10 Mistakes Of Men When Meeting A Girl

    mistakes of men


    Almost all men make the same mistakes when they meet. Below I will give you the 10 most common mistakes when meeting. By avoiding them, you will enter 1% of men on the planet.

    1. You overstate her significance

    Almost all men immediately put a girl above themselves, thereby underestimating their importance and overstating hers. This is when all problems begin to appear. Most men make this mistake even before the acquaintance stage. Thus, for them, it turns out that she is a princess, and they are her slaves.

    2. You are way too polite

    Firstly, you just built a barrier for yourself. Yes, you will say that this is respect and all those things about the culture. When it comes to seduction, you need to immediately show who the male is. By being too polite, you show respect and gallantry. But it moves you away from the goal. Remember, girls don’t need gentlemen. Thus, there is nothing to build of a gentleman, because you have a different task.

    3. You ask for forgiveness for trying to get to know her

    “Hi, beauty! I’m sorry, can I come across you?” This sounds as stupid as it can only be. This is obviously designed to fail. If you are one of those who begin their acquaintance with a girl from telling how sorry they are, then you must know that this way, you only show her that you are not confident. Never apologize for your intentions and desires.

    4. You become too curious

    This happens because you are afraid and feel insecure. You begin to feel dumb because awkward pauses start to happen more and more often. Don’t dig in her past and just make an appointment with her. Hence you will show your interest and gain confidence that she actually liked you.

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    5. You always ask for permission

    Girls love when a guy is a leader in relationships. Especially if you search younger girls for older men. Forget about questions, like “Can I sit down?” “Can I meet you tomorrow?” “Can I get your phone?” and so on. Those questions are doomed to failure. Girls involuntarily cut off such men. Just do it: come, sit next to her, talk to her, touch her (within reason). It is very important to maintain a balance here.

    6. You take her phone number too fast

    She doesn’t understand why she needs to give you a phone number. You didn’t offer anything, you weren’t interested in her, and why do you need a number? Ideally, you don’t ask for it, but she gives it to you. If you are interested in it yourself, then offer her to choose the best means of communication with you.

    6. You doubt your actions.

    Since you have approached, behave properly. There is nothing to lose. She won’t bite you. Remember, if you feel nervous and look timid, then you will lose. Be confident, no matter what it costs you.

    7. You create barriers for yourself

    Some men hold their hands in their pockets, cross them on their chests, or shove them somewhere. For some reason, in ordinary life, a man’s hands do not interfere. But as soon as he approaches the woman, he does not know where to put them. Don’t forget about posture, gait, look, and firm and confident speech. Control yourself and the situation.

    8. You don’t believe in yourself.

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    Well, friend, I don’t even want to write anything here. Because everything is so clear. If you don’t believe in yourself, then a woman doesn’t need you like that. Believe in yourself!

    9. You give up prematurely

    All weak men give up as soon as they hear that a girl has a boyfriend. But this is a huge mistake. She may tell you that she has someone because of many different reasons. And only in 20% of cases girls really have boyfriends. She may not like you at all, or maybe she wants to test you. You will be able to understand what variant is yours on by trying.

    10. You don’t care about your appearance

    Don’t listen to those who say that girls don’t care about men’s looks. They like handsome and stylish men, if you are not one of them, then you already know what to change in yourself first.

    You can ask her to meet under cherry blossom tree and that will be the best appearance.


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