5 Best Online Educational Tools that All Students Should Have

Online Educational Tools

As you are prepared to start high school, make sure your computer is ready, too, and getting the attention it deserves. Make sure you have installed all educational software and tools that will help you a lot to make your journey easy and successful. In this blog, you will know 5 Best Online Educational Tools that All Students Should Have.

You might have installed Office and your favorite browser, but there are so many other tools you’ll need at the ready to be successful and productive. These educational software or tools help students to collaborate on different projects and help them to share materials without any hindrance.

So below is our list of the best online educational tools for students that can help them to make their experience better and save them on time. 

1. GoConqr

It is a fantastic online tool that allows students to create a variety of different study aids, including quizzes, mind maps, study planners, flashcards, slides, and many more to help with exams and assignments. Moreover, you can have access to more than millions of sourced resources that can assist you in collecting material related to your subject or topic easily without wasting time. 

2. Grammarly 

Without having good writing skills, you may not be able to produce marks gaining and worth reading assignments. You may know it well that writing is something that does not come naturally to all of us, and it is a compulsory part of our education system, especially in high school. Grammarly can help you to improve your assignments and give you a good helping hand. It checks your grammar and punctuation to ensure your assignment reads well. It could be more helpful if English is not your first language. 

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3. Soda PDF

Dealing with your academic documents such as assignments, research projects, and many others can be difficult. For instance, when you use different platforms for writing and end up with the confusion of merging them. This is where a soda pdf merge can solve your problem. With Soda PDF’s merge feature, you can seamlessly combine various academic documents and study materials into a single cohesive file, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple platforms and ensuring easy access and organization of your academic resources. You only need to choose the files, arrange them in an order and send the file by email, and your work is done. Moreover, its merger feature considers the best document organizer in many ways.

4. OneNote 

All students spend lots of time taking notes. You may not find it easy to keep a pen and notebook always in your hand or on the side table. So this tool is considered great for taking notes, especially when you have a touchscreen device that allows you to highlight, mark things up, and scribble. 

This magical tool also does many more beyond note-taking. For instance, you can share files and save the articles. Moreover, the user can share notes with other fellows. OneNote is free to use, so you don’t need to worry about any paid upgrade version for extra features or storage. 

5. Edmodo 

Students and teachers increasingly need to connect. Edmodo tool is one of the most popular tools that allow students to have access to the material that their teachers upload, including videos, lecture notes, and the rest of the content that could be helpful for students. 

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Edmodo has a feature to organize documents into different categories so students can access them easily. 


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