Easy Decor Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Age-Proof 

Make Your Bathroom Age-Proof

You can have different expectations from home. Some people like to spend their retirement in another place than their old home, while others want to age in the same place. If you belong to the first group, you don’t have to think about age-proofing your retreat. Otherwise, preparing your nest for senior years from early on can be beneficial. When you talk about this aspect, the bathroom becomes a priority because of its wet environment and various features that can lead to severe injuries due to slip and fall. The main focus can be on enhancing lighting and comfort to avoid common mishaps. Here are few bathroom décor ideas along this line of thought to help you choose better to Make Your Bathroom Age-Proof-


You can use the latest styles of bath hand basins anytime. But you would want to be careful with the height of the vanity that carries your sink. Without a countertop, an ideal vanity height measures up to 31½ inches. However, not everyone is comfortable with this height. They prefer higher vanity than this. If you also feel the same, you can follow the regular kitchen counter height of 34½ inches in your bathroom. But it would be after including 1½ inch countertop. A high vanity in the bathroom would eliminate the need to stoop for washing up, something extremely uncomfortable to imagine doing in old years. 

Before deciding on this, it will be better to figure out whether you prefer a high vanity or not. You can stick to the standard height also if you wish. Nevertheless, if someone in the wheelchair has to access it, up to 34 inches of measurement can be adequate.  


Most toilets tend to be less than 16 inches high, while people find 17 to 19 inches more comfortable. The specific range makes the toilet seat easily accessible when it comes to sitting and standing. Since older people struggle with their back and knees, slightly higher toilets can serve them better. They will not have to exert.

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Eyesight becomes weak with aging. As a result, it can prevent having a clear view of the surroundings. And since everyone uses water and soap in the bathroom, a single drop of these on the floor can be risky. To see things better regardless of on the floor or anywhere else, you have to equip your bathroom with adequate lighting. You will not have to strain your eyes to see something. Also, the wet spots will not hide under the shadows. You can use a combination of vanity lights, lamps, and recessed lighting to keep your room well-lit. In the shower area also, there has to be enough light. With this, make sure your bathroom welcomes natural light as it is necessary for freshness, ventilation, and of course, illumination. 

Wall and floor materials

Experts believe that porcelain can make an ideal choice for walls and flooring. It tends to have a longer life. As a result, you may not have to worry about changing it when you age. At the same time, it doesn’t require much cleaning effort. Water and an old piece of cloth can keep it clean and shiny. Do you worry about grout lines? Opt for a rectified edge in porcelain tiles. The fine edges will require thin grouts of about 1/16 inches. You can also get pre-sealed grout from a local store.

Shower entry

If you are looking for age-proof solutions, doing away with steps in the shower area can be sensible. Curbless shower designs can be easily accessible by wheelchairs also. Just make sure that your shower floor has enough slope to drain water quickly. Or, if you wish to add a step, don’t make it too oversized and bulky. 


Apart from height and aesthetics, you would want to be careful about its lips. Wider lips can make it difficult to step inside the tub as you would have to stretch your legs a bit more. For this, you would have to maintain balance to avoid the risk of falling. You can further reduce the risk by installing a grab bar within easy reach. From this angle, the option of something with a narrow lip can sound better. And if you prefer wider lip designs, choose a tub that allows you to perch on its edge comfortably. 

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Textured flooring

While choosing a proper floor material is necessary, you have to find something that provides excellent slip resistance. To be sure of this, you can observe the texture and groove of the floor. Well-textured floors can prevent the incidents of slips better. When shopping, you can check the coefficient of friction number that indicates the material’s slip resistance. 

Glass enclosures

The glass doors and walls in the bathroom can make it look larger. But bathroom glass needs regular maintenance. You may have to use a squeegee to stay clear of water spots or streaks. Due to this, it can feel like a burden in old age. Alternately, you can install heavy-duty shower glass doors. These don’t need much upkeep. However, you may have to spend a few extra bucks on this feature.

Grab bars

When entering or exiting the shower, you may need something to hold on to for a firm grip. Grab bars can come in handy in this. You can install them close to the shower or bathtub. And if there is a shower bench or seat in the bathroom, you would want to have them there too. It will be helpful to have them outside the shower area and interior walls to ensure smooth and safe navigation within the space.

Age proofing your house before it’s too late can be intelligent. It can save unnecessary renovation costs and time. Also, achieving perfection in décor is a process. So when you keep building, you realize what you could do better and how you can improve it in the future. You cannot expect all these insights in one go. Then, you may not have enough liberty and energy to redo things by the time you understand the design intricacies.



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