Pros and Cons of Having a Backyard Pond

backyard pond

Setting a pond in your backyard is not a decision that you should make lightly; it isn’t like buying a table that you can get rid of any time if you change your mind. You can ruin your garden irreversibly if you don’t think it through carefully. There are many things to consider before starting any work, e.g. whether you have time, space and money to spend, but if you need something to start with, here are the most important pros and cons of having a backyard pond.

  • Aesthetics and ambience

Who doesn’t like it when it’s pretty? That’s very basic, but at the same time, it’s probably the most popular reason among the people setting up ponds in their gardens. A pond gives your garden this romantic, a little bit wild, but relaxing kind of vibe. It’s perfect when you and your family like to spend time there, especially when a pond is accompanied by some additional features, e.g. water plants, flowers, decorative rocks or even a bridge, the lighting or a waterfall.

  • Maintenance

For some people, this may not be a problem, because they have a lot of free time on their hands, but it’s important to remember that a pond is a living ecosystem, so it needs to be taken care of. It grows, it expands, it evolves, so, if neglected, it can get out of hand. Leaves and plants may seem like a natural waste, but they still can contaminate a pond’s water, so they have to be taken out. A filter and a pump help in water’s circulation and keeping it clean, but they are in need of cleaning and maintenance regularly as well.

  • Hobby
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Even maintenance work can become a mean to relax. After all, is there a better way to clear your mind of stress than keep your hands busy? Plus, when you set a pond, it’s worth thinking to fill it with fish. It’s nice to take your children fishing to your own backyard, as well as teach them something about animals in their natural habitat (or even learn it yourself). Also, there are people who consider fish as pets who are very easy to keep – you don’t need to walk them. And if you worry about feeding, think about buying sweeney feeder – directional automatic fish feeder that will do everything for you.

  • Costs

In some areas, you may need a special permit for installing a pond and that will require an inspection; there’s a possibility that it will be billed to you. Then there are the installation costs and maintenance – of course, they all depend on the size of your pond. You will also need a set of tools and products to keep your pond clean and good-looking. Later, there will always be some energy use (a filter and a pump, maybe more if you decide to have the lights or a waterfall, or something else) and, with time, repairs.

  • Environmental benefits

A pond will keep your garden moisturized even during the hottest summer. Once filled, later it re-fills itself with rainwater; then it helps to water the lawn and all of the nearby plants, so it doesn’t only save you money, it’s also environmentally-friendly. What’s more, the sludge from your pond can be used as a natural fertilizer, so there won’t be any need to buy those that cause damage to your health and the environment. Additionally, having a pond creates a whole new ecosystem and attracts many different types of wildlife – insects, frogs, birds, and even some little mammals. It is very important, especially in more suburban parts of the world that lack wilderness. A good pond a comfortable mattress reduces your daily stress and makes you feel happy.

  • Unwanted wildlife
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Unfortunately, as it often happens in nature, a new ecosystem attracts not only the creatures that you would like to invite to your garden. There are some animals that, once they settle, they can cause real damage to their surroundings. For example, Canada geese are extremely loud and aggressive, hence they make spending time in the garden unpleasant. Besides, they poo a lot and that’s definitely not what you want in your garden. What’s more, if you have fish in your pond, you better watch for minks and otters and their appetite. If you notice any kind of vermin, it is best to act immediately, as with time, it becomes more and more difficult to get rid of them. And when it’s too late, you will need a lot of money and time to go back to normalcy.

These are only some of the important aspects to consider before installing a pond. Everything depends on what matters to you and what you expect from your garden. Do you want to just sit and enjoy the view? Or maybe do something more? Did you read this and you still think about setting a pond? Then you should call a landscaper and get into details.