What Eligibility Criteria Do You Have to Meet for CISCO CCNA Certification?


Are you ready to take the CISCO CCNA certification exam? Apart from being very well prepared, you should also meet the vendor’s eligibility conditions. Generally, the CCNA credential requires candidates to demonstrate that they have prior work experience and have high educational qualifications. If you want to get this certificate with ease, you should be very careful in meeting the vendor’s requirements. Considering that this designation will help you consolidate your position in the company, earn a higher annual salary, and increase your network opportunities, then it’s worth putting effort into complying with the required conditions. In this article, you will find what criteria you need to meet to become eligible for the CCNA badge. Are you curious to find more about them?

Eligibility Criteria for CCNA Certification

All in all, the eligibility conditions are divided into three major pylons. So, the applicants should demonstrate that they have a certain level of education, experience, and training for the CCNA test. Let’s find more details below.

  • Past experience

The professionals who become certified project managers will develop advanced competence in initiating and managing projects. Thus, they must be able to design, plan, execute, monitor, and control a project from beginning to end. Therefore, the vendor has strict requirements for the test-taker’s experience level. In particular, the candidates must have either 7,500 hours within the 60 months in directing and leading projects or 4,500 hours within the 36 months on the same topic. Still, note that the exact number of hours that you need to demonstrate as experience depends on your level of education, which is looked at.

  • Education level

The project manager is a leader within his/her team and must be prepared to write and prepare reports and take decisions that will bring benefits to the organization. Thus, they must have a certain level of education. The candidates who already have 7,500 hours of experience in managing projects will be eligible for the CCNA badge if they also have a high school diploma. On the other hand, if you have 4,500 hours of experience in leading projects, then you will meet the vendor’s requirements if you hold a four-year degree.

  • Training

The third pylon in eligibility criteria focuses on training. So, irrespective of your education and experience standards, you must demonstrate that you’ve completed a 35-hour training in project management education. Additionally, the applicants can complete this type of education if they have worked on different live projects or have attained the CAPM certification.

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Even though you have gone through different training resources and developed the necessary knowledge of the CISCO CCNA certification’s tested topics, you will need to be careful in meeting the vendor’s eligibility criteria. Commonly, CISCO is very strict about the specialists who want to become certified project managers. Therefore, apart from demonstrating that you have the necessary education level, you must also gain prior experience in directing and leading projects. The details included in this article will help you clarify what you need to do to become eligible for your CCNA credential. So, good luck with meeting the eligibility criteria!