The story of a boy who diverted university funds to FIFA video games

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Suppose some people think that playing video games for fun, different from Jonathan Peniket. Here’s the story of a boy who sacrifices his family’s various happiness for a game. Video games are indeed the highest digital trend over the past decade. Of course, with this prolonged pandemic, demand for the video game industry is increasing, followed by a fantastic esports industry complete with real matches and competitions. Some people spend their free time in front of a PC screen or console to enjoy the fun of the storyline and gameplay on offer; not even a few people spend their money on situs idn poker to spend their free time. Here’s the story of a middle-aged man who willingly sacrifices his family’s happiness and peace of mind just because of a video game. What lessons can be learned to play a video game that is certainly very entertaining to its users?

Jonathan Peniket, Who Is He?

He’s nobody, just a boy who likes to play various video games, one of the famous soccer video game, FIFA 05. The 21-year-old loves video games, the days he spends having fun, and diving into the gameplay on offer. Yes, everything goes typically like other video game players who enjoy the fun on offer. But that condition changed when FIFA launched the Ultimate Team game mode between their FIFA series in 2009, certainly leading Jonathan to an increasingly exciting level of challenge and gameplay.

This game mode made Jonathan change his game pattern, where he had previously only had fun with the game, now it becomes more thought about the luck he will get. Yes, this game mode is a lucky card game with a fortune chest mode obtained by purchasing them. Lucky cards will feature a random variety of epic and talented players, which can certainly increase a team’s winning potential. Sure, to get better new players, you have to buy them for real money and in the market that trades those cards.

Of course, when Jonathan tried it for the first time, his father was wholly opposed, who explained that it was a form of gambling, and it would be detrimental to his users. But Jonathan refused to listen to the advice; he was angry and continued to buy the package. Unknowingly, he always believes such packages that are somehow innumerable. He used his pocket money for first-time purchases, cash from his parents, various interchangeable vouchers, and other funds sources.

Hope to get the best video games

After the incident, Jonathan went on and on to buy the package. It’s been incalculable the total cost incurred, really drunk on the box. Yes, he expects only profit, for the sake of a team that no one can beat. He didn’t want to miss any moment in the booty box, which he hoped was just a win. The moment got worse; when he got his first debit card at the age of 17, the situation got worse. All he thought about was a loot box and a loot box; nothing could envelop his mind other than a loot box! Jonathan was thinking about the best chance for the team he built on a video game, nothing more than that.

However, fate says other. In 2017, something tragic happened; His mother was diagnosed with cancer in his body! Yes, cancer has attacked his mother to the end, and is unsure of her future. Yes, anyone will feel sad, including Jonathan, who feels an immeasurable sadness. But who would have thought Jonathan made the entirely wrong decision; make video games his solace and more often to buy loot boxes for a better chance.

He has spent up to $3000 to keep hunting loot boxes! He’s waiting for another surprise on the box, so he doesn’t think about anything. Until he realized his biggest mistake, he had put a lot of pressure on his family, his parents, even their grandparents. All battered and overwhelmed!

Jonathan’s lesson

Yes, finally, Jonathan came to realize the mistakes he had made, the various pressures and burdens he felt for his beloved family. He also oversees the loot box hunt that makes things even more chaotic. Yes, that intent and determination are also based on the House of Lords Gambling Committee’s issue on a review of the purchase of loot boxes under gambling regulations. Jonathan is determined to inform, educate, and guard people over loot box incidents over his bitter experiences.

EA Sports’ response to the incident

As FIFA’s publisher and game developer, EA Sports states that loot boxes are not gambling. They also agreed to a further investigation by the gambling commission, and they fully believed that the loot box was not a gambling activity that harmed many. They say that its users can play FIFA Ultimate Team without spending a dime, and all purchases of any content are optional only. Yes, EA sports states that players’ welfare or users of their video games is of great importance. EA Sports also makes parental control features and excessive spending limits to be an essential point.

Conclusion of all this: video games

Video games are indeed a new industry and provide a variety of offers for the games they offer. Sure, all the controls are on the user. The video game industry will continue to develop its games so that its players do not get bored quickly. So, keep in mind a limit and control yourself!

Those are some of the short stories about a boy who got into trouble with video games. Stay in control, and stay safe!