Easy JPG to PDF Conversion: 4 Facts You Need To Know About Converting JPG to PDF On PDFBear


There is a boatload of online tools that you can use out there. However, picking the online means that you should use should consist of a checklist. Is this online tool reliable? Can you edit and convert PDF efficiently through this online tool? With PDFBear, you can do all of these tasks with no charge at all.

Yes, anyone using PDFBear will have complete access to all of the editing and converting tools on the website. This fact should come as a perfect contrast with other online tools that require payment or membership. With PDFBear, you do not have to shell out any significant amount to convert one single JPG to PDF on PDFBear. 

PDFBear is one tool that you should have ready and available at your disposal. In this PDFBear article, we will talk about the JPG to PDF converter and how it would make your PDF converting tasks a lot easier and smoother.

Quick 4-Step Conversion

Of course, it is only right that we begin with the information on how to use the JPG to PDF converter. PDFBear has simplified all of the conversion processes, including JPG to PDF. It should take a few moments to convert a JPG file into a PDF document. The process is so quick and simplified that any first-timer can use this without any problem.

First, the converter would require you to upload the JPG file you want to upload. Then, a set of options will prompt in which you will need to choose from for the conversion to commence. All the converter requires you to do is tap or click on “Convert!” to start the conversion process.

After you finish these first three steps, please sit back and relax while the JPG to PDF converter does its job and works its magic. It should not be a long time before you get the end-product. Finally, you will have a ready-to-download file to save on your PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Multi-Image Uploads That Runs On Different Platforms

As we said, PDFBear makes life easier for its users. With its multi-image uploads feature, you can add additional images after you uploaded an image. The JPEG to PDF converter tool is flexible enough to handle numerous photos and even can combine them into a single PDF document. 

All of these simplified JPG to PDF process and other features runs through different platforms. With this fact, anyone who wants to use PDFBear can access it on any PC, laptop, or smartphone. It should be compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile OS like Android and more.

All Tools In One

The PDFBear JPG to PDF tool can also handle image files other than only JPG. Expect the same simplified 4-step process for different image files like PNG, TIFF, BMP, and even JPG. Besides being flexible, the converter tool is accurate, capable, and complex enough to handle these formats without any issues nor problems expertly.

SSL Encryption For Your Files

PDFBear takes pride in using the latest technology to protect the privacy and security of its users. With an SSL encryption, you can assure yourself that your confidentiality and documents are safe in the hands of PDFBear. This SSL Encryption should be enough in keeping your files away from the wrong people that should mean trouble.


Using PDFBear to convert JPG to PDF should be a no-brainer. PDFBear offers features that add to a simplified, smooth, and reliable conversion process. If you want a hassle-free JPG to PDF conversion, then PDFBear is the online tool to go. Access this high-quality and safe PDFBear converter from any device and convert JPG to PDF without spending any amount of money!