More Than 500 Pride Events of 2020 Cancel Amidst Global Pandemic

More Than 500 Pride Events of 2020 Cancel Amidst Global Pandemic

It will be a different Pride month in 2020 after the cancellation of more than 500 LGBT+ Pride Events. According to the global list from the European Pride Organization, the entire event is going to be smaller in comparison to the rest of the year. Of course, the global pandemic due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is responsible for such a difference. As a result, several organizers are now thinking about how to carry on with the planning and festivities.

There are probably three options that include postponing, waiting till next year, or finding a way to do everything this year. However, the problem is that the funds are not enough if they have to cancel everything and again start planning next year. Several people have worked so hard waiting for this event, and now they will have to wait till the lockdown and restrictions are lifted.

It is so good to see the energy and spirit of the LGBT+ community. They have decided not to let anything come in the way of this very special event. According to them, the spirit of pride should be intact even if the members cannot meet each other due to the global restrictions. It will be the first time that the LGBT+ community will host all the events on digital platforms. The announcement was made this week. Very important people such as princes, superstar celebrities, and Presidents will all be present to be a part of something new in 2020. A wave of pride festivals on digital platforms will start launching in the upcoming weeks. We have a list of some of the events already.

List of pride events 2020

Here is a list of some of the online Pride Events organized by different panels. Find out how to be a part of them:

Pride For All- Pink News

In aid of the Kaleidoscope Trust, Pink News will be celebrating a 4-day long event from June 4-7. The event will include panel discussions, charity auctions, live DJs, celebrity Q&As and more. Therefore, you can join a virtual pride march here. Visit for other details.

Sofia Pride Live- Sofia Pride

They are hosting a fantastic karaoke concert online. A lot of people including Bulgarian musicians, vougers, dancers, drag queens, and more will be a part of the event. There will be some very special surprises too. Therefore, it is going to be a really fun event in which everyone can dance and sing together. It will be held on June 13, and you can click on  Sofia Pride: Facebook Event for more details.

CSD Bielefeld- Bielefeld pride

To be held on June 13, this is going to be a unique event that you can celebrate in any way that you want. The highlight will of course be the pride flag hoisting event. Visit for more details.

Our Pride Ride- Cycling UK

It is a collaborated event where Cycling UK, Author Emily Chappel, and Pride Out are going to come together. To be held on June 13, there will be no real Pride marches in this. However, the organizers are urging everyone to share pictures of their rides. The theme is rainbow and you can check out all other details on