8 Weird and Useful Things You Never Knew About in Minecraft

Weird and Useful Things You know about mancraft

Gamers can use nearly every material in the world of Minecraft to create wonderful and complex structures, devices, and wonders. In Survival Mode, this very same creative thinking becomes protection vs. a wave of beasts and zombies that players must vanquish or resist while trying to locate basic necessities.

Basically, players could just go around creating infrastructure, killing creatures (also known as “mobs” in the game), and collecting food. For diehard players, there are hidden methods, spells, creatures, and all the other aspects of the game to be found, as well as little gimmicks and trickery you ‘d never recognize are still there.

There is an easy way to create Minecraft Skins

One of the best things you can do in Minecraft is to create custom skins for your character. These Minecraft skins are one of the reasons you enjoy playing the game.

It would be best if you did not use MS Paint when creating a skin. Photofiltre and Photoshop are better suited to professional skin designers. If you have Photo filter or Photoshop and are beginning to do so, try to use them for editing. Use MC Skinedit for newbies. It’s a lot more comfortable, and it has a user-friendly interface.

Build Invisible Blocks

Accessible only in creative mode and only accessible via the prompt command line, players can generate blocks identified as “barriers” by having to type “/give minecraft: barrier”

The structures show up in the player’s storage as a red box with a line across it or else operate as an ordinary block apart from a few special cases. They can’t be moved by pistons or shattered if the player changes to a standard survival mode.

Collar your Tamed Dogs

If you tame dogs in Minecraft, most players don’t notice how you can change colors of the collar on them as well. All you need to do is equip one of the 15 possible colors in the game and use it on your furry friend, and you can customize your dog’s collar to your personal taste.

Torches can carry extremely heavy structures.

Torches can establish life-saving protection balloons down in the ocean. They could also carry any bit of load. When a torch is positioned on a house wall, you can install every kind, and any amount of blocks to stack to it, such as sand, dirt, wood, steel, diamonds, and the torch would then carry weight no matter how large the block stack seems to be.

Minecraft’s map has some rough edges

If you go to very long distances from the starting point of the player, a game glitch makes the Minecraft landscape to warp and deteriorate. In the 2012 blog article, Notch termed “The Far Lands” and did not attempt to patch it because he believed nobody would go that far.

All Cows in the Game are Female

All of the cows you’ve encountered in the Minecraft world are actually female? That’s because they produce milk. Although,  they are still capable of reproducing with one another.

How To Create Infinite Water Source

The embodiment of “boring yet realistic,” this technique helps you to provide an unlimited supply of water, and all you need is a current water source, a pipe, and a gap in the dirt.

It utilizes Minecraft’s physics oddities: the only thing the player must do is make a tunnel three blocks long and one square beneath the ground.

Then, just put water into the blocks to the middle of the block, left and right, before pumping a final bucket of water into the central block.


These are just some of the many weird, amazing, and fun things in Minecraft you probably never knew about. If you’ve run out of ways to enjoy the game (impossible, by the way), try out these things on the list and discover a whole new fun in your Minecraft world.