A Kisscartoon Review: One of the Best Places for Cartoon

A Kisscartoon Review- One of the Best Places for Cartoon Lovers
A Kisscartoon Review- One of the Best Places for Cartoon Lovers

Cartoon and anime are two popular movie genres widely loved by both adults and children. But the thing is, most websites do not allow users to stream this kind of content for free, for fear of breaching the copyright laws.

So what should you do if you cannot afford paid services from Netflix or Hulu? Is there any way you can enjoy your favorite cartoons without spending a single dime?

Luckily for you, there is! Numerous websites are now available for movie streaming, and KissCartoon happens to be one of the best.

Keep scrolling to find out more in our KissCartoon review!

What Is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a web-based channel which features free-of-charge streaming content, mainly focusing on cartoons and animes.

Established around 10 years ago, KissCartoon originally belonged to a Vietnamese-hosted company called Kiss Anime Network. This business took advantage of the flimsy copyright laws in some countries to build its own servers, which allow users  to watch materials without payment.

In 2017, KissCartoon was forced to close due to legal threats of the US government. However, the only thing changed was the website’s domain names. KissCartoon managed to build up a similar site elsewhere to escape legal repercussions. Ever since, it continues delivering pirated content.

While there are many competitors on the market, KissCartoon stands out thanks to its wide variety of cartoons, as well as the HD display available for most series. Although the peak days of KissCartoon have passed, this website still attracts a considerable number of users.

Is KissCartoon a safe site?

Unfortunately, KissCartoon is by no means a perfectly safe site for customers to stream cartoons.

Since no payment is requested from users, the money needed to operate the web comes from advertisements and popups. These redirects can pose malicious threats to your devices like computers or tablets, as they make you more prone to hackers and viruses.

However, you can have certain protection methods against these unwanted infections.

First, let’s invest in a reliable virus scanner, which scours your device every time you finish watching your episode KissCartoon.

Second, install an ad block into your current browser to dismiss all pop-up ads. This way, viruses stand a lower chance of getting into your gadget.

Does KissCartoon Have an App?

KissCartoon started out as a website, but it does come with an app version.

The thing is, you cannot expect to get KissCartoon app through legal websites like Google Play Store. In order to stream KissCartoon from your handheld devices, you must visit a special blog spot dedicated to download KissCartoon app.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2019

KissCartoon is great and all that, but in 2019, it is certainly not the most popular search on Google when it comes to anime streaming.

To improve your user experience with a better website, let’s have a look at our top 25 alternatives to KissCartoon below.

1. Crackle.


Crackle does not focus entirely on one category. Rather, it is an online website that provides users with access to many video genres, from sitcoms, movies to cartoons and anime.

Asone of the best streaming sites, Crackle only requires free registration from customers. With an official account, you can keep track of your movie list with ease.

2. Viewster.


Webster makes a name for itself as the dominant website  featuring web series and anime series. If you are a fan of these two genres, then congratulations! You have got yourself a nice, free-of-charge, and reliable place to watch your favorite film.

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3. Tubi TV.


If you are looking for a website with  diverse content, then Tubi TV will live up to your expectations.

All you need to do is to sign up for a free account, then you will be granted access to thousands of films. Not only are there anime series and cartoons, but  also drama, comedy, and action movies.

4. Movies 123.


Movies 123 is a rising star in the free-streaming industry. Similarly to most websites, it allows users to watch whatever they want online, with an impressive collection of Hollywood blockbusters, classic films and of course, cartoons!

5. Free Movies Cinema.


Free Movies Cinema is not the optimal choice for movie lovers, as this website mostly offers independent films or low-budget films. But still, if you are looking for a site with free content including anime and cartoons, then Free Movies Cinema is still acceptable.

6. Watch Cartoon Online.


Easy to use and family-friendly are the two words used to describe Watch Cartoon Online. Its navigation bar makes it easier for users to browse through the content, with plenty of anime and cartoons classified neatly.

Even better, most ads featured on Watch Cartoon Online are not offensive or inappropriate for kids, so feel free to let your children binge-watch their favorite cartoon here!

7. Kiss Anime.


With around 25 million times being used monthly, Kiss Anime is among the best alternatives to KissCartoon.

If you are a fan of anime, you will be pleased to know that this website features a wide variety of both classic and recently-made anime series. Cartoons are also included in the film list, but they are fewer in number.

Kiss Anime is totally free, but if you wish to skip ads, you can upgrade your account with a Premium membership. 

8. Cartoon Crazy.


What makes Cartoon Crazy outstanding is its English-dubbed anime. For those of who do not fancy the idea of listening to the characters speaking their mother tongue, Cartoon Crazy is an ideal choice.

However, it is worth noting that the domain name of this website is not fixed. As it allows you to stream online content illegally, Cartoon Crazy will change its domain name frequently to avoid being shut down.

9. Popcornflix.


For North American users, Popcornflix is extremely popular thanks to its wide range of movie choices. Here, besides famous Hollywood movies or TV series, you can watch classic cartoon shows like The Simpsons for free.

However, for certain high quality movies, you will be asked to watch an ad before engaging in the  film.

10. Cartoons On.


Cartoons On is another loved streaming website, as it includes multiple cartoons and anime series available for free streaming.

Still, you will get redirected several times on this website, and plenty of ads may get into your way. Most Internet users may find this quite irritating.

11. Pluto TV.


Pluto TV is more or less a third party instead of an independent streaming site, because you need to go through hundreds of channels available before you get to see your film.

Besides popular movie genres like cartoon, anime, documentaries or web series, Pluto TV also features multiple original contents that cannot be found anywhere else.

12. Vudu.


With both free and paid movies, Vudu is a lovely choice in case you want to get updated with the latest movies. You can stream old content without payment, but a premium account will allow you to watch the most recent hits, including newly updated cartoon and anime!

13. Free Online Anime.

Strictly confined to anime series, Free Online Anime is a haven for those who cannot escape the charm of these Japanese movies. 

Free Online Anime manages to create a user-friendly interface, with a video player similar to that of Youtube. You will not encounter much difficulty using this website, and it shall give you a pleasant anime-watching experience.

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14. Watch Anime Dub.


As the name indicates, Watch Anime Dub features only dubbed anime series and cartoons.

The lucky thing is most of them are in high definition, so you are promised great  experience with Watch Anime Dub. But be aware of the colorful interface, as it can put off some users who are into minimalist designs.

15. Disney Now.


Disney Now is an official website for free streaming Disney-related content, so the versatility here is rather low.

But on the bright side, you will get to see plenty of Disney shows without annoying ads, so it is still worth a try. However, Disney Now is only available in the US.

16. KuroAni.


KuroAni offers both subbed and dubbed cartoons and animes, which makes it a great choice for movie lovers. The website’s target is to attract customers with simple designs and movie lists appearing right on the homepage.

One thing you might dislike about KuroAni is that it gets redirected everytime you open a new tab here. Not cool, right?

17. AnimeToon.


There is little difference between AnimeToon and other popular streaming sites, as they all offer free content.

However, you might want to know that AnimeToon focuses mostly on dubbed anime. But don’t worry, as it also features well-known cartoon series. 

18. Toonova.


For cartoon lovers, Toonova is a true paradise as it offers access to a huge number of cartoon titles and movies. But sadly, if you are into anime, then Toonova will let you down as it features none.

19. Anime Wow.


Anime Wow is a site dedicated to anime series, in which you will find plenty of both classic and newly made anime. All you need to do is to browse through the list, or actively find your favorite show to watch through the alphabetical navigation bar.

20. Vimeo.


Vimeo is a long-established video-sharing website, which is somehow similar to Youtube. What started as a place for filmmakers to upload their content has become a pool full of movies, including cartoons and animes.

If you need one more reason to visit Vimeo, there it is. Vimeo allows users to watch mostly everything in HD, so do not worry about the quality of your film!

21. ToonGet.


ToonGet focuses mostly on the Asian entertainment industry, which is why you will find famous Korean drama series, popular anime shows, and cartoons here.

Besides web-based version, ToonGet also provides a mobile app for those who are interested. Talking about versatility!

22. Yidio.


Acting as a “searching site”, Yidio helps users stream thousands of cartoons and anime series for free by redirecting them to other sites available.

If you happen to have a paid account at Netflix or Amazon film sites, Yidio will spare you the task of visiting each site everytime you want to watch its content. Feel free to stream directly from Yidio!

23. SnagFilms.


SnagFilms is not the best place to watch cartoons and animes, but this website still features some classic cartoon series. You do not have to pay to watch its content, and there is an app version for handheld devices like smartphones and tablets!

24. Dubbed Anime.


Dubbed Anime comes with two types of account: the free one which allows you to watch whatever you want, and the premium registration which enhances the user experience by removing the ads and pop-ups.

Either way, we would say that Dubbed Anime is a reliable site for anime streaming, with basically all popular anime series being dubbed and available for all.

25. Youtube.

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You may laugh at this final website, but truth is told, Youtube offers one of the biggest anime and cartoon library. There are channels dedicated to specific cartoons and anime series, and you can even get to see most cutscenes. Wonderful, right?


KissCartoon used to be a household name among cartoon and anime lovers, but sadly, its reputation has gone downhill ever since its close-down in 2017.

But still, in case you are in need of a fast and free cartoon streaming service, then KissCartoon still lives up to your expectations. Or you might want to pick one from our list of the 25 free streaming websites above!

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