Best Games of 2019 – 22 Games That You Must Play

The image shows a glimpse of the best games of 2019 so far.

With the end of this current year(2019), we’re stopping to glance back at the best games of 2019 up until this point. We’ve just secured the best games on every framework — PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC — however, this rundown includes all stages to give an increasingly complete see the current year’s top explored games. Beneath you’ll discover the best games of 2019 that got an Online Rating of 8.5 or higher.

There were many games that made a wonderful impact on the overall gaming scenario but only a few could really stand apart and make a mark. The quality of games that we saw in the year 2019 so far surprised us because of the precision and excellence through which they were made. Let us hope that there are many more games coming up which sets the bar even high!

Navigate the list beneath or keep looking for our full rundown of 2019’s best games. Make sure to get as many best games of 2019 as you can to enjoy the best gaming experience.

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(Made it in the Best Games of 2019 easily)

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Night School | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Review: There’s nothing dooming about investing energy in Afterparty’s variant of Hell. Night School has created a unique interpretation of the Biblical area, cleverly riffed on good and cultural thoughts, and told an individual a captivating tale about Milo and Lola’s existence in the wake of death. With sharp composition, this decision has driven experience figures out how to hold Afterparty’s talent for charming, character-driven stories, however, highlights it with the interesting new drinking menu that can additionally stir up – once more, play on words expected – how I chose to shape Milo and Lola’s characters. Handling some powerful thoughts with a practical methodology makes Afterparty’s rambunctious, sincerely moving night in Hell one to recall

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Best Games of 2019- Dauntless

(One of the best graphics in the list of Best games of 2019)

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Phoenix Labs | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC (Switch, Mobile “not far off”)

Review: The next one on the list of best games of 2019 is very popular. Dauntless consolidates madly fun and available beast chasing activity with cross-stage multiplayer and non-meddlesome allowed to-play mechanics. Expelling a great part of the intricacy from games like Monster Hunter leaves a hugely enjoyable center to plunge into for speedy sessions or a ridiculous amount of time. Firmly made battle and compensating movement demonstrate you don’t have to pack each conceivable element into a game for it to be incredible.

Best Games of 2019- Dirt Rally 2.0

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Codemasters | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Review: Dirt Rally 2.0 feels extraordinary, looks great, and sounds spectacular. It’s a sure rally racer for genuine drivers. Harsh, centered, and intense as nails, it’s as dubious about taming as its forerunner, yet doing so is as fulfilling as ever.

Division 2

(A power-packed game)

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Massive Entertainment | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Review: Division 2 is a refined and instinctive standard world shooter. Its brilliant diversion of Washington, D.C., is a delight to investigate on account of a liberal measure of chests, collectibles, and dynamic open-world exercises. Furthermore, the crusade is loaded with incredible gunplay and missions. The Division 2 was perhaps the most grounded dispatch the mutual world shooter kind has seen.

F1 2019

(Sports meet with reality with ease)

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Codemasters | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Review: Accessible yet proudly legitimate, F1 2019 is still top tier with regards to the specialty of breathing life into advanced motorsports. This is the best F1 game to date.

Metro Exodus

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: 4A Games | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Review: Metro Exodus is the best Metro game yet. This made a smooth entry in the best games of the 2019 list. It takes the dread inciting recipe of the arrangement and transplants it into extensive, sandbox levels without losing any of the abusive strain that makes the Metro arrangement vital and unmistakable. Much of the time invigorating and thickly environmental, this voyage over an oppressed Russian world overflows with detail and is certainly justified regardless of the outing for its reliably hair-raising activity.

My Friend Pedro

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Deadtoast Entertainment | Platform(s): Switch, PC

Review: Like the John Woo films that it effectively imitates, My Friend Pedro is about the activity and magnificent activity. This is an easy entry in the list of best games of 2019. The moderate movement gunplay, fantastical tricks, and score-assault mechanics all work together to make one hellfire of an adrenaline-filled ride.

The Outer Worlds

(A wonderful world you can’t miss)

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Review: With The Outer Worlds, Obsidian has discovered its own way in the space among Bethesda and BioWare. What’s more, taking into account that new RPGs from both of those powerful engineers are still years away, this game couldn’t have been coordinated any better. It’s not as explorable as one major open-world. However, despite everything, it packs in a huge part of adaptable journeys and clashes inside its arrangement of littler ones. Also, the battle, character, and buddy frameworks have enough new twists on existing plans, which adds to make it feel like respect with its own character as opposed to a duplicate.

Sky: Children of the Light

(The enured a complete gaming experience)

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: thatgamecompany | Platform(s): Mobile

Review : Sky: Children of the Light is a fantastic follow-up to thatgamecompany’s past hit, Journey, that astonished and pleased me through and through with its unpretentious story of investigation and mending. Outwardly, it’s impressive to see on a cell phone, and it conveys one of the most unforgettable and absolutely upbeat multiplayer encounters I’ve had in late memory. This is an undertaking for anybody and everybody.

Team Sonic Racing

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Sumo Digital | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Review: Team Sonic Racing nails what is important most: speed and artfulness on the course. The new group framework is a phenomenal advancement of the arcade hustling recipe. As it gives you a genuine motivation to cooperate, and the customization choices keep you returning to these amazing tracks to acquire more. Team Sonic Racing is an addictive and creative development that demonstrates Sumo Digital is at the highest point of its game.

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Tetris 99

Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Arika | Platform(s): Switch

Review: Tetris 99 is an extreme fight royale that powers you to settle on key choices past exactly where to drop your next piece. This is Tetris on steroids, where a decent run can rapidly transform into a debacle, and a terrible run can turn into an astonishing rebound. This nerve-wracking and completely magnificent interpretation of perhaps the best round ever feels flawless on Switch. All alone, it legitimizes the $20 yearly cost of the Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Best Games of 2019- Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Best Games of 2019- Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Frozenbyte | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Review: Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is a spin-off that plays it safe. Returning to the conventional style of center ongoing interaction and astound unraveling. These factors made the initial two games so brilliant it is the sort of refocusing that the Trine arrangement required. Despite the failure to fire of Trine 3. Some dreary riddle structures, specialized issues, and an absence of trouble hold up the traffic of it surpassing Trine 2 as the best arrangement. However, Trine 4 still stays a brilliant illustration of how agreeable gaming ought to be. This is one of the most exquisite looking 2.5D games of 2019.


Best Games of 2019- Online Rating: 8.5 | Developer: Chucklefish | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Review: Wargroove is the Advance Wars successor. It’s since quite a while ago dismissed fans have been hanging tight for. It reliably restores the strategies that arrangement is cherished for a while, putting its lot on the idea. At the point when you include its additional modes, heaps of unlockables, and astounding level manager, it’s a game you can continue playing long after its battle closes.

Best Games of 2019- SteamWorld Quest

Online Rating: 8.6 | Developer: Image and Form International AB | Platform(s): Switch, PC

Review: SteamWorld Quest’s deck-building turns offer a crazy measure of ongoing interaction decision. The disentangled deckbuilding makes Quest an RPG that is as available as it is adaptable. It’s one worth playing regardless of whether you couldn’t care less about games by any imagination stretch.

Blood and Truth

Best Games of 2019- Online Rating: 8.7 | Developer: SIE London Studio | Platform(s): PS4

Review: Sony has another incredible PSVR experience on its hands. Blood and Truth is a breathtaking case of what PSVR can achieve with a fun, charming blockbuster story. London Studio’s sheer meticulousness, the feeling of euphoria ingrained in me, and the guarantee of an activity motion picture I could encounter firsthand meet up for one fabulous experience and, ideally, a strong establishment for some more to come.

Best Games of 2019- Katana Zero

Best Games of 2019- Online Rating: 8.7 | Developer: Askiisoft | Platform(s): Switch, PC

Review: Katana Zero joins time-bowing samurai activity, novel introduction, and engaging discourse. It’s a blisteringly quick slice em-up that is an outright adrenaline surge and one of the year’s most relaxed activity rounds.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Online Rating: 8.7 | Developer: Square Enix | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One

Review: The next one in the list of best games of 2019 in Kingdom hearts 3. In the hotly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3, Square made a fabulous showing of encapsulating these Disney universes. In contrast, giving us a monstrous tool kit for fights and investigation. It’s so cool seeing such huge numbers of characters from all through this arrangement interface in new manners and revive old bonds. Kingdom Hearts 3 is loaded with heart and is a satisfying development and goals of the establishment.

Best Games of 2019-MLB the Show 19

Best Games of 2019- Online Rating: 8.7 | Developer: SIE San Diego Studio | Platform(s): PS4

Review: MLB The Show 19 proceeds with the arrangement’s moderate walk of progress, with a more remarkable advance this year than last. It offers better approaches to encounter exceptional ongoing interaction, complete with refinements on the ball’s edge side. By incorporating RPG mechanics into the player movement, Road to the Show has developed into perhaps the most profound game profession modes right now accessible

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Online Rating: 9.5 | Developer: Intelligent Systems | Platform(s): Switch

Review- Fire Emblem, Its strained fights are made all the more nerve-racking gratitude to new system components. The beautiful cast of troops you send into the brawl is unfathomably beguiling. With another interpretation of preparing and holding with your units. Numerous exercises and alternatives accessible to test. It’s totally asking to be played on various occasions.

Best Games of 2019- Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Best Games of 2019- Online Rating: 9.5 | Developer: From Software | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Review: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice advances From Software’s equation into a sharp stealth-activity experience that stresses accuracy and ability in its battle. It pushes the limits between persistent stealth and a very short scuffle battle against both natural and powerful dangers. Its creative and adaptable apparatuses bolster an increasingly engaged encounter that shaves down some of From Software’s excessively mysterious sensibilities without losing its riddle’s demeanor. Sekiro is a stunning new turn on a well-known arrangement of thoughts that can remain without anyone else close by its antecedents.

Super Mario Maker 2

Online Rating: 9.5 | Developer: Nintendo | Platform(s): Switch

Review: It’s difficult to choose where to start when discussing every one of the things we love about Super Mario Maker 2. It shows improvement over its effectively superb antecedent and presenting some unfathomable new thoughts, building things. Thus substantially more – all while keeping up the appeal of Mario games we know and love. It’s the most open game plan because of the Story Mode. That is an extraordinary reason to play through several novels, expertly made levels

Best Games of 2019- Disco Elysium

Best Games of 2019- Online Rating: 9.6 | Developer: ZA/UM | Platform(s): PC

Review: Disco Elysium is a remarkable mix of noir-analyst fiction, customary pen-and-paper RPGs, and a huge aiding of existentialist hypothesis. Its contorting plot, the cast of significant characters, and sheer profundity of decision consolidate to make an encounter that asks to be appreciated. A couple of minor fuss aside, it hits on pretty much each one of the imprints it decides to accomplish and left me longing to invest more energy in its reality.