How to Password Protect a Folder- Simple and Easy Methods

how to password protect a folder

How to Password Protect a folder

Well, nowadays almost all our necessary data is stored on our PCs or laptops, hence a lot of us want to know how to password protect a folder. Since we keep almost everything on our system, we should know how to keep it safe. In this article, we shall share the details o how you can keep password protect on a folder. Be a Windows 10 or a Windows Vista pc, and we will share some simple and easy tips through which you can keep your data safe and secure.

Moreover, we should know that a lot of hackers and malware are entering our systems through one way or the other, hence, we will also share some critical software that can enhance your security of the folder and files that have on your PC. Before we get into the details, we have to understand that we have to take some necessary steps to ensure the utmost level of safety of our PC and folders. Don’t share your PC with some random person. Moreover, don’t let anyone take over your system through any suspicious links. Besides that, when you keep a password on a folder, make sure that you don’t share your password with anyone to keep your files and folders safe. If you leak the password of the files and folder, someone may misuse your trust and get access to those private files quickly.

Let us dig more into the folder safety-

Encrypted Folders or Password Protected?

Password Protected

First, let us talk about password protection. It is a beautiful way to keep your folder safe and secure from any other unwanted person or entity getting access to it. Having a folder password protected means that you’ll have a particular keyword that only you will know. This keyword will help you to enter that folder. If you fail to enter the selected and self chooses keyword, then you won’t be able to enter it. Now, let us know what does encrypted folders mean.


Encrypted folders are the ones that play a trick on the language and the name of the folder. If someone else is trying to open the destination, then it will not open. The folder automatically changes the name and the goal of the folder. Moreover, this means that the Encryption helps the folder to hide better than the password ones. But, if the folder is found by anyone, then they can easily access it. Whereas, the password-protected folders are always there in front of us, but only the person who knows the password can open it. Well, here they both have their limited pros and cons, but there we will be focused on the password protection on a folder.

More Details

It is crucial for us to understand why we need to have a password on the folder. Even if it is your personal PC and you don’t have to share it with anyone, then to your folder and files are unsafe. Someone may send you a link, and they can get access over your system quickly. By any chance, if you share the course with anyone or your PC is in your office, then it is crucial for you to have it. This password protection is not only for the people who have essential files.

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Even if you have any random files, people can place some virus or malware into your pc without you even knowing it. All of this makes even more sense when we look at today’s activities. We spend most of our time on the internet for one reason or the other. A lot of us don’t even know the basic dos and don’ts of the internet. If you have kids or children in your house, then it is even more unsafe for you. With just a few wrong taps here and there, people can get access to your system in just a matter of seconds. Hence, it is crucial for us to know how to keep our folder and files password protected.

Basic Method

how to password protect a folder

Well, this is one of the most simple and basic and built-in methods through which you can keep your folder safe. This method will not tell you how to keep a password on your folder, but this will tell you how you can save a folder safe without even owning a password for anything.

  1. Select the file or a folder that you choose to protect.
  2. Open the properties of the file
  3. Now, go the advance properties option.
  4. Tick the checkbox that says Encryption
  5. Apply the selected settings.

Put Password on a Folder

Now, you must understand that windows themselves have not provided us with this option. However, there are several trusted password protection application and software for your system. Let us check the top ones below and also see how you can use them efficiently.

Folder Lock

how to password protect a folder

This is safe and sound software that will help you to keep your folder safe with a password. First, you have to download it from the official website and open it. Once you open it, they will ask you which folder or disk you want to keep a password on. You select the files that you need to protect and develop a safe key or password for those. Make sure that you don’t forget the key as then you’ll have to recover the permit through a different procedure.

They will ask for your email id and other details as a part of a backup. Once you have selected the folder and kept a password on it, they are protected. Every time you will try to open that folder or disk, this software will ask for a password, or else it will not open it. This is a beautiful way to keep your files safe if you are sharing your system with anyone.

For Other Version of Windows

The folder lock is for the Windows 10. By any chance, if you have any other version of windows, then don’t worry. There are ample of password protection software that is available online. All you have to do it just check out their official site and download them. If you have windows 8 or 7 then also you can quickly put a password on your system. There are many variants of password protection software.

However, you have to keep another thing in mind. The password or key that you choose to keep has to be healthy. A weak password is good for nothing.

Another Method to Keep your Folder Safe


This is an ingenious method through which you can keep your folder safe. This is through the process of compression. As we know, that we can compress any file or folder on our system. This method uses the same trick to protect the folder with the help of compress. You Can use any type of compressor for this method. Just make sure that you use a trusted compressor, and you download it from a safe and authentic link. Once you have downloaded a file compressing software, follow through the steps given below to make your folder safe.

  1. Find a suitable and authentic file compress.
  2. Download the file compressor with the correct link.
  3. Open the file compressor and install it.
  4. Run the software on your system.
  5. Select the file that you want to protect and add it in.
  6. Once it is selected, open the setting and choose the open to protect it.
  7. Once you choose the option, it will ask you for a password.
  8. Next, Select a good and strong password and keep it on the folder.
  9. Now, your folder is password protected.
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Moreover, once you have selected compressed the files and put a password in it, now all you need to do is just extract the folder wherever you want to and once it is extracted, just fill up the password that you had kept for the folded, and you can access. This will keep the folder safe from everyone else around. 

What to Choose

You know how to password protect your folder, what next? We have discussed the basic ways through which you can keep your folder safe and secure. Now, it is totally up to you to choose the apt method for yourself. This you can do by keeping various things in mind. The main thing that you have to keep in mind here is convenience. Choose the method and option, which is the most convenient for you. This will help you to minimize your task the maximize your security. 

So before making the final call, check on the methods that we have discussed below and then make the final call. Once you choose the right method to do it, make sure that you set a password asap and never share it with anyone.

Also as a backup plan, make sure that you submit your correct email id in these apps. By this, in case you forget your password, then you can easily get it and recover the folder. You can do it with the help of data recovery software as well. 

Some Other Basic Tips

Here are a few tips that you have to keep in mind. This will help you to keep your files and folders safe. Since now you know how to password protect a folder, check them out! 


Always make sure that you always have a copy of that folder in an iCloud. Be it, a google drive, or any other paid and trusted cloud. This will ensure that you always have your file even you lose the folder. Sometimes, people get their system or laptop stolen or destroyed then they are unable to recover it. You can save yourself from it easily. 

External Drive

If you don’t find any cloud or online drive, then buy an external hard drive or a pen drive and always keep a copy of your folder there. 

Strong Password

Now that you know how to password protect a folder, the most important tip is that you keep a strong password. No matter how good the software or the folder lock is. If your password is weak and someone else can crack it, you will lose your file and folder easily.