that will accompany your furry friend when shifted to raw feeding. Hence, while deciding whether or not can cats eat raw meat, you should also consider other aspects that are related to it. 


Salmonellosis is a disease which is caused by a particular bacteria known as Salmonella. This bacteria is found in various raw meats. Some of them include chicken, fish, beef, and pork. Hence, there is a possibility that your feline baby might catch this disease when fed raw meat of any one of the mentioned organisms. 

Additionally, the bad news about salmonellosis is that it can spread very quickly. And the worst part is that even human beings can catch this disease from their infected cat. Hence, not only your other cats but you are also prone to this disease if you feed raw meat to your cat. 


Listeriosis is a deadly disease that is mainly caused due to the presence of a bacteria named listeria. It is basically present in seafood such as fish, crabs, and lobsters. There are chances that uncooked chicken and beef meat might also contain listeria. It is a deadly bacteria that can cause premature death in both cats and human beings as well.

Listeriosis and salmonellosis are two separate diseases that are very different from each other. However, the only similarity between them is that they both can spread from feline organisms to human beings. 

The worst part about listeriosis is that if in case your furry friend catches it, you won’t notice any symptoms. Your cat will behave normally, just as it usually does. However, the symptoms will be visible when this disease is at its peak. This means that when the bacteria has spread in your cat’s entire body, you will have to hospitalize them. Unfortunately, doing this will serve no benefits. This is because listeriosis will eventually lead to the death of your cat. 

Winding up 

The clear answer to can cats eat raw meat is yes. Feeding raw meat to your cat has a lot of health benefits. However, you should consider all the drawbacks/side effects of feeding a raw diet to your feline baby. These include considering the fat content present in raw meats. Additionally, it would be best if you also considered all the diseases that your cat might catch after eating it. Hence, by maintaining hygiene and taking all the necessary precautions, cat parents can safely feed raw meat to their furry babies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can cats eat raw meat?

Yes, cats can eat raw meat. It is safe to feed a raw diet to your cat. However, there are certain things that you should consider before feeding any non-cooked meat to your cat. These include checking the nutritional value and the diseases that might be present in that raw organism. 

Which raw meat options are safe for feeding pet cats?

There are various raw meats available in the market. The safe option for feeding your cat is raw chicken, pork (in a moderate quantity), beef, and lamb. 

Is it safe to feed raw chicken to our feline babies?

Yes, feeding raw chicken is completely safe for cats. It is a lean meat which contains a lot of nutrients. Additionally, it is considered to be one of the best sources of natural protein. Hence, serving raw chicken to your cats will not only act as a tasty meal for them. But, instead, it will promote their overall health as well. 

Should I feed bacon to my cat? 

Bacon is neither fully cooked nor uncooked meat. It falls under the category of processed meat. As a result, it contains a lot of preservatives. Salt and nitrates are present in excess quantity. Hence, feeding your cat bacon, even in small quantities, is not recommended. It will lead to the development of various health issues, including weak bones and increased blood pressure. 

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