Top 100 Laptop & Desktop Wallpapers Theme You Need

Top 100 Laptop & Desktop Wallpapers Theme You Need
Top 100 Laptop & Desktop Wallpapers Theme You Need

Seeing the same wallpaper theme for the hundred times might be trivial to some, but it is incredibly tedious for wallpaper enthusiasts. Your laptop or desktop pc might have several wallpapers for you to switch around but they are quite limited in numbers and dull.

If you are feeling the same, you are probably one of wallpaper enthusiasts and below are the top 100 Laptop & Desktop Wallpapers Theme you need. 

To name all the subcategories of each theme would take hundreds of pages, so I have listed them up as a pack of images offered by Microsoft.

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Top 70 Mother Nature Themed wallpapers

Exploring Manitoba by Hayley Elizabeth 

I have always been fascinated that scenery wallpapers are actual photos taken by actual photographer travelling word. They are not images generated by computer or painted by hand. Don’t get me wrong, those wallpapers have their charms too which is also included in this article. 

Does it sound fascinating to you too? Let’s see the word through Ms. Elizabeth’s eyes shall we. 

Winter Garden by Hayley Elizabeth

Are you a fan of the winter scenery? Haley Elizabeth is. During her exploration of the natural landscapes, the winter’s chilliness and mind soothing whiteness of the snow have captivated her soul. Why not let her showcases of the winter beauty be part of your desktop screen?

Czech Winter

Following up with the Winter Garden by Haley Elizabeth, here is another set of winter themed wallpapers that you need. Czech is a beautiful country and its winter is also unforgettable. As a nation that has been lived in Winter for as long as its history stands, there is an unspeakable bond between Czech and its winter season. This bond between them can’t be described with words, but possible to expressed via captured imagery. 

Autumn colors 

If you have read my other articles, you may have noticed how much I love the scenery in the autumn. They just have a strange soothing sensation to them. Seeing them either in person or through the desktop screen always manages to calm me down. 

The Autumn colors is a set of 17-image theme for Windows comprised of a lot of leef-seeing, countryside sight-seeing, seemingly-glowing birches and more.  

Czech Autumn

The Autumn season in Czech is also equally captivating. The vibrancy of nature and even the autumn air can be felt through images. Set them as your wallpaper and stare at them a bit, you will feel like your body is out there, within the autumn season of Czech rather than your room. 

Bridges in Autumn

There is something about Autumn that connects it with anything related to calmness and inner peace. Specifically, the sights of man-built wooden structures like bridges would always bring me a sense of closure. There have been days I would just spend hours looking at the wallpapers, thinking about nothing and simply appreciating the soul-cativating view.

Latvian Landscapes 

Latvia is a country with landscapes known for its beaches and dense forestry. Many travelling photographers have always been intrigued by it. 

The Latvian Landscapes is the result of such fascination. It is another subcategory in the natural landscape themed wallpapers able to bring a sense of calmness to you and vibrancy to your computer.

Coastal Germany by Frank Hojenski

Mr. Hojenski is an excellent photographer with his skills demonstrated via his imagery of Germany. This pack of theme contains treasured daily moments during sunset and dawn from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.Enjoy.

Rainbow of Birds by Tracie Louise

Tracie Louise is a program with her interest piqued from sparrows to Lorikeets. She has captured the beauty of our feathered friends in nature and deliver them to us through this 12-set theme for Windows. 

Community Showcase Rural Landscapes 

Rural landscape is a subcategory to natural scenery that a lot of desktop users love, myself included. The sight of human life blending in with mother nature is always something very calming that helps you find your inner peace. The Community Show Rural Landscapes series are sets of more than 50 photos that capture the beauty from the calmness and peaceful sensation of the countryside.

Besides, you might be stuck in a room, but your computer doesn’t have to. These sets of rural landscapes might even offer you the feeling of having already escaped your confined space by the walls.

Community Showcase Rural Landscapes 2

Community Showcase Rural Landscapes 3

Colors of Nature By PopKov Alexandr

Mr Alexandr is a photographer with great sense for colors. While other seek inspiration in the grandeur of the seas or mountains, he finds meaning in the contrast of colors of the little things in nature. 

Morning by Popkov Alexandr 

Mr Alexandr also sees and appreciate many little things bestow upon this world by mother nature. The blossom and their display of vibrancy that others tend to ignore have been captured by Mr Alexandr. Why not see what the man appreciate through your desktop wallpapers.

Spring Blooms by Rebecca Heigel 

If you are a fan of the floral world, you will love Rebecca Heigel’s photography. She also finds great appreciation for flowers and seek to bring their colorful glow to your desktop. 

Flowers in the Snow 

Winter is not a season that only brings whiteness and cover everything beneath it. Under the right circumstances and conditions, it also serves as a contrast that brings out the best of colorful display in floral species. 

Perhaps you will find your appreciation within the artistic photography of such world?


Nature rarely form things in a straight line, but when it does, it usually looks interesting and profound. Even if they are just random patterns identified only by humans, they are still peculiar to the eyes nonetheless.

Spiekeroog by Markus Janse

Spiekeroog is an island located in Germany. The island is not well-known to many, but Markus Janse is aware of its existence as well as its many scenic views.

All Nature 

As the name suggests, the package contains more nature themed wallpapers for those who like submerging their vision to what mother nature has to offer in corners on the other side of the world.Below are more wallpapers which you need to have on your desktop to make it less dull everytime you turn on the pc. 

Beautiful nature

PNW Wildlife by Christopher D Elliott

One cannot skip wildlife when it comes to any sort of discussion related to nature. It is an integral part of nature, and no one will ever rebut on it. 

Here are some wildlife related theme for your desktop wallpapers from Microsoft. Be it the ferocious lions or the cute and fluffy raccoons, there will be a pack for each and every one of them. 

Bear Landscapes

The mighty bears might be ferocious when they are on the hunt, but if there isn’t a need to kill, they can be as derpy and cute as any domesticated animals. Check out the Bear Landscapes for those derpy moments of the mighty bears. 

Polar Animals

Animals have piqued the interests of human beings for many centuries. Whether it is from a scientist’s point of view, or from the photographer’s artistic side, we always harbor some sort of curiosity toward them. The Polar Animals brings a set of 16 polar animal species to your laptop screen to satisfy that curiosity.

Animal Mothers 

Animals are similar to humans, especially in the affection and love a mother can give to her offspring. The Animal Mothers is a set of 18 images dedicated to showing treasured moments of mothership in wildlife.


Sheeps can be more than harvesting wools to make coat, they can also be quite a model. If you take a camera out and point it at them, they will stand by and look at you with a dignifying pose similar to that of professional model. Well, except they don’t change their poses much but still it is something worth putting on your desktop. 

Chicks and Bunnies 

For my beloved readers who like tiny and fluffy animals, we haven’t forgotten about you. Here is a pack of Window 10 themes filled with chicks and bunnies that can certainly quench your thirst for the tiny fluffiness.

Animals in Autumn

Animals love Autumn. It is a season with crispy air and leaves that make funny noise when they run around and play. Check out this for precious moments of pure happiness from our furry little friends.

Top 30 Artistic Wallpapers theme 

If you are not that much into mother nature, then below is top 30 Wallpapers that offer artistic vibe which you might appreciate to be in PC background

Visions of Vinyl

There are those who still reminisce the past or fascinated by it. Regardless of which group you are, Visions of Vinyl is a set of images that will bring back the vibe of the beginning of the digital age.

Opposite Day

Are you interested in the art of contrast? Opposite Day contains more than ten images of contrasting objects that makes each other stand out. Not a bad way to bring some energy and vibrancy to your desktop. 

Festival of Lights

Light can be quite inspiring especially when it comes to arts and decorating your desktop. It makes an excellent candidate as multiple themes for wallpaper. Knowing how to present them will offer a huge variation artwork that will surprise you.


Kanji has always been the symbolic figure in the calligraphy field. The strokes that make up a Kanji aren’t just there to be elegant. There are hidden meanings within the words itself and people always look up to for an epiphany.

Musical Arrangements 

There is art in everything as long as you look hard enough. A close-up of music instruments can be just as artistic if it is done properly. 

Here is some music related  wallpapers theme that will wow you for how artistic they can be. 

Circuit overload

The circuits of a computer, remote control, or anything is a symbol of humanity advancement and civilization. They represent how far humanity has come from the first formation of our singular cell. Guess what? They are as artistic as many other themes in this article.

Knits and Wools

Remember how I mentioned about anything can be as artistic if you look hard enough. That applies to wools too. The Knits and Wools set of themes offer a different sensation of art you may not have felt before. The knitting patterns and placement wools are surprisingly more artistically beautiful than I previously thought.

Wrapping up 

There you go folks, that is our list of the top 100 Wallpapers theme you need. Of course, they are all free from Microsoft apps page so you don’t have to worry about going bankrupt getting them. 

For readers who are using Windows 7, you can just download directly from Microsoft webpage.

Why not give all of them a go? Brighten up your PC desktop with different wallpapers.