How to choose a hearing aid? Six steps to a better result!


Hearing loss is unfortunately a common problem today. Indeed, hearing problems significantly reduce the quality of life. Fortunately, audiology is ready to offer effective methods of hearing treatment. Are you suffering from hearing loss? Try hearing aids! These compact assistants represent a miracle of engineering and technological progress. Small multifunctional and stylish devices bring people back to their usual life. However, choosing hearing aids is not an easy task even for an experienced audiologist. What should you pay attention to?

A few words about hearing aids

Hearing aids are complex electronic devices consisting of several components. Due to their small size, they can be easily used throughout the day. There are several types of hearing aids. They differ from each other in design, size, structure, and most importantly, power. The smaller the hearing aid, for example, the CIC model, the less its power, and vice versa. With mild hearing loss, you can choose a completely inconspicuous model. As a result, you’ll be able to hear perfectly and no one will know about your hearing problems.

Many people think that hearing aids simply amplify external sounds. This is not quite true. They amplify only those sounds that are necessary for the patient. The sounds of other ranges remain unchanged, in some situations they are muffled. Even in noisy company, you’ll be able to hear and understand everything well, while the surrounding sounds won’t distract you from the conversation.

Hearing aids differ not only in size but also in design. Devices of the same type may have different sets of functions. For example, AI assistant, separate sound processing, Bluetooth streaming, or waterproof design are not available for all models. You should think carefully in advance about what additional functions the hearing aid should have, and which ones you don’t need. You’ll get the most efficient and convenient device without overpaying for unnecessary features!

Can I pick up medical devices on my own?

The latest hearing aids combine the latest technological solutions and stylish designs. Hearing aids Staten Island effectively combat hearing loss by restoring lost abilities. There are hundreds of models from different manufacturers in hearing aid centers and specialized stores. An inexperienced person will immediately get lost in various types, models, and characteristics. Many people want to know if it is possible to buy and start using a hearing aid without consulting a doctor.

If you want to wear your devices daily with maximum benefit and comfort, then the answer is “No”. Choosing a hearing aid is not the same as buying headphones in an electronic store, even if they are somewhat similar. A hearing aid is primarily a medical device. It takes into account many parameters and nuances, for example, the structure of the hearing organs. It is different for each person. The development of hearing loss is also different! Therefore, consultation with an experienced hearing care professional is necessary. The doctor will take into account all factors, including your wishes, and based on these data will select the most suitable device models.

Hearing aids are set individually for each person. Even if your relative uses them, they are unlikely to suit you. Each person is an individual, and each hearing aid must be adjusted according to all the characteristics of each patient.

That’s the secret of the efficiency and comfort of electronic assistants! You risk not getting the desired result when buying on your own. You won’t recover your hearing and will most likely be disappointed in hearing aids. The only correct solution is not to self–medicate. It is better to entrust the health of your hearing to professionals who know what to do!

6 steps to hearing restoration!

So, buying hearing aids on your own is not the best idea. Do you want to enjoy the sounds of the surrounding world and the voices of your loved ones again? Follow these steps to restore your hearing!

Don’t be afraid of changes!

Many patients seek help late. Even if they notice symptoms of a problem, they don’t rush to an audiologist. There are many reasons for such a behavior. But they all lead to the loss of precious time and complicate the situation. Do not expect that the hearing problems will go away by themselves. It’s time to act! Don’t be afraid of changes, even if you are used to making the TV louder!

Sign up for hearing care professional

At the first symptoms of hearing loss, you should immediately make an appointment with a doctor. A specialist will conduct a visual examination. If he suspects hearing loss, he’ll appoint hearing tests. Audiometry is the most popular and effective study of hearing acuity. It is suitable even for children. The diagnostic results show the acuity of your hearing. According to them, the doctor can determine the degree of hearing loss and choose the appropriate power of the hearing aid.

Tell the specialist about your hobbies

Today, hearing aids are small and stylish devices. They have little in common with the devices from the past, which were large and uncomfortable. Do you like to run in the morning, play in a music group, or travel often? Be sure to report all your hobbies. Do not forget to specify the requirements for additional functions. If moisture protection is critical for you, then tell the doctor about it. A hearing care professional will select devices according to the degree of hearing loss and your wishes. You’ll get the most suitable hearing aids, which will be comfortable in any situation!

Order hearing aids

You can buy the right model yourself, or ask for help from a specialist. Usually, hearing aid centers and clinics sell devices to patients, because they cooperate with manufacturers.

Go through the adaptation process

Before you start wearing hearing aids daily, you have to go through the adaptation process. Your brain needs to get used to new conditions, and it takes time. It usually takes 2-3 weeks. Follow the doctor’s recommendations and the adaptation period will pass as quickly as possible.

Configuring Devices

Usually, after a period of adaptation, a hearing care professional makes the latest adjustments to the devices to increase efficiency and comfort.

That’s it! Just 6 steps will bring you back to a happy life! A life filled with amazing sounds and voices of loved ones! With hearing aids, you’ll forget about all the difficulties and problems!