Food Guide: 10 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth.

Foods for Healthy Teeth

Poor health of the teeth and gums is associated with severe medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. By maintaining healthy teeth, you prevent oral ailments like cavities, gingivitis, tooth loss, and bad breath. So, just like other body parts, your teeth require attention too.

Taking care of the teeth is not only about flossing or brushing with recommendable lavender toothpaste; what you also eat matters. Some foodstuffs can cause significant harm to your teeth. Likewise, enriching your diet with the following ten super-foods can boost your health.

1. Apples

Apples are sweet but laden with fiber and water. They are vital in the production of saliva, thus ensuring your mouth gets rid of food particles and harmful bacteria. Also, the fiber helps in the stimulation of the gum, thus keeping your teeth intact.

2. Nuts

Nuts are packed with protein and are extraordinarily healthy. They are essential in the lowering of cholesterol, contain healthy fats, and are yummy. They also contain calcium, phosphate, and magnesium, which makes them great for dental health.

3. Green leafy vegetables

You should consume foods rich in vitamins for healthy gums and teeth. Leafy greens are low in calories, and they boost your enamel due to calcium. Also, they are essential in the prevention of gum disease, thus promoting your dental health.

4. Carrots

Carrots are rich in fiber and are crunchy too. They massage your gums, ensuring your teeth remain clean and the gums stay fresher. Carrots also aid in the generation of saliva and lessen the risk of cavities. More so, they contain abundant amounts of vitamin A to strengthen your teeth and bones.

5. Cheese

By consuming cheese, you reduce your risk of tooth decay. Cheese boosts the levels of PH in the mouth and helps in the production of saliva. Since it’s rich in calcium and protein, it promotes the tooth enamel leaving you with healthier teeth.

6. Yogurt

Most dairy products are great for excellent dental health. They are rich in proteins and calcium, which are both essential elements for healthy teeth. Yogurt contains helpful bacteria that are suitable for the elimination of gum diseases.

7. Celery

Celery brushes away food particles, and bacteria which leads to cavities; the reason why most dentists recommend it. Celery is also a rich source of vitamins A and C, which are vital for the prevention of gum diseases. Therefore, including celery in your diet, is a sure way to boost your dental health.

8. Almonds

Food items that are low in sugar but rich in calcium and protein are incredibly essential for dental health. Almonds contain proteins, fiber, and calcium. By consuming them often, you can be sure of healthy teeth.

9. Sweet potatoes

You can enjoy sweet potatoes by baking, frying, or steaming to your preference. They are laden with vitamin A, which is vital for healthy teeth and gums. Vitamin A maintains the mucous membrane and soft tissue of the gums. It’s also crucial in the maintaining of the protein keratin, an agent that enhances the formation of tooth enamel.

10. Raw onions

You can always append onions as toppers to your favorite dishes. They contain excellent antibacterial properties. By eating fresh onions, you benefit from the bacteria-fighting features. More so, by chewing raw onion or rubbing a bit of it on a sore tooth, you can eliminate toothache before consulting a dentist.


You should be careful with what you eat; not all foods support your dental health. So, have lots of leafy, vegetables, raw onions, apples, sweet potatoes and almonds and avoid sugary foods. However, don’t overlook other dental hygiene practices like brushing regularly and changing your toothbrush often.