Wife of Ex-Minneapolis Cop Derek Chauvin Files for Divorce

Wife of ex-Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin files for divorce

Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis officer who has been charged for the death of George Floyd has been fired from his position. His wife, Kellie Chauvin, has reportedly filed for divorce as per media reports. The attorney of Kellie Chauvin stated that she wants to quit the marriage after what her husband did.

A statement was released on behalf of Kellie Chauvin that expressed how devasted she feels by the death of George Floyd. She also expressed sympathy towards his family, loved ones, and everyone grieving for him. The statement also included the fact that she wants a dissolution of her marriage. The statement also recorded that the couple don’t have any children from their marriage. However, how long they have been married was not specified.

Kellie Chauvin was born in Laos and won the title of Mrs. Minnesota in 2018. Her husband, Derek Chauvin was arrested last Friday for the charged related to the murder of George Floyd. His actions have prompted protests all through the country and abroad. Many cities have turned violent as well. He is charged of 3rd degree murder and charges of manslaughter.

What led to nationwide protests

Derek Chauvin has been fired along with three more police officers who were related to the murder. They officers have not been charged of murder as of now, but the charges might change soon.

Derek Chauvin was captured on a video pinning his knee of the neck of George Floyd for several minutes until he died. The man was suspected of a forgery charge on the Memorial Day. The African American couldn’t breathe as bystanders asked Chauvin to stop what he was doing.

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Soon, the video went viral and started mass protests across the country. In Minneapolis, rioters torched a police station on and looters ransacked businesses. There was violent confrontation between the police and demonstrators.