Best Selling Mountain Bikes under $750

There are many bikes one can choose from. Huge companies manufacture brilliant bikes with outstanding feature. It becomes very difficult for an individual to choose the perfect bike for himself or herself when there are so many options. Let me make it a bit easy for the beginners by explaining some key terms.

Suspension is a part that can be found in the front and the back (not always) of a bike. It is a tool that is attached at front and hind joints of the bike. Its main feature is to absorb shock waves. Mountain biking means cycling in a rough rocky terrain in speed. When you hurtle down a mountain on a rocky terrain, the bike bobs up and down and you go with the bike. The shock that comes from riding on rocky ground can be the primary cause of back injury that riders suffer. To reduce these shocks, suspension is used.

Best Mountain Bikes under $750

1. Royce Union

Royce Union Gravel Bike RMG 27.5' Wheels and 19' Frame, Lightweight Aluminum w/ Shimano, 16 Speed
3 Reviews
Royce Union Gravel Bike RMG 27.5" Wheels and 19" Frame, Lightweight Aluminum w/ Shimano, 16 Speed
  • Royce Union RMG gravel bike was designed to excel in any terrain no matter the conditions. Its...
  • The rigid steel fork and alloy 3-piece crank with precision specifications provide unrivaled riding...

Royce Union is one of the coolest mountain bikes anyone could ever dreamt of. Its best feature in my opinion is the price which is 459.99 USD. This model displays a decrease in price as compared to its predecessors. When I bought this model for my niece, I specifically looked for sturdiness in the bike. As she is far from a seasoned rider, I found Royce Union satisfying my needs. It is a good bike for a beginner and the frame provides a sturdy and dependable ride. The design seems a bit offhand but is built for a smooth ride on a not-so-tough terrain. However, at the cost of such stability comes the hard steering which gives the bike a rather slow sluggish movement. The steering is not smooth and efficient owing to the somewhat heavy built of the bike. The brakes use Tektro mechanical discs which is slightly disappointing as the company could have easily offered hydraulic brakes at this price. The tires employed in this bike are WTB Ranger Comp, 27.5/29 x 2.25″ with DNA Compound providing a reliable ride with not much speed. The saddle is sleek and rather narrow in design but ensures quick movements to someone with an athletic form. If you are not someone with an athletic form then it is best to reconsider a wider seat for comfort.


  • The bottom bracket has been set up with sealed cartridge.
  • The chain has employed KMC Z51 with 7-speed.
  • The front derailleur and the rear derailleur have used Shimano TY300 and Shimano.
  • Brakes used are Tektro mechanical disc with 160/160mm rotors.
  • The fork is made of SR Suntour M3030.
  • The frame has used the all new SmartForm C3 Alloy.
  • The tyres are 29*2.25 in.


  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Cheap.


  • Slow sluggish wheel movement.
  • Average brakes.
  • Lack of hind suspension.


In my opinion, Royce Union is perfect for beginners who usually choose a pleasant gravely trail. Experienced bikers won’t like this product because the stability slows them down. With average brakes, the bike is not meant for high speed which the seasoned riders are accustomed to. This bike is good for a comfortable ride to enable the rider to get those first feels of riding. After riding this bike over the mountain ranges, I personally feel that this bike actually a best fit not for those who like speed but for the ones who are looking for a comfy mountain ride. Generally, in the case of mountain roads, it has been seen that the roads are very disturbed due to several natural causes; hence, the beginners always look for the best and most comfy ride to have that best first feeling.

2. Krusher

Vertical Air Blast 26' Bike
32 Reviews
Vertical Air Blast 26" Bike
  • Full suspension mountain bike frame
  • 21 speed index derailleur with Shimano grip shifters

The Krusher is one of the cheapest bikes in history. It is priced at 241.99 USD. It is versatile with a sleek build enabling the rider to maneuver the bike swiftly. The most attractive feature of this bike is the internal wiring. Yes, you heard it right. Krusher has a very neat and sorted internal wiring system which helps in a hassle-free ride. It is light weight thanks to the Alpha Silver Aluminum frame with hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension. All these feature makes the bike versatile and you can use it for an adventurous ride up a mountain as well as a daily commuter.


  • The frame is made of lightweight Alpha Silver Aluminum with internal wiring system.
  • The front suspension fork is SR Suntour XCE 28 made with 100mm travel.
  • The wheels are 29×2.20˝ front and 29×2.0˝ rear.
  • The front and back derailleur are made of Shimano Tourney TY300 and Shimano Tourney TY300.
  • Bottom bracket has sealed cartridge of 73 mm.
  • Chain is made of KMC Z51.
  • Pedals are VP-536 nylon platform.
  • The brakes are Tektro HD-275 with hydraulic discs.


  • Versatile.
  • Reasonable.
  • Has separate brake and gear lever.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Lack of hind suspension.
  • Not speed.
  • Plastic pedals.


I really like this bike. It is lightweight, reliable, can be used for daily commuting as well as some adventurous mountain biking and versatile. It is pocket friendly and has a lifetime warranty. What can possibly beat that? But it does come with a few flaws. Testers have said that it is not exactly made for speed even though it is lightweight and the nylon pedals are not exactly comfortable. In most of the cases, the mountain bikes are pretty hard to buy because of the tight budgets. However, many people always dreamt of having of one of them. This is the best choice for them because of its cheap price, it suits to each and every individuals budget. The minor issues that the testers have pointed won’t be a major issue because the riders are making it done just for few pleasures. I recommend it to those who have a budget to stick to. This is the real deal.

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3. Schwinn Mesa 2

Schwinn Mesa 2 Adult Mountain Bike, 21 Speeds, 27.5-Inch Wheels, Mens Small Frame, Black
  • The Schwinn Mesa 2 is for riders who want to take mountain biking to the next level. 27. 5” wheels...
  • Schwinn mountain-tuned aluminum frame and Zoom HL565 aluminum suspension fork are great for dirt...

The Schwinn Mesa 2 is priced at 449.99 USD and is perfect for an entry level biker. It is lightweight, swift and has a special MicroSHIFT single chaining system. When my neighbor bought it, I was skeptical but then I saw it in action. The combination of hydraulic breaks and stability is awesome and keeps a first-time rider safe. The suspension fork absorbs most of the shocks and gives way to efficiency and comfort. In this case, the most important thing is the A1 Alloy sport frame that has been present on the Schwinn Mesa and this increases the durability and stability to a very high extent. The use of A1 Alloy Sport frame has also been helped in making the mountain bike very lightweight and along with the aluminum based tubeset made it easier for a comfortable and efficient high climbing bike. Another beauty of this bike is its internal cable routing that showcases a very attractive sight and makes it quite simple for the rider to maintain and keep the mountain bike crystal clear all the times.


  • The frame is made of A1 alloy and aluminum with internal cable routing.
  • The front suspension fork is made of SR Suntour XCM29.
  • Brakes are made of Shimano BR-MT200 and hydraulic discs of 160/180 mm and also are linear pull.
  • The chains are made of KMC X9EPT.
  • The bottom bracket has square tapered 73mm internal bearings system.
  • The wheels are of Schwinn MTB 27.5 in.


  • Durable.
  • MicroSHIFT single chaining system.


  • No hind suspension.
  • Pedals are not comfortable.


I think that the Schwinn Mesa 2 can do better. It does have good features like durability, MicroSHIFT single chaining system and hydraulic brakes and so on but all these features could have been better priced. After personally using this bike multiple times, I have felt that this bike is actually not an appropriate ultimatum. However, this is the best when compared to others in terms of practicing or for any beginners. Given its price, this comes with lot of features that a perfect mountain bike possesses. The lightweight of the bike makes it very easier to practice and since there will be lot of ups and downs in the initial days. So, you wont regret having a scratch on it.

4. Schwinn Protocol 1.0

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Mountain Bike, 26' Wheels
328 Reviews
Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Mountain Bike, 26" Wheels
  • Schwinn aluminum full suspension frame with front suspension fork for reliable, responsive riding
  • 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters and the Shimano rear derailleur provide a wide gear range...

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is one of its kind. It is designed in a unique way with extra thick tyres for more speed. It is designed to move on snow as well as sand which gives it all the more benefit to move on ground. The bike frame is made of steel unlike other bike’s frame material and has about 18 gears. With hydraulic discs brakes and front suspension fork, this bike is an utter joy for riders who love tough terrains and speed.


  • The bottom bracket is made of sealed cartridge.
  • The front and back derailleur are made of Shimano MT400 and Shimano Acerra M3000 respectively.
  • The chain is made of KMC X9 EPT with anti-rust quality.
  • The wheels are Chaoyang Cruiser 26×4.0″.
  • The brakes are Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc with 180mm Front / 160mm Rear Rotors.
  • Pedals are made of DB4L Alloy Platform.


  • Thick wide tyres.
  • Good quality pedals.
  • Several gears.
  • Versatile terrains can be tried.


  • No hind suspension.
  • Frame made of steel, so, the bike is a tad heavy.


Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is a good package for someone who is already an experienced biker. Its versatility and durability are its USPs. With good quality features and the fat tyres, this bike attracts people who want good features on a budget. This is one of the ultimatum bikes for any one starting from the beginners to the experts. The testing team has also made it very clear that the bike has been the best when comparison of the cost and comfort level. It is also very suitable on the roads of the mountain because of its thick tyres that helps in keeping the grip of the bike during the rain and slippery conditions. This bike is available below the amount of 750USD. Yes, that’s a very good deal so doesn’t wait just go and buy it!

5. Tommaso Gran Sasso

Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mounain Bike Hydraulic Disc Hardtail Best Looking MTB Matte Black 100mm...
29 Reviews
Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mounain Bike Hydraulic Disc Hardtail Best Looking MTB Matte Black 100mm...
  • DURABLE & RELIABLE: Alloy Frame is built to handle the stresses of the toughest mountain trails,...
  • THIS IS AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE, NOT ENTRY LEVEL: If you are just getting into mountain biking or...

Tommaso Gran Sasso is one of the best mountain biking series that anyone could ever wished for. It is good in an understated way. Its frame is made of aluminum and offers swift and quick movements. Manned with internal routing and rimless wheels, Tommaso Gran Sasso is perfect for high speed racing as well as some muddy single trail biking. It caters to your moods and at a reasonable price too. Let’s look at some specifications that Tommaso Gran Sasso offers.


  • The frame of this bike is made of ALUXX-Grade Aluminum.
  • The front suspension fork has Suntour XCM HLO with 100mm and hydraulic lockout.
  • The front and the rear derailleur are made of Shimano Alivio 2-Speed and Shimano Deore Shadow with 9 – speed.
  • The wheels are by the iconic Maxxis Ikon 29” * 2.2 and are tubeless.
  • The pedals are Resin Anti-slip.
  • The brakes are made of Tektro HDC M275 Hydraulic discs.
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  • Versatile.
  • Maxxis Ikon tyres.
  • Balance and stability.


  • Lack of hind suspension.


In my opinion, Tommaso Gran Sasso brings a good deal packed with itself. It offers the biker with the two most important choices which is almost impossible for a product to offer at such a cheap rate. It offers the biker options between racing and tough terrain biking. Keep in mind how different both the terrains are and you get to try both out with this wondrous bike. This mountain bike helps the rider for a smooth and comfy ride on the icy mountain roads. The grip that this bike provides is the best of all because of its great tyres and the control that it has on the slipper terrains. Even a beginner can also ride using this straight way the toughest roads of the world. This was the first mountain bike ever that I had ever tried and from that moment I have been in complete love with this bike and its control. Then, the unmissable iconic addition of the Maxxis Ikon tyres just adds the icing on the cake. At 749.99 USD, the Tommaso Gran Sasso offers a pretty good deal.

Advantages of Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is one of the world’s most strenuous and vigorous exercises. It has many physical as well as mental benefits. Following is the list of overall health benefits one gets by this activity.

Tightens muscles

Almost all the muscles of the body are engaged while biking up a mountain. Direct muscles involved are the legs’, the hands’ and the back muscles. It strengthens the core muscles and the back muscles while toning the quadriceps and hamstrings in the legs. Your core muscles are toned and you can say goodbye to a flabby stomach by regularly mountain biking. Apart from strengthening, it takes off the pressure from your joints too.

Strengthens the inner organs

Inner organs like the heart and the lungs are benefited enormously by this activity. Mountain biking is a good form of cardiovascular exercise. It regulated blood flow, increases intake of oxygen level hence increasing lungs capacity and makes the internal organs healthy. You can totally skip going to the gym if your mountain bike regularly.

Better sleep

Sleep has always been a problem with human beings. When you indulge in a hyper activity like mountain biking, the body gets physically used up. The stress reduces and the body calms down and eventually relaxes.

Adventurous sport

Mountain biking can give an individual a sense of adventure and thrill. It gives your mind a sense of fresh adrenaline and freedom. It brings peace, contentment and happiness. All these positive emotions help an individual to develop emotionally and have a vibrant personality. All in all, mountain biking helps keep your mood elevated.

Mountain biking has been proven to improve coordination and balance of a person. It improves an individual’s motor skills and makes him/her more agile. It improves efficiency and strength, increases metabolism and helps in reducing weight. Psychological benefits include increase of confidence, ease of making friends, reduced stress level and the inherent attachment one experiences with nature is very healing. Nature has been known to have great influence of human beings. With mountain biking, you get uninterrupted access to nature which allows you to connect with it and recharge yourself.

Mountain biking and Mental Health

Mountain biking makes it easy for people to tackle emotional problems and issues. When you start such an activity like mountain biking, it introduces you to new people, to a new community. You become social and make new interpersonal relationships with people. You share things with them and it makes you happy. Apart from this, mountain biking is a strenuous activity. We all have heard from gym instructors telling us how the more you do cardio, the more you release a chemical called Endorphin. Endorphins are known as the happy chemical and help an individual to fight off severe mental disorders like depression.

Buying guide and Things to know about Mountain Bikes

Before buying a mountain bike, there are two main questions, in my opinion, that when answered correctly can lead you to your dream bike quite easily.

Are you a seasoned rider or a newbie?

This is the most important question and should be answered first in order to lay foundation in order to buy a mountain bike. If you are a seasoned rider, you must know what your plus points are and what your flaws are. You must be aware of your likes and dislikes and your preferences.

But if you are a beginner looking for an adventure, you should research first and act later. For a beginner it is always recommended to be cautious in order to prevent a serious injury and/or getting scammed by rear licking sales persons. For a beginner it is always suggested to buy a stable, sturdy and durable bike. It would not hurt to buy a cheap bike too because as a beginner who is not used to rough terrains your bike is going to get more than a scratch. If the bike is durable and stable, it helps set a certain balance and agility which will help you in the future.

What type of terrains do you prefer?

The next question worth asking yourself is what type of terrains do you prefer? Are you into racing? If yes, then you will need a speedy, efficient and lightweight bike. Are you into the rough and tough messy climbing? If yes, then you will need a fat tyred, speedy and competent bike which can easily tackle through the rocky ground. Are you into a quiet, pleasant and comfortable ride? Then you need something far less challenging but durable bike. See, it all depends upon your preferences, so, keep them straight and you can easily find a bike for yourself.

This said, it is very important to have access to all the necessary equipment for mountain biking. Helmet, gloves, water bottle, proper shoes, goggles, first aid kit and necessary bike equipment are some of the most important things one should have prepared before going for mountain biking.

Dressing to go mountain biking is another important aspect which a lot of people ignore. Proper dressing actually helps your body to move freely without any restrictions. Wearing a mountain biking jersey will help you achieve this goal. Mountain biking shorts are stretchy and made from spandex. They help you move your legs easily and peddling becomes faster and smoother. While riding your bike, you don’t sit on the saddle at all times. You have to lift your upper body up every once in a while. Shorts, having less fabric material, make this movement easy. Leaning into curves and moving every now and then becomes incredibly easy with these clothes. They are specially designed and are sweat resistant.


Mountain biking is a fun sport and can help you in unimaginable ways. I have seen my friends who grew personally after they started mountain biking. It is incredible how it changes a person. It opens a whole new world for you. You become a part of a community where everyone has the same goal: to mountain bike. It widens your perception and improves you as a person. I encourage everyone out there to at least give it a try. It is fun, positive and thrilling all in one.



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