Dogpile Review – How to Have a Better Searching Result

Dogpile Review
Dogpile Review How to Have a Better Searching Result

There are tons of popular web search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. From these big searching engines, you will receive many results for a query. However, only 20 perfect of the first pages meets your need.  

But Dogpile is different from them, or I can say it’s the excellent combination of all the previous webs.   

Instead of searching the sites directly on the Internet, Dogpile collects many results data from other webs search like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Then it will filter, remove the duplicate data, and brings the most relevant results for users question. 

Dogpile interface

Now let come to Dogpile review.

Some Important Information about Dogpile

What Does a Dogpile Mean?

Dogpile is a tactic in rugby. Player dogpile each other means they jump over on other person and form a small tower, which aim to take the ball.

So the word “Dogpile” is a metaphor describing the operation of this search engine. It gathers and compiles search results from multiple search engines to bring the most exact list of results.

Who Created Dogpile?

In 1996, a man named Aaron Fin was so disappointed with the searching result in some search engines. He realized that he received multiple information that even not relevant to his query. The only small amount of them in the first pages satisfy him.  

Therefore, he planned to create a search engine by himself to give people the most exact result. Then he makes the Dogpile – one of the best search engines nowadays.

Now user can save a lot of times as they won’t see any irrelevant answers just because the result matches one word with the question. 

How Is Dogpile Different from Google?

As we said above, the most precise aspect of making Dogpile different from Google ( the most famous search engine in the world) is the ability to filter most irrelevant results. 

Otherwise, the are some small unique features of the Dogpile. The first one is the suggestion “Are you looking for” after you enter your query. This function provides you with more prevalent searching questions that relate to yours.

Are you looking for suggestion on the right side

The next one is the ability to track and display the searching history of 15 recent searches. You can also hide or clear them with ease, or turn of this function in the preference setting. 

Otherwise, there is one more option that makes it different from Google, which is the Search Filter. It can detect and remove sexually explicit content, which protects your device from unwanted sites that can contain viruses.

What Happened to the Dogpile Search Engine?

Since 1996, Dogpile has been developing. It beat up many opponents and still stay alive nowadays. 

For excellent work of the development, Dogpile granted the award for Residential Online Search Engine Service from JD Power & Associates two years in a row, in 2006 and 2007.

And according to Alexa for In global internet traffic and engagement. Dogpile is ranked No. 25.700 in the world.

How Do You Make My Dogpile My Homepage?

For easier searching when you open your browser, we will show you how to make the Dogpile your homepages in the two most popular internet browsers. Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge web browser
  2. Choose the “three dots” icon on the right above
  3. Select the setting option; a new screen will open
  4. At the “Open Microsoft Edge with” feature, select “A specific page or pages”. Then enter the URL of the Dogpile. 

Google Chrome

  1. Open your Google Chrome.
  2. Select the tool icon (design with three vertical dots)
  3. Choose the setting option
  4. Scroll down and choose “On startup”. 
  5. Final step, Click on “Open a specific page or set of pages”. 

Click on “Add a new page”, then copy-paste the URL of the dogpile webpage. Click add to finish.

Choose Open a specific page or set of pages in Google Chrome 

How Do You Get Rid of the Dogpile Search Engine?

As you may get into some illegal sites, causing viruses and malware to your device. Then it will replace automatically the default search as well as the homepage of the web browser to Dogpile. 

If you find this annoyed, then follow these steps to remove the Dogpile in extension, searching option and homepages.      

Each browser has a different solution

Microsoft edge

To remove the Dogpile at your homepage

  1. Click the menu icon 
  2. Select “Settings”, at the Open Microsoft Edge with” section, choose “A specific page or pages”. You will see the URL of the Dogpile.
  3. Remove the link by clicking the “x” notation.  

Remove the link of my homepage 

To remove Dogpile at the searching engine, 

  1. Click the three horizontal dots icon select “Settings”. Select the “View advanced settings” option.
  2. Select “change search engine” and click “Set as default”.

Google Chrome

To remove the Dogpile at your homepage. 

  1. Click the Chrome menu icon  
  2. Select “Settings”. 
  3. Choose “On startup”. Select “open the new Tab page”, or remove the Dogpile URL at the “add a new page” option. 

To remove Dogpile at the searching engine, 

  1. Click the Chrome menu icon 
  2. select “Settings”, and choose Manage Search Engines…”,
  3. Last, remove the “Dogpile” domain. 

Wrapping up

All the above is the precise information about the Dogpile – a search engine. We hope that you understand and feel interested in this cool search engine. Let try it for sometimes; I’m sure it will not let you disappointed. 

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