UKTVNOW Review: Why UKTVNOW Is Best – Download and Install

UKTVNOW Review Why UKTVNOW Is Best Download and Install
UKTVNOW Review Why UKTVNOW Is Best Download and Install

We are honestly not sure why people purchase a phone, pay for Wi-FI, and then also get cable services? Why not just get a good Tv application like UKTVNOW, and save thousands of dollars per year?

Don’t get me wrong, there are situations where cable services would be needed, but for most personal usage scenarios, we would advise against it and just get UKTVNOW. 

So, there are also other Tv applications too, why UKTVNOW. We are glad you asked. Below is a UKTVNOW Review: Why UKTVNOW is best – Download and install


Number of available channels

The first and foremost reason why is the insane number of channels you can find on the app. It has most of the popular Tv channels out there including ABC, Animal Planet, BBC News, Cartoon Networks, and so many more. 

You simply cannot be bored with that many channels even if you wanted to. The Android platform will keep you occupied for hours and hours (perhaps weeks), before you feel the urge to step outside. 

Easy to use 

There are no shortages of TV app out there, but some of them can be quite tricky to use. UKTVNOW makes sure that isn’t a problem. As soon as you download and open the app, you have pretty much become a veteran user. 

The interface is pretty user-friendly. There is a search function on the top right corner if you know specifically which channel you are looking for. Additionally, there is a menu icon on the top left corner that will display the categories of available channels. Simply tap on them and scroll thousands of channels until you find one that catches your eyes. 

Free of charge

The app would not cost you a dime as it is ads supported. It might get a while to get over with closing the ads, but it is a small price to pay for live streaming that many channels for free. For college students, or any folks living on a tight budget and looking for entertainment, this is probably the best feature out of everything else on this list. 

Back-up link 

The developer always has at least a back-up link for every channel just in case the other doesn’t work. Now, that might not seem much, but it is a huge deal when it comes that very channel you are longing for, and that back-up link would suddenly become your last hope for salvation. 

The only con

The only thing that we are not very happy with is landscape screen. It is a very minor issue though, and only happen to certain smartphone models. 

Occasionally, there will be one or two channels that would automatically play in landscape mode. While that isn’t really detrimental to the entertainment value of the app, it does grind your gear a little bit. 

However, there million of ways you can bypass the issue such as installing an application that forcibly rotate the screen, or mirror it on a bigger TV screen, and so on. However, that’s a topic for another article.

Let us kick off the post with UKTV NOW app for Android.

uktvnow apk


We all know that Android is arguably one of the most popular worldwide mobile platform at this time. It’s an open source, lots of apps are available in its marketplace known as ‘Google Play Store.’ But sometimes most of the popular apps were not available in its store. UKTVNow apk is one of the apps which are not placed in the Play Store for some unknown reason.  Most of the Android users are troubling and facing to find the how to download UKTVNow app. Now we are love to break it for you, and we come up with the best way to download this free TV app for Android.

App Name UkTVNow
Features Live TV Sport Streaming
Version 8.16
Minimum Requirements Android V4.2+
Category Video Streaming
App Size 26.7 MB
Last Updated April 17, 2018

So, without further due let us discussed step by step how you can download UKTV Now app Android: Just check these simple step to follow for UKTVNOW Apk Download. The another latest version of UKTVNOW v8.16 is out now, install to experience the best.

   UKTVNOW V8.16

Do these steps carefully to install this application on your device.

Step 1. Install UKTV Now app manually, you have first to step up your device to install this .apk file on your device.

Step 2. Go to your phone “Setting > Application” menu and scroll down you will find the option of “Unknown Sources.”

Step 3. Along with this option, you will find the small box there. Just simple tap on that option tick-mark on that box.

Step 4. After that, you just have to download the .apk file UKTV NOW on your device. Use can also use this link given below to download the lasted .apk file on your device.

Step 5. After downloading the “UKTV Now .apk file,” just simply go to your file manager where you save that file.

Step 6. Simple click on the UKTVNow app, to install on your device but allow, install automatically.

Step 7. After that you got successful installation message, you can either click on ‘open’ or ‘finish’ tab at the end.

After this simple installation of UKTV Now step-up completion. You can then enjoy and load all your favorite TV programs and episodes of different zones quickly.

UKTVNOW for PC – Windows and Mac

This streaming app is so popular nowadays; that users love to watch this all TV channels and live episodes on their PC/Laptop. Now you can run UK TV Now for PC (Windows) and also on Mac computer via Bluestacks application. This the best application which runs your PC to run the android application quickly as to play on the Android device.

uktvnow for pc

If you want to install UKTV Now app on your windows, then you just have to install the Bluestack and UKTV Now app on windows. To install on your PC, we have to follow some steps given down.

UKTVNow IOS – iPhone/iPad

This application is not available for IOS devices but doesn’t very about that you find more app to watch live TV channels on your iPhone/iPad. Further, we get an update from app developers and may they also launch UKTV Now for IOS.

UKTVNOW Kodi – Addon

This addon is very popular with other Kodi addon as it is free. UKTVNow Kodi add-on also provides you free live streaming on your T.V, and you can watch all you individual episodes. This application is available for almost all the platform, and this makes this app best among all the present live applications.

Kodi is a software which is available for various hardware platforms and operating systems. You are looking to install UKTV Now Kodi Addon then you have to follow some step to install it in your code. This Kodi add-on contains some impressive features which make you easy to use and from your remote. The complete guide to downloading UK TV Now Kodi and installing processes. Just follow the button given below.


UKTVNow Chromecast – Streaming Live

It’s good to watch live channels on Android phones or tablets via UK TV Now app. You can experience the best streaming on UKTVNow Chromecast. You may use Chromecast with your television for other purposes, but you can also use to streaming your uk tv now channels on Chromecast too. To double your live tv experience on the chrome cast, you just have to follow these steps.

  • You need to download either Localcast or Allcast from the Android (Google Play Store).
  • Now run “UKTVNOW” application on your device and select the channel
  • Then click on casting icon
  • Now you have to select Localcast or Allcast app, and the stream will be transferred to these applications.
  • Now just click on the Cast button and casting will begin on your TV.

UKTVNOW APK for Android

This streaming application contains many ultimate features, and we are sure that you enjoy these features. As we already told that this app is not like as other apps which provide Live streaming. Even this application provides you with the High-Quality streaming and performance anytime. Developers of this app had recently launched updated and the latest version of UKTV NOW 8.16. Even the developer team had made significant changes in their previous version which makes this app easy and reliable to use on Android and Tablets too.

  • Watch Live TV Channels, i.e., mainly you find Sports and they have over 150+ live channels.
  • HQ videos are available.
  • Have a huge collection from all over the globe.
  • Easy to use and it contains many categories for simple searches.
  • Watch full-length series videos without pay any penny.

These are some unique features that you will find in the app. Latest version on UKTV Now the app has many more new features which are listed above, and those features give you the ultimate experience to watch free TV Channels and sports. More channel groups are given below.

UKTVNOW for PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7

This streaming app working fantastically on the windows pc. The latest version of the UKTVNow for PC working smoothly on windows 10/8/8.1/7 now can watch live channels and sports matches on your windows pc for free. To install UKTV Now PC app is very easy and simple. You have to follow few steps to install the uktvnow app on windows and step are given here.

UkTVNow APK for Firestick

The UkTvNow is working fantastically on Android devices and users also want to install the app in their firestick. Good news for all that UkTVNow Firestick apk (v7.13) latest version is available now. You can easily download UkTVNow apk for firestick and the step to install is very much like as you install apk on your Android Phones or Tablets. The Complete Guide to process and stream uk tv now firestick updates is given here. Just follow those steps and you definitely play UK TVNow on firestick or Android TV Box.

   UKTVNOW Firestick

Way to Cast UkTVNow On Chromecast

Some you of you looking for cast UKTVNow app on your Chromecast. So you easy watch all channels on your big tv screen, here we have the simple and fast for UkTVNow on Chromecast. You can follow these few steps and play live tv channel through chrome cast.

   UkTVNow Chromecast

Channel Categories Available on UKTV Now Apk:

With the help of UKTV Now apk, its users can also watch HQ top channels from countries like UK and US on any of their Android smartphones and tablets. The Live telecast of TV channels is available on High Definition ‘HD’ quality for both (for those users who have good and high internet speed) as well as in low quality (for those users who have a low internet speed).


All users can watch these following categories of channels in the latest app of UKTV Now which is totally free:

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Kids Corner
  • Documentary
  • Music
  • News
  • Religious
  • Food
  • USA Channels
  • Entertainment

How to Watch Sports Live Streaming on UKTVNow

As UKTVNow is full of features which give best HD video streaming of news channels, now you got another great feature to watch sports Live Streaming at no cost. Here are the step to stream sports channel live.

  • First, open UKTVNow APP
  • Tap on the Left-side Menu, and select the Schedule Option.
  • After selecting, it will take you all Matches pages that display all the Live streaming sports event, which are Live or Schedule to start.
  • Any matches show these following details – Name of the league TeamMatchDate and Time.
  • If any sports league or match event is currently happening it will display as LIVE, blinking on the corner.
  • Now quickly tap on the down arrow, present on the box. It will display the list of channels of the match is currently live.
  • So tap on any channel and start live streaming right away. For Eg- La Liga, Alaves vs Malaga 20:30-22:30, 12/21/2017 and Bundesliga, Mainz 05 vs Borussia Dortmund, 19:30-21:30, 12/12/2017 ( See the below Image).
  • On the top right-hand side corner, a filter is available that display All Matches or Specific categories matches like- All Matches, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Football, Golf, MotoGP, NBA, NFL, NHL, Rugby, Tennis, WWE.
  • Here you also got an amazing feature, if you want to get notification before the match starts then tap on the Alert checkbox to get notified before the match starts. This doesn’t require any active internet connection.

UkTVNow FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the requirements to Run UKTV NOW on Android devices?

This application needs the Android Version on your device 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) or above than that version.

Can we find this application in Play Store?

No! It’s available in the Google Play Store. You have to install this application manually on your Android device by using the UKTVNow.APK file.

Is this Live Streaming Android App Free or Paid?

Yes! This Android live streaming app is absolutely free to download, and you can watch all channels on your Android devices.

How Can I Download UK TV NOW Application?

Yes! You can download UKTVNOW from our website You got this app for your Android devices, Kodi. Just go to the download section of your platform and download it.

Can I Run this Android Live TV application on my Android Box?

Yes! Definitely, you can run this Live UK TV app and it’s running all Android (OS) devices.

Why am I unable to install UKTV Now on my Android Device?

You must have to enable or check unknown source apps from your Android mobile phone.

Why Ch1 – Ch8, Channels not Working Properly?

Ch1 – Ch20, all channels are scheduled based channels and it works when there is planned live streaming matches or games which are covering. You can watch all planned matches, and it will live on ch1 to ch20 channels.

Can I Install UK Tv Now on My Kodi?

Yes! Of course. You can install UKTVNOW addon on your Kodi, and you can install it manually.

Can I Install it on My Firestick?

Yes! In fact, installation of the UkTV Now Apk for Firestick is almost similar to the Android app installation process. Find the complete process given above Firestick section.

How Can I Stream UKTV Now Channels on My Chromecast?

Total action to flow channel programs on Chromecast was provided above, and the latest version of the app makes it easy to cast. You can check all step and guide given above.

Wrapping up 

That should be enough to conclude our article on UKTVNOW Review: Why UKTVNOW is best – Download and install.

Despite the minor things which we aren’t happy with, we still think UKTVNOW is still the best Tv application out there. If you have any other questions, please do let us know by dropping a comment in the box below, and as always, see you in the next article. 
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