Top Best Free Sites like TheWatchSeries to Watch Movies Online

Top Best Free Sites like TheWatchSeries to Watch Movies Online
Top Best Free Sites like TheWatchSeries to Watch Movies Online

Movies are a good healthy entertainment that doesn’t risk worsening your health, and TheWatchSeries are a free source for such entertainment. However, the site might be down, region-blocked or many other reasons that would leave you unsatisfied with the website. 

As such, Playcast Media are here to provide alternative top best free sites like TheWatchSeriies to watch movies online which are definitely worth checking out. 

Alternative best sites for free movies like

The list will contain some of the most iconic website with free movies that most internet users know. However, keep reading on for the crown jewel within the list that we managed to find after months of searching.


Yes, it is a popular website that even the most of the elder generation is aware of its existence. There even content creators up there who are of elderly age. Though, what you might not know is that there are quite a fair amount of free movies on Youtube. The thing is, they can be quite hard to locate sometimes since they are not always named conveniently for searching purposes. 

Classic Cinema Online 

As suggested from the name, the site has quite a collection of class movies even dated back to the 1940s. They do have movies of recent years but it is the slite movies series that need mentioning. If you are into this genre, you are going to Classic Cinema Online. 


Similar to Classic Cinema Online, they don’t boast about availability of the latest movies, but rather a collection of iconic horror movies and TV shows. For example, there are Demond Seed, Crawl and many others. 

Of course, if you are one of the faint-hearted, feel free to enjoy other genres on the site such as romance, comedy as well as Popcornflix originals. 

Tubi arguably has the best site design among many websites for free movies. It is not just site with a pretty face though. The interface looks very modern and easy to use and the most notable thing is the no register, no sign-up, no ads movies that can be played with just a click. 


If you are more of the recent-blockbuster-movies type, then you should definitely visit Vudu. The site does offer premium services but if you are tight on budget, there are free movies supported by ads. Ads will be played throughout the movies just like how movies are broadcasted on TV. It might be slightly annoying at first, but it is a small price to pay for watching free and latest movies conveniently. 

The Crown Jewels

Ladies and gentlemen, please pay close attention as the introduction for the crown jewels on this list is about to begin. Don’t misunderstand, the crown jewels do have their shortfalls but the glowing aura they bring about offset pretty much the entirety of their own shadow.


Need a site with all the latest of the latest movies that doesn’t cost a dime to watch? Putlockers is the crown jewel that offer just that. Counting the amount of movies that are available on this site is too counterproductive. It is way better to count the movies that aren’t there. 

So what’s the catch for a site like this that doesn’t cost any money? There are two short falls, due to its popularity, there are so many knock-off websites with similar names that might confuse you; and the second one is the constant pop-ups. You would have to click on the site at least two to three times for its to finish bringing pop-ups before you can do anything on it.

This is the second jewel on this list. Again, the number of movies available on this site easily exceed tens of thousands. Modern, classic, kung fu, Asian, Hollywood, you name it and the site most likely has it. Ads and pop-ups are minimal compared to the other sites, and of course there is no need to sign up. Click and play, and that’s literally it.

So, that’s the goods, what are the bads? That’s a Vietnamese website right there so good luck navigating around. There is the search bar for you to type the movie names in it, so you wouldn’t have much trouble looking for the movie or show. However, if you don’t know a single shred of Vietnamese, you are going to need to spend sometimes on Google Translate to navigate around the site. 

Another thing you shouldn’t expect this site to have is English subtitles. The site is tailored towards the needs of its own people, so basically you can kiss goodbye to understanding that new episode of your favorite anime.

Final Thoughts 

That should be enough to conclude our article on the top best free sites like TheWatchSeries to Watch movies online. Although, it may sound like the last two sites are the one that got sold the most, you check out the others on the list. 

Each one has its own charms, so you shouldn’t dismiss them too quickly just because they aren’t titled as crown jewels.