FIFA 22 Players Being Handed Bans Over FUT Champions Glitch


Shocked FIFA 22 players have seen their accounts suspended by EA Sports, with as many as 30,000 players being punished for an attempt to exploit the game. 

The affected players have all taken part in a FUT Champions glitch that has seen players be able to leave games before they finish without being handed a loss on their record, allowing them to essentially play the game again. 

This glitch worked specifically amongst FIFA 22 Playstation players, who realised that they could head over to the Playstation home screen during their match, time out of the game they are playing in but not have a loss applied to their record.

As such, FUT Champions players would be able to continue to play all of their Weekend League games without having a loss added to their record, giving them the biggest rewards bundle possible.

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On the glitch, FIFA released a statement on Twitter saying: “Earlier today, we resolved an issue in FUT Champions that could allow players to leave a match without suffering a loss. We are identifying players that exploited this issue and will be following up with them directly.”

They certainly did follow up the issue, adding: “We have identified over 30K active accounts that exploited this issue consistently and have suspended them from FIFA 22 online for 7 days, preventing them from participating in this week’s FUT Champions Finals.”

This is part of EA’s Positive Play Charter, which reads “Keep Things Fair – No cheating or giving yourself an unfair advantage.” If you are thinking of trying this particular glitch yourself do not bother, EA have since patched it over. 

Most players were given inspiration to try the glitch after an instructional TikTok was posted by skillzapex. His video, which reached 186,000 views on the popular social media site, showed players how he had times out of a game but still had three matches remaining on his FUT Champions schedule.

The majority of players to receive bans from EA Sports have been handed seven-day suspensions from accessing their Ultimate Team, though some have claimed to have been hit with outrageously long bans. There are reports of 1,000 day bans being awarded via email, while one user even complained of having a lifetime ban from playing Ultimate Team.

However, each of these are likely a mistake on behalf of EA, with seven days being the consensus suspension for those who have looked to take advantage of this glitch in the game.

Players who have been given these extended sentences are still awaiting a response from the FIFA 22 support account.