Does Inter player Radja Nainggolan visit the casino now?

Radja Nainggolan visit the casino now

Celebrity athletes often live a lifestyle that is out of the ordinary, which makes them targets of paparazzi, and gossip magazines can fill their pages with their latest outrageous moves. There is immense pressure on professional football players that can lead to addictions and among them Online Cricket Betting ID gambling. On the other hand, these guys often don’t mind being the centre of attention. 

Radja Nainggolan, an Inter player (currently on loan to Cagliari) has been known for his party lifestyle for long. In the not-too-distant past, we heard some gossip that Nainggolan had costly casino trip so we wonder if he visits any casinos nowadays. We are getting into the rumours we heard about Nianggolan and discussing them with Amy Martinsson who is an iGaming expert from Sweden. You can read more about Amy here.

Gambling habits of professional footballers

Swedish research shows that elite male athletes are much more likely to get a gambling addiction than average Swedish males. Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Ronaldo and Swedish national Tomas Brolin are all successful poker players but there are some notorious gamblers too among footballers who lost huge amounts of money to casinos, such as Eidur Gudjohnsen or Michael Chopra. 

Even though these guys have lots of money that they can afford to lose, there is no limit to how much one can lose in a casino. When you choose a sverige casino make sure that they are trustworthy establishments that have tools in place to promote responsible gaming. 

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Lifestyle scandals of Nainggolan

Nainggolan might be an excellent midfielder but his lifestyle is often criticized by football professionals. He smoked cigarettes during his career and has been known as a party guy, always ready for a night out. Wojciech Szczesny, Juventus goalkeeper said that Nainggolan is always a fun person to have around. According to Szczesny who is a former teammate of Nainggolan, his love of parties is part of his personality and without it, he wouldn’t be the Cricket ID player he is. Last year he confided Szczesny to have won €200.000 in a casino. 

On New Year’s Eve 2018, he stirred a scandal in Italy after he posted an Instagram video where he was cursing, smoking and drinking alcohol, not exemplary for an elite footballer. At that time, Nianggolan was playing for Roma and he was issued with a suspension after posting this explicit video so he missed his team’s first important match against Atalanta. 

A year later, when Nainggolan was playing for Inter, he was again suspended for disciplinary reasons as posted on the club’s official website. Even though the official reason for his suspension wasn’t released to the media, Italian newspaper La Stampa suspected that it happened because he arrived late to a training session.

Chequebook scandal

Just a few weeks before his suspension with Inter, the footballer raised the attention of the media with his chequebook scandal whereby fraudsters stole €150,000 from him by cloning a cheque of his. During the investigation, it was found that Nainggolan has made several cheques of large sums to casinos to cover his previous losses. At this instance, he made out a cheque for €150,000 to cover a loss again and this cheque was copied by fraudsters and they managed to cash it in Rome, which left the footballer’s account another €150,000 short. 

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The incident happened after his visit to a casino in Monte Carlo and he was the victim of an organized gang of fraudsters which is linked to a notorious criminal family in Rome. The organization is known for its expertise in counterfeiting cheques and specialized in casino patrons parting them from their money this way. Radja Nainggolan was one of their unfortunate victims. 


Radja Nainggolan has had a fair share of scandals in his professional life, however after 2019 things seem to be calming down. Perhaps it is because of his family problems – his wife has been struggling with cancer for over a year – or he might have been simply calming down in the past years. We certainly wish all the best for him and hope that he can get rid of his self-destructive habits. 


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