Fun Facts and Details About No Game No Life Season 2

no game no life season 2

About No Game No Life Season 2

No Game No Life took the anime world by storm when it first aired on Apr 9, 2014. Directed by Madhouse (the top dogs of the anime industry), everyone was expecting something marvelous, precisely what was delivered. With striking visuals and a compelling, attractive story, No Game No Life stood the test of time and stands tall as a show that people still remember fondly while craving for a season 2.

There is a LOT to No Game No Life Season 2. Do you think you know all of it? Here are some facts that will test your knowledge of how much you know.

Top Selling Novel

Since it’s conception as a light novel on April 25, 2012, No Game No Life has spawned numerous adaptations. Including a film. However, for two years, it remained under the spotlight until 2014, at last. It received the long deserving recognition as one of the top-selling novels in Japan in 2017. By 2017, it’s reported that over 3 million copies are in circulation. No wonder Madhouse took notice of it and began animation. It has thus delivered a show that was a spectacle to watch. However, what about season two?

No Game No Life Season 2

Fans have been demanding a season two since forever. The mental institution is known for usually not making a season two, which dreads the fans; however, most still haven’t given up hope as they continuously plead Madhouse to make it.

However, what’s the actual factual reason for no Game No Life Season 2? As it turned out, Season 2 is something of an impossibility now due to legal reasons. Not only due to no real backing of funds but also due to some creative differences. So whoever of you were waiting patiently for a season two, I’m sorry to disappoint…but don’t give up yet! Why?

Well, it’s because No Game No Life: Zero is a thing. There is no way; Madhouse would be able to make a movie with legal issues pressuring them. Meaning, there is hope and more to this story than is currently known. Simultaneously, there are reports and speculations that No Game No Life didn’t sell well, which caused them to stop making the season 2, with how high fan demand is, it’s possible a season 2 might come later.

The Final Episodes Of Season 1

On the same note, did you know the final two episodes of No Game No Life were supposed to be the first two episodes of the supposed season 2? Sad.

Kamiya And His Illness

Did you know that initially, Kamiya (the author of No Game No Life) was going to create a fantasy manga with battles, he disliked drawing battles, so he settled with games instead. But before he could conceive it as a manga, an unspecified illness made it impossible for him to manage the massive workload that comes with drawing a manga. He imagined how his idea would be as a light novel and thus settled for that. And so No Game No Life became the phenomenal light novel that it is today.

Manga And The Drawings

However, his manga dreams were soon answered as after the second volume was published, his editor suggested a collaboration with his wife, Mashiro Hiiragi (who did the drawings for the second volume). This soon took shape in Monthly Comic Alive and is still going strong. However, only two significant works seem to be in circulation.

Simultaneously, there is a spin-off titled “No Game No Life, Please!” that also ran for two years with four volumes.

Nicknames & Surnames

Sora and Shiro’s internet nickname is “Blank.” This isn’t just for effect, their surnames are “Nai” which is Japanese for “None” and can be taken as “Blank” as well, meaning it was always right there in front of us, the whole time! At the same time, if you write the two names together, you can worm the name “Blank” out of them. Of course, this makes more sense in Japanese rather than English, but still cool!

They Aren’t Brothers..

Did you know that Shiro and Sora aren’t blood-related? This adds to how much of a “close incest” content Japan likes to insert in its works. But wants to hide it behind the “not blood related” card. Did you know that the author released an official hentai doujin featuring the siblings to add fuel to this fire further? Yikes.

References To Other Animes

No Game No Life has a lot of references to other works, most notably Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Persona 4, and even the infamous Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Races In No Game No Lifes

There are 16 races in No Game No Life’s world. But did you know all of them are word plays except Elves, Dwarves, and Fairies? In the case of Old Deus, Deus is Latin for God. While Seiren is Siren. Dhampirs is another word for Vampires that is common in other mediums as well. Dragonia is an apparent reference to Dragons. Flugel is Angel in another language. Amenity is derived from Humanity by changing the “Hu” part with “I.”

The No Game No Life Season 2 Trivia

In the first episode, Tet sends a link to Shiro and Sora, which Sora clicks. But did you know that link exists in real life? Yes. You can google it right now, and it will lead you to a No Game No Life Season 2 trivia. Sadly, it’s in Japanese, so guess away as Tet laughs at your pathetic attempts at pretending to know Japanese.

But these are just some. 

Did you know Shiro can speak 18 different languages?

Did you know that all of the main heroines in the show are in love with Sora? This is an average, typical anime cliche, but Sora is usually very attentive and known to such details, so displaying this level of density is something that betrays his character more. That, or he sucks at emotions.

Did you know that the anime opening of No Game No Life is an absolute banger that everyone should listen to? It’s not a fact? I don’t care; it’s a perfectly valid opinion and a fantastic opening song.

Here are 20 amazing facts about No Game No Life Season 2

  1. In the Anime No Game No Life, Sora has red hair and red eyes, but did you know that in the Light Novel, he is depicted as having Black Hair and Black Eyes just like any normal Japanese Citizen?
  2. Did you know that Sora and Shiro are not blood-related?
  3. While Sora was your “average” child, it can be inferred that Shiro was under the care and studious eye of the government due to her intelligence?
  4. While there is mention of the Sixteen different Exceed or races of Disboard but Gigants, Lunamana, Dwarves, Elementals, Fairies, and Demonia are yet to be seen by Sora and Shiro? And that Gigants, Lunamana, and Fairies haven’t been seen at all?
  5. Did you know that even though the Great War was a war between the Old Deus, they seldom fought themselves?
  6. Out of all the races created by the Old Deus to kill each other, only the Flugel’s and the Ex-Machina actually succeeded in killing one?
  7. While the Flugel’s are ranked Sixth among the Exceed, that can be qualified as inaccurate since Jibril shattered those boundaries by taking down almost every race ranked above her.
  8. Every race that has been encountered save for the Demonia, have had a scene where they have been “humbled”, where they mature and become less arrogant? Like when Jibril is defeated or the Eastern Federation was defeated, they all became less arrogant and more humble. Also that the Imanity have a mental influence over every race they defeat, their determined mindset reflecting on those around them
  9. While Jibril is considered to have shattered the race limits, the same can be said even more so for Shuvi, an Ex-Machina who single-handedly fought toe to toe with Jibril, and already extremely powerful Flugel

More Facts! Including No Game No Life Season 2

  1. Here’s a weird one, did you know that the writer of the No Game No Life light novels released an extremely short hentai Doujin?
  2. Did you know that Ama Lee, a well-known YouTube artist who voice-overs anime openings, actually altered the lyrics and music to the No Game No Life OP slightly, which makes her song more original than it seems?
  3. Did you know that in the Light Novels Sora and Shiro sway three races at once? The Dhampirs, Seiren’s, AND the Flugel?
  4. Did you know that every single race’s name is a play on words except the Elves, Dwarves, and Fairies? Old Deus, Deus is Latin for God, Sirens is similar to Sirens. Dhampirs is an alternate to Vampires. Dragonia is of course, dragons. Flugel is Angel in another language.
  5. Did you know that Shiro, Steph, and Jibril are all in love with him, but he has yet to notice it contrary to his attentive and smart nature? Similar to the stereotypical Harem anime protagonist?
  6. No Game No Life is shockingly similar to what an anime lover would consider a dream come true? Going from the real world into an anime world?
  7. Even though it isn’t a parody anime, No Game No Life references several different games and anime such as Persona 4, even showing a badly made Chie from the game?
  8. The Ten Pledges were actually originally an idea from an Imanity during the Great War?
  9. Also, did you know that the same Imanity was the mastermind behind Artosh’s death?
  10. The Flugel’s strongest and most notorious attack spell, known as either airstrike or Divine Strike, is so powerful that the loss of energy reverts their body to a child’s form. And that the blast is big enough to destroy Cities, mountains, and even countries?
  11. Did you know that Tets’ absolute power and title as the One True God of Disboard comes from a relic known as the Star Grail? Which is what the entire Great War was fought over?