6 Secrets Behind Writing an A+ Dissertation

Secrets Behind Writing

A dissertation is an essential step towards a Ph.D. So, if you’ve come this far, you already know at least something about good academic writing. You’ve written essays and course works for sure. But a dissertation will take you to another level.

Writing an excellent dissertation is a challenge for everyone – even for the best of the best. So, put your worries aside, calm down your nerves and stop thinking you’re not good enough to fulfill this task. Let’s think clear.

There are some secrets that can turn a good job into an excellent one. We’re eager to share with you some secrets behind writing an A+ dissertation. Read carefully and take notes!

1. Choose the Right Topic

Choosing the right topic – or, more precisely, the research subject – is a key to creating a great academic paper. Such a subject should be:

  • Interesting to you personally;
  • Valuable to the academic community you’ll be presenting it to;
  • Useful to the public.

It’s also good to think of the methods of your research and the ways to collect necessary data before picking up your topic. Of course, being excited over the subject is crucial, but you may get disappointed in the process if there are too many obstacles on your way.

You’re not afraid of difficulties? Ok then, choose whatever your heart desires – the fortune that favors the brave!

2. Make a Preliminary Research

If you were cautious and chose a non-exclusive topic, there must be are some papers on the subject already. Study them carefully before starting a work of your own. Don’t forget to use the library, too! 

But be careful with popular topics. If your research has shown that there’s already a lot written on the subject, ask yourself if you can really add something valuable.

If your topic is exclusive or poorly researched, you have more freedom – but, inevitably, less body of research to rely on. In this case, think about experiments and other empirical data that you can gather. Can you handle it? Then move on.

3. Discuss the Topic With Your Doctoral Advisor

Another vital element to making a perfect dissertation is discussion. Lots of discussions. If you’re a full-time student, the best way is to ask your doctoral advisor for as many guidelines as possible.

But if your circumstances don’t let you visit your tutor very often, or they have too many students and not enough time, there’s another option.

You can go to https://essaypro.com/custom-dissertation-writing-service.html, where professional dissertation writers with Ph.D.’s will provide you with top-quality custom help online. It’s also possible to combine their writing with your own for the best results.

4. Make a Clear Outline and Follow It Strictly

An academic paper is not exactly a piece of writing to demonstrate your literary talent. Keep your writing focused and clean, as an academic writing style requires. 

The easiest way to to start is with an outline. A typical outline for a dissertation consists of the following chapters.

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendices

Outlines vary slightly from one paper to another, but you should start with at least one template – and then discuss it with your advisor. Be prepared to make alterations to the structure depending on what your tutor thinks.

5. Carefully Proofread Your Dissertation

We probably don’t have to remind you that such massive work as a dissertation is not normally done in a few days, do we? Pay attention to timing and do your best to write the paper in advance. Only this way you’ll have time for another essential part of your work: proofreading, editing and correcting.

However beautifully written your dissertation will be, any incorrectness may ruin the impression. So, choose only the most reliable resources and check all the data and numbers carefully.

Also, take care of any grammar mistakes and typos. They may seem unimportant, but to the committee that will be judging your work, they can become a reason to degrade your mark. Don’t give them a chance.

6. Prepare a Mind-Blowing Presentation and Be Convincing at the Defense

So, your dissertation is written and edited. But you still have to get prepared for the defense. Good oratory skills, composure, and confidence are your best friends at this stage.

Stand in front of a mirror or a camera and rehearse your defense. Learn everything you wrote in your dissertation, and be ready to answer tricky questions. If you pass this test, an A+ will be your just reward.


We hope you’ve found our advice on writing an A+ dissertation useful. Knowing these secrets is sure to help you polish your writing and create a perfect dissertation that will impress everyone.

Don’t forget that a dissertation is more of a technical thing, and the language there is mostly formal. Also, be sure to prepare a great presentation for your defense and be as convincing as possible. Good luck!