5 Great Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Transform Your Backyard

Upgrading your backyard should be a yearly enterprise. You shouldn’t feel restricted or that you cannot fall in love with a new rose bush or plant that you want to place in your backyard because it has already been designed and planted up to the teeth. 

Transforming your backyard doesn’t have to happen overnight. Taking your time and being patient is how you can improve the space as organically as the flora and fauna you have planted in the ground. 

All you need is a vision, so consider using any of these five ideas to transform your backyard this year, and don’t be afraid to invest in another project in the future. 

1. Add a Patio or Porch

One of the best ways to immediately get more use out of your backyard is to create a designated living space outside. For most, this will mean adding a patio or porch. It could be elevated, or just a few inches off the ground. The important thing about these outdoor entertainment areas is that they are comfortable and easy to get outside and that they act as an extension to your home. If you enjoy outdoor cooking and socializing, have a large outside area, enjoy being outside, and have a strong remodeling budget, you should think about taking it to the next level with an outdoor kitchen. 

This means that on top of a patio or porch, you should invest in high-quality outdoor furniture. There are materials that are ideal for spending year after year outside without degradation in aesthetics or quality. Invest in these so that you can head outside and enjoy your time lounging in the sun or getting some fresh air while you enjoy lunch. 

2. Grow a Kitchen Garden 

In a kitchen garden, you can grow fruits and vegetables. It is a great way to eat the freshest, most organic food you will find anyway. Gardening is a great wellness hobby to enjoy, great to teach kids and can look incredible in your backyard. It doesn’t have to take up that much space, either. You can grow a vertical herb garden, for example, or train an apple tree to grow along your backyard like a fence. 

3. Block Out Noise 

If you live in a busy city, then you are going to want to invest in the right bushes and trees that will work to block out noise throughout the year. These are typically evergreen solutions, and on top of blocking out noise will also provide you with the privacy you need to enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest. 

4. Add a Water Feature 

If you have the space, then consider adding a water feature. A pool, a hot tub, or even just a fountain can add that extra oomph and purpose to your backyard so you’ll be able to enjoy it better, potentially all year round. 

5. Add a Cabin or Shed 

For most people, sheds are useful just for stashing away all the gardening tools they need throughout the year. For others, these sheds or cabins can be transformed into an additional space like a craft room or office. As these spaces don’t need plumbing and very basic electricity needs, they can easily be done on a budget. If you wanted a quiet space to work away from your family, look outside.