How to Clean Macbook Screen- Simple & Effective Methods!

how to clean macbook screen

How to Clean Macbook Screen

Want to know how to clean a Macbook screen like a pro that too without giving any damage to it? Well, here, we are going to share some of the best methods through which you can keep the screen neat and clear!

Having a clean PC or laptop screen can really impact the usage and experience of the system. An unclear or untidy screen full of spots and dust can really ruin the system experience. Hence, it is extremely important that one knows to keep his screen and other parts of the system clean.

Where can one go Wrong?

Before we dig into the details and methods of how to clean a MacBook screen, one should understand what is to be avoided. Overall, all the quick methods that one may opt to clean their delicate screen are generally bad. This is because it ends up putting up more damage than good to the screen. The screen is made with delicate layers to give the best quality experience to us. However, with the rough usage of the regular cleaning method, we end up doing more harm to it.

Hence, we must use proper cleaning methods and equipment only to keep the longevity and quality of the MacBook screen alive.

Screen Wipes

how to clean macbook screen

One of the best or top and easiest ways to clean the MacBook screen is to use wipes! You can find screen wipes at any general store or mart near you. This is how you should you them.

Shut it Down-

The best way to clean the screen and not make things worse for you is first to shut down the Macbook. Now, once you have shut down the Macbook, you also avoid the possibility of any electrical damage or issue to the computer.

Please clean it up!

Now, all you have to do is gently wipe off the entire screen of your Macbook and ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure over it. Repeat this process with another new wipe. This step will ensure no dust specks or stains are left behind.

Microfiber Towel


Another great way to keep the Mac book screen clean and stain-free is using a microfiber towel. Using this unique towel will always end up with a speechless and fiberless Macbook screen. Moreover, this will also avoid any damage that one may cause to the screen due to the long use of a regular towel.

First Step

Get the microfiber towel and lightly make it moist with regular water. Doing so can clean the layer of dust even more easily. Also, Make sure that you switch off the system and also unplug it from charging.


Now, start cleaning the dirty Macbook screen and make sure that you leave no corners behind. If you want the best results, then try to clean the entire screen at least twice. Also, make sure/ensure that you don’t make the microfiber cloth extra wet. If you have made the extra towel wet, then you will easily leave behind water stains that will make the screen dirty again.

Cleaning Spray

how to clean macbook screen

If you cannot find some good wipes or microfiber cloth, you can clean the MacBook screen with a good glass/screen cleaning spray as well! Moreover, it is super easy/simple to use as well!

Spray it up!

While you are trying to clean the screen with the spray, make sure that you use a clean cloth. To begin with, you have to start spraying the screen. Before spraying, make sure that the Macbook is turned off and it’s unplugged as well. Spray in all corners of the screen so that you don’t leave behind anything.

Wipe Up!

Now, once the screen is all done, you have to wipe it off with a clean and unused cloth. Make sure to use a cloth that has the minimum fibres to get the best results. If you fail to use a cloth that has low fibres, then you may be left behind with a screen full of fibres!
Make sure to use a low-lint and static-free small cloth to get the best results with all three methods that we have mentioned here.

Other Important Macbook cleaning Tips That You Should Keep in Mind!

Keep the Keyboard in Check

A lot of us are not aware of the germs that our keyboards hold. An uncleaned Keyboard can become a hub for all sorts of bacteria and germs. This can cause a lot of harm to our health as well. Hence, it is very important/essential to clean the most touched part of the system. There are several ways to clean/neat the keyboard as well. However, the best method is to use a compact vacuum cleaner and then wipe it off with an electronic disinfectant and cleaner. This will also increase/enhance the longevity of your MacBook keyboard.

Buy a Proper Kit

Another great way to keep your Macbook clean and free of all dirt is to buy a proper laptop cleaning kit. There are several types of kits that are readily available in the market that can make your job of cleaning the Macbook extremely easy. There are various brands that have their own set of kits for the best cleaning experience. You can choose/pick a method that fits you the best and buy it.

Regular Servicing

If you often find your MacBook covered in dust and dirt, then the overall environment for the PC is not correct. Hence, the best thing to do here is to keep getting the system cleaned and services from the service centres. The reason/cause this is so beneficial is that when you clean the Macbook on your own, you can’t clean it thoroughly. Cleaning it properly inside and out is a job that only professionals can do too with the help of professional tools.

Make Some Rules

Another way to keep the Macbook clean and increase its longevity is that you make some strong rules about the usage. One of the major changes you can make is not consuming any food while using it. This can increase the hygiene and cleanliness of the Macbook drastically!

Conclusion of How to Clean Macbook Screen 

Now a dirty Macbook screen never bother you! Keep these small yet effective screen cleaning tips in mind! Moreover, with these methods, you can keep your Macbook clean and may even increase its life!