NYAA Torrent is now unlocked. Watch Latest Anime Episodes for Free Online. Here’s a Guide!

Source: NYAA Torrent

The popularity of Japanese Manga and Anime Series on Netflix and other premium platforms has wildly increased. Do you know what’s so special about these cartoon series? Well! They are the epitome of adultery with a pinch of nostalgia into it. And, so they are popular among teenagers. Enter NYAA Torrents which are the BitTorrent websites that mainly allow you to stream unlimited Anime content online.

NYAA torrent
Source: NYAA Torrent

Whether you are in the mood to stream Chinese series for entertainment or Japanese Anime series with the latest episodes out & trending, NYAA Torrent unlocked version is now available. So, you do not have to explore for hours and hours to watch the best Anime in the world. 

NYAA Unlocked Torrent is definitely a treat for ladies. Latest Torrent Website NYAA is now offering free streaming of romantic Anime. So, drop the youtube exploring process and go to https://nyaatorrent.com. Download & stream endlessly. 

Since NYAA has a long-long list of anime series, you might be wondering where to begin. But, don’t worry! We are here with the best-recommended anime series and dramas that are available on the mentioned website. With us, entertainment is on your screen 24 hours. You no longer need to purchase expensive Netflix packages to watch your favourite Anime’s latest episode you missed last night. Grab your popcorn & cola and watch the following top anime series and dramas by global ranking. Before you go ahead, please read our disclaimer and be sure of your choices. 


NYAA latest unlocked version of the torrent website, open for anime series downloading process, is a proxy website. The use of these websites for accessing, downloading, and streaming premium content of television channels and online streaming platforms is illegal. In simple words, all the streamable data on such sites are stolen. Hence, websites like NYAA do not provide any type of security to their visitors. Please visit these sites at your own risk. The users, if caught, remain obliged to pay a fine to the court as well as probation as a punishment. Owners of such sites also may face time in jail. 

Source: NYAA Torrent

Please note that if the website NYAA Torrent locks you out or disappears from the web, you must not visit it again and again. Website owners take such cautions to avoid being caught operating an illegal website. 

Top 10 Anime Series on NYAA Torrent to watch today

Want to begin your journey of entertainment with the best anime dramas or Japanese mangas in the world. Millions have watched the following listed anime series on the web. Let’s see which one you pick to begin with. 

Detective Conan 

Do you love high-school drama with a pinch of action? If yes, NYAA puts Detective Conan Anime on the top of the list. This story is about a brilliant boy with the qualities of being a detective. One day, he witnesses some people doing an unlawful act. When the wrong people realized they were caught in the show, they poisoned Conan. As a result, his soul transfers to the body of a seven-year-old boy. On NYAA, over 950 episodes are available to download. 

Hunter X Hunter

When you have a unique taste and preference on the subject of Anime, you are going to love Hunter X Hunter. It persistently engages its audience into the thrill of different emotions. The storyline speaks of a boy who is on the journey of finding his missing father. To do so, he has to pass a deadly hunter exam. What are the chances? To know what happens next, stream now on NYAA Torrent unlocked https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/hunter-x-hunter-15787

It is also available in English now. 

Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss season 2 is already in the line to release in 2022. Thus, we recommend that you stream season 1 before you miss the chance to get curious about what happens next in season 2? The storyline of Made in Abyss is engrossing. It is about an orphan girl who takes a journey to find her mother. When entering the earth’s core through a strange entrance, she and her companion friend encounter dangerous creatures and historical secrets that will change their lives. 

Watch now: https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/made-in-abyss-15389

Violet Evergarden – All season on NYAA

Don’t you love the idea of knowing what another person is thinking? Well! Violet Evergarden is a Japanese manga series about a girl named Violet who is starting afresh in her life. But, it seems like adventure does not want to end. So, she comes across a mysterious doll which reads people’s mind and emotions and reviews them on paper. Through this power, Violet starts trading secrets that change her and her client’s lives for the better. 

Watch Violet Evergarden Season 1: https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/violet-evergarden-5449

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Have you ever notioned about what happens if you lose all your memory? Well! Girls may fantasize about waking up one day and find out that they are priceless. Boys, of course, would want to be a superhero and save the world. For the most part, the NYAA 2020 unlocked version agrees with you. Thus, now you can watch all the episodes of Princess connect. This series is about a girl who takes up with no memory of her life. As she meets some supergirls, she learns the truth of her life. Sounds thrilling, right? 

Watch now: https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/princess-connect-re-dive-19194


The world we live in is strange enough. However, Japanese Manga opens up new doors of creativity by releasing series like Plunderer. As short as this title is, Plunderer is an anime series about a girl who is on a journey to protect her mother from degeneration. Now, you may think, can a daughter project her mother from dying if her time has come? Well! In Plunderer’s world, she can. 

The NYAA storyline of Plunderer tells that it is a world where people’s lives increase by the number of compliments they have. A person whose praises downscale to zero, die! The daughter is trying to find the Red Baron, a legend who can protect her mother. Licht is another young man whose count is also low. 

Watch now at https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/plunderer-3.

Arte: Download on Nyaa today

Do you have dreams? Do you have career goals? Is your family history stopping you from becoming who you want? If yes, then Arte is a perfect inspirational anime series for you. It is a recital about a girl who wants to be a great artist. However, her culture in an aristocratic family stops her from doing so because women are not supposed to have careers in the mentioned Era, witness how Arte makes her dream come true. 

Stream now: https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/arte

Black Clover

Black Clover is a perfect combination of adventure and emotions. The storyline follows two kids who share the same destiny. These kids became best friends. One day, they come to know that the position of Wizard king will be open soon. But, only one of them could become the next king. Hence, they become each other’s competitors. The significant part of this series on NYAA unlocked 2020 is that both have remarkable powers. To see who wins the crown for Wizard king, stream now at https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/black-clover-18585

Girly Air Force

Presuming that you are a fan of some girl-on-girl action (not what you think), Girly Air Force is the epitome of inspiration for web series. It plots on two girls who abandon their workplace, which works with terrorists to destroy their country. Together, three girls try to keep the government from an upcoming force that will be powerful enough to wipe out the universe. On their journey to Japan, both girls come across a red aircraft that saves them. 

NYAA is open to stream now. Visit: https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/girly-air-force to watch season 1. 

Yakusoku No Neverland 

Do you want to discover the dark reality of the orphanage world? Yakusoku No Neverland is an ideal anime series with a heart-warming storyline. The plot speaks of orphanage children who live together in the Green Field House. Isabella, who is the “mama” of the orphanage, treats every kid like her own. In this orphanage, people come from month to month to adopt a child. And, they never hear from those adopted children again. Three siblings get suspicious and begin to inspect the orphanage activities. To shock them, dark secrets are unearthed. 

Stream on NYAA proxy 2020: https://nyaatorrent.com/anime/yakusoku-no-neverland-14544

What is NYAA?

NYAA is a torrent website where you can browse and stream over 300 popular anime series. More than 15270 latest episodes from anime television are available. 

How to download anime series from the NYAA Torrent website? 

Want to download the entire anime series and stream it later on the weekend for a binge-watch experience? Well! NYAA unlocked is a perfect torrent website to begin. You can download over 100 episodes at a time. And, plan to watch anytime you want offline. Before you download, you can also watch trailers for each series to build your interest and excitement. 

Source: NYAA Torrent

At NYAA Torrents, you must know how to download torrent or magnet content. If you don’t know, follow the brief guide given below: 

STEP 1: Install a legit torrent program on your PC or macOS

For example, for Windows PC, you can download BitTorrent Clients for Windows such as BitTorrent Web or Classic. When you install the program on your PC, please run it beforehand for progress. 

uTorrent is a perfect choice for macOS and iOS users. It only weighs 4 MB. Hence, you can save a lot of storage for NYAA anime series downloadable episodes. 

STEP 2: Go to NYAA and save file link from torrent/magnet

While the initial torrent program runs on your system, please go to the torrent website you are using for download links. For example, https://nyaatorrent.com. Now, search for the anime series you want to download. Click on the download button. You will see six different links. It includes three torrent links and three magnet links based on the picture quality. 

Source: NYAA Torrent

Now, go back to the initial program on your PC. Click on the “Add Torrent” option. 

STEP 3: Finally, download

When you add torrent to the program, the downloading will start immediately. It is recommended to limit the bandwidth for an uninterrupted and speedy downloading experience, especially when you are in a hurry!

STEP 4: How to limit bandwidth during torrent? 

To do so:

  1. Go to the “Tools menu” in the torrent program.
  2. Click on the Bandwidth Tab. to set up a maximum number of active torrents to five.
  3. In comparison, set up the maximum number of downloads to three.

Meaning, you can download three series/episodes at a time. Tap on the OK Button and then, Apply!

STEP 5: Rename and save files to the PC

Once the download process is complete, you can stream files on your PC. To make them easier to find, don’t forget to rename them at your convenience. To do so, go to the “File menu.”Or, right-click on the downloaded torrent file. Further, click on the “open container folder.” Rename the file. You are good to go!

What are the top features of NYAA? 

Apart from being the far rarest torrent website with all Chinese Anime and Japanese manga series available for you, the following features of NYAA make it a great choice for binge-watchers: 

  • HD quality availability.
  • torrent/magnet links.
  • Domain testability only takes 5 seconds. 
  • Quick and easy human verification process.
  • Works with all torrent programs.
  • Download series by name, episode, season, etc.
  • Choose the genre (like Ghost stories) of your choice.
  • Explore endlessly.
  • No ads.
  • Above all, Watch the trailer on the profile. 


So, are you ready for some anime thrill? Good luck! Don’t forget to tell us your favourite Anime you downloaded from NYAA. To see what other anime lovers have watched, set up NYAA exploring filters to Anime by score. And, you will enter the refreshing world of favourites/most loved Anime online.