Effectively Block Messages on Your Smartphones

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It’s undeniable how advanced technology is, especially when we are talking about mobile phones in this modern age. From merely answering calls and sending messages, mobile phones can now provide us a better and enjoyable way of communicating with other people. No matter the distance, sending and receiving a message is possible from Smartphones.

Being able to receive messages at any time is helpful in so many ways, but it also has its downsides. In some situations, you might receive tons of unwanted text messages from unknown numbers. This can, most of the time, be troublesome. In this article, we will show you some steps on how to avoid receiving unwanted text messages from numbers you don’t know.

How to Block Messages on Android Devices

Blocking a text message on your Android devices may sometimes vary depending on the messaging app you are using. Some of the most common steps you can perform are blocking numbers from your contacts list or using third-party Android apps. If you want to know how to block text on android, you can follow the simple steps: 

Regular Text Messages

To start, go to the messaging app where you received the message. Tap and hold the number of the message you want to block. Then, tap the icon on the upper right screen, and it will give you options you can choose from. Tap the option to mark the messages as spam and tap Ok. After that, the number will automatically be moved to “Spam and Blocked.”

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Contacts List on your Smartphones

Blocking a text message is also possible through the contacts list. This way works better if you are familiar with the numbers that you want to block. To start, open your contacts and search for the number that you wish to block. If you are blocking a new number, it’s better to add to your contacts list first. Next, tap the three dots at the upper right and select “Block Contact.”

Group Messages on Smartphones

The process of blocking group messages is similar to blocking a regular text message. First, go to your messages and select the group message that you want to block. Hold it until an icon appears at the upper right. Select “Report Spam,” and the group message will be moved to “Spam and Blocked.” This will only block the group messages but not individual contacts. 

Why Block Text Messages?

There are many reasons why you should block an unknown number. These messages often carry information that you may not like and might ruin the rest of your day. Here are different kinds of messages that you don’t want to receive on your mobile phones to give you an idea. 

Phishing Texts on Smartphones

As you read this, thousands of users are affected by phishing scams. Phishing texts are a security attack where users are tricked into downloading a virus. It’s challenging to detect since it’s almost similar to a standard text message. 

Death Threats

If you are receiving death threats from someone, that is the perfect time to block the number. These types of messages are offensive and personal. It can have a harmful effect on you and to others close to you. 

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There you have it, several steps you can perform if you want to start blocking unknown numbers. The steps are simple and straightforward, so if you receive an unwanted message, the best thing is to block it.


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