How should you Decorate your living Room According to the Christmas Theme?

decorate your living room on Christmas theme

Christmas is a few weeks away, and as usual, your family will gather in the living room for merrymaking. Hence, how do you turn your sitting area into a cozy Christmas living room? How should you decorate your living room according to your Christmas theme? We thought about you, and after thorough research, came up with a few tips you could use.

  1. Adorn your sofa bed with decorative pillows

sofa bed with decorative pillows

Do you see that sofa bed at the center of your sitting room? That, plus the Christmas tree are enough to enhance the festive mood. In fact, the best sofa beds sold online today are so stylish that you don’t need to spend a fortune adorning them for the holidays.

The trick to having the most elegant house over the holidays lies in choosing a simple theme. It could be a movie that most members of the family love. Then employ a minimalist approach when decorating to avoid confusing people.

For instance, you can pick Game of Thrones as your theme this December. So, you buy throw pillows aligned to that theme and place them strategically on the sofa. Then get some GOT merchandise for the tree instead of the usual ornaments.

usual ornaments

  1. Think of a unique Christmas tree

unique Christmas tree

Everyone coming to your house for Christmas must look for the tree. Hence, you can invest in a unique tree-something you’ve not done before. Then create a theme from the tree. Look at the 2019 Christmas tree trends; you will see blue, purple, and multicolored trees.

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You can also move away from traditional ornaments and embellish your tree with cookies, chocolates, oranges, or bunches of grapes. Imagine, if you choose a blue one, you can wrap gifts in different shades of blue and white.

  1. Family pictures from previous Christmases

Family pictures on Christmases

We all love beautiful memories. You don’t need to stress about how you should decorate your living room according to the Christmas theme when you have family pictures from previous holidays.

Use the photos as Christmas living room background, and then enhance the look with the tree and ornamental pillows. Get the family laughing and giggling over memories as they make new ones this year.

  1. Use scented candles


scented candles

Imagine a room smelling of amber, lavender, and all the best Christmas scents you can think of! Scented candles will definitely enhance your mood this holiday. Luckily, today, you can get such candles in breathtaking holders too.

As you share beautiful memories you’ve made throughout the year; and drink some eggnog, you will also be enjoying some soothing scents.

  1. Rearrange the furniture you already have.

One strategy many people use when redecorating their houses is the rearrange and repurpose strategy. For a while, the room looks brand new. Your family is used to seeing your home organized in a certain way.

Why not move things around over Christmas? For example, you can move the piano to the center of the room and organize a family talent show on Christmas Eve. Place the tree in a different location. Rearrange the seats.

  1. Electric fireplace insert.

Nowadays, you don’t need to buy logs of wood for the fireplace. You can purchase an affordable electric fireplace insert and enhance the appearance of your living room. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about smoke and ash.

Final thoughts

How should you decorate your living room according to your Christmas theme? You can try something new and trendy this year, or use what you have used before in a different way. You will also find lots of DIYs on Pinterest in case you want to save some money. Have a merry Christmas.


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