How to Earn Money Through Gaming

Earn Money Through Gaming
Computer Gaming at internet cafe

For many of us, gaming is nothing but pure, unadulterated fun. It, therefore, stands to reason that if we can find a way (or ways) to make money through our favorite pastime, then we’ve pretty much got it made. It may be hard to believe that gaming can actually pay off, but for those with some organization, discipline, and dedication, it can even be a career path. Self-promotion could be a good way to get started, so you could make your own game website from which you can generate interest to your gaming brand. And there’s no time like the present to get started!

Tournaments and sponsorship

This may be aiming high, but that doesn’t make it impossible. For player versus player (PvP), games tournaments are a regular thing, and for popular games, prize pools can amount to stupendous sums of money. This year’s winner of the Fortnite World Cup was awarded $3 million, while 99 other finalists took home sums between $50,000 and $1.2 million. 

Winnings and sponsorships can provide enough to live on for competitive gamers, while the real international pros can pick out their favorite sports car. Not everyone has what it takes, but you don’t need to come in the first place to pocket some cash. 


By streaming your gameplay and building a large following, gaming can be monetized by ads, donations, or subscriptions. You can do this through platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming, and it can involve any games from Rules of Survival to Chess. 

Although it is very simple to get started, it may take some time to build a large stream audience in what is quite a competitive market. But for world-class players with a personality and an entertaining approach, viewers will flock to the channel in no time. 

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Games journalism

Games journalism may include writing news, reviews, or interviews for particular games or genres. It could involve writing for an existing site, or from your own gaming website, which can also be monetized with ads or subscriptions.  

This is also an area that can be competitive, and getting your foot in the door can take some time. Established sites like IGN will only hire experienced writers, but less well-known sites could be a good starting point. Driving interest to your own website will take some tenacity and determination, but those talented writers who know their stuff will eventually find their place. 

YouTube and podcasting

For those that prefer not to express themselves in writing, various platforms give a voice to gaming content providers, whether the content is based around advice on particular games, interviews with high-profile players or discussions. This can be monetized by ads and subscriptions, while also creating a name that could contribute towards future projects. 

Of course, content providers need to put on a show that’s enough to make a noise and garner a wide audience. This will require some style and charisma, as well as a business strategy for what is most needed. 

Guides, tutorials, and coaching

Guides and tutorials can be useful for beginners, and especially for multiplayer PvP games. You can write guides or tutorials and make them available on a website or publish as an ebook, while video guides you can upload to YouTube. 

For experienced gamers, coaching is also an option, as private students can be found directly or through a platform like GamingCoach or Gamer Sensei. Such sites pay their teachers up to $25 per hour. Another option is to become the coach of an eSports team and potentially earn tens of thousands of dollars a year.  

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Testing games

Developers need new games to be tested by someone with an outsider’s perspective. Jobs are available for trying out different aspects of the game and keeping a record of any bugs or problematic issues. This may not be the most enjoyable work, but it isn’t too difficult to come by through services such as BetaFamily, BestReviewApp, ErliBird, and PlaytestCloud. The pay is modest unless you can land a tester position at a games development company. 

Several platforms offer remuneration to gamers. These include Swagbucks, which provides $10 sign up bonuses, as well as extra payment for playing games, online shopping, taking surveys, or tracking internet searches. 

PaidGamePlayer is a contest online gaming website where gamers play against each other in games like Bejewelled, Family Feud, and Zuma. From the winning circle, competition games are compensated, and awards increase progressively. 

One of the largest online gaming sites SecondLife has over two million active members and may involve trading real estate or creating and selling content. Word has it that one user made their million with SecondLife. 

InboxDollars is another site for accumulating some extra funds with minimal effort by shopping, watching TV, or playing games. A total of more than $50 million has been paid to members and more than two million Facebook followers. 

So, there are ways to earn at least a little extra cash by merely sitting back and doing what we do best. And for the talented ones at the top of their game, life can be made incredibly cushy. Many ventures still require some skill, effort, and hard work before they lead to success. But gaming will always beat a boring office job, so don’t give up so easily!