Explore the Travel Guide to Hillock Green Singapore


Hillock Green Singapore is a world where natural tranquility meets modern living. This extraordinary condominium is located in Lentor Green and offers more than just an amazing place to live. It’s also a tranquil destination that offers comfort, convenience and serenity. 

Ultimate travel guide to discover the hidden gems of Hillock Green:

Discovering Your Neighborhood

Lentor Green will be your base for exploring the area. This charming neighborhood offers a variety of dining, shopping, and parks. Enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood to soak up the atmosphere and find hidden gems.

Nature’s Beauty

Hillock Green offers a paradise for lovers of nature. This development integrates gardens and green areas seamlessly, inviting people to experience nature at each turn. Relax in lush gardens or in the calm embrace of the central corridor of greenery, a living oasis in the middle of the city.

Affordability and Amenities That Delight

Hillock Green offers a variety of amenities to suit varying tastes. The modern gym is a great place to work out, or you can enjoy the relaxing bubbles in the swimming pool. BBQ pits are perfect for those who enjoy gathering with family and friends.

Create Memories with Your Family

Hillock Green is a great place for families. The playground is a great place for children to run around, make friends, and have fun. This development creates a community and gives families the chance to interact with each other.

Indulging in Leisure

Leisure and socializing are combined in the multi-purpose clubhouse. The clubhouse is the perfect place to host events, have parties or spend quality time with family and friends.

Relaxing in Serenity

The yoga deck is a tranquil retreat, where you can meditate in the beauty of nature. This peaceful retreat will help you find your inner peace and release the stress of everyday life.

Captivating Sky Lounge Views

Be prepared to be amazed by the stunning views of the city from the Sky Lounge. The sky lounge is not only a place to relax, but also a way to take in the sights of the city while recharging and relaxing.

Eco Friendly Commuting

Hillock Green promotes environmentally-friendly commutes with its dedicated bike storage. Explore the surrounding area on two wheels and contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Beyond Hillock Green

Lentor MRT Station, which connects you with Singapore’s vast public transport network, is only a few minutes’ walk from the apartment complex. Explore the iconic landmarks of Singapore, its shopping districts and cultural hotspots.

Culinary delights

Lentor Green offers a variety of restaurants that will satisfy varying tastes. You’ll discover a world of delicious flavors, from local restaurants serving up traditional dishes to trendy cafes that serve international food.


Explore Hillock Green Singapore and you will discover that this is not only a place, but an oasis of relaxation, comfort, and connectivity. Every element, from nature’s embrace and modern amenities to the unique living environment is created to enrich your life. Hillock Green is the perfect place for nature lovers, families looking to bond, and travelers seeking adventure.