Rosie Rivera: Where is Jenni Rivera’s Celebrity Sister now? Find Out Here!

Rosie Rivera
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When it comes to tragedies at the international level, people never forget! The death of Jenni Rivera (Saavedra) is a perfect example of that. In 2021, Jenni Rivera’s sister — Rosie Rivera, made it to the headlines for misusing funds of Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc. It is a company situated in Los Angeles, California. Rosie Rivera’s sibling, the late Jenni Rivera, passed away in 2012 during an Aviation Incident while traveling to/from Mexico. As a result, Jenni’s sister, Rosie, took responsibility for her company, as well as her kids, on her shoulders. However, the story of Rosie Rivera’s fame and downslide is not that simple. 

Want to find out what’s happening in the lives of Rivera’s currently? Well! You will be astonished to know that we are presenting all the latest details of Rosie Rivera in this reading today. So, without any more wait, let’s get started —

INTRODUCTION — Who is Rosie Rivera? 

To begin with, Rosie Rivera is popularly acknowledged in Mexico as a TV personality. According to the research, Rosie Rivera is the sister of late Spanish pop singer Jenni Rivera Saavedra. If you have been a fan of Jenni Rivera’s music, you will know that within the Rivera family, there have been many ups and downs. Among those fluctuations, Rosie Rivera has been a constant name that has commenced in the headlines. 

In actuality, Rosie Rivera is the real sister (sibling) of Jenni Rivera Saavedra. She has been married to Abel Flores since 2011. But, you must be wondering, what’s more there to know? 

Well! After 2012, Rosie Rivera yet again made it to the headlines as the new CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc. Not only did Rosie Rivera build a career in the finest position in her sister’s company, but she also became a regular guest on various Spanish talk shows and reality shows. 

Surprisingly enough, the Spanish entertainment industry was so interested in the inside details of the Rivera family that Rosie Rivera, along with her family, signed up for the Estrella TV reality series called Rica, Famosa, Latina. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know? In the Rica Famosa Latina reality show, Rosie Rivera appeared as one of the wealthiest women in Los Angeles, California, along with eight other contestants. 

It is no doubt that after the death of Jenni Rivera Saavedra, sister Rosie Rivera obtained unending attention from the media, TV, and whatnot! But, the main question stands — What happened to Rosie Rivera and her position at Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc.? You will find out all the details below. Check out this link for more information about Rosie Rivera and the 25 free spins casino in australia.

How old is Rosie Rivera? What is her Birthday? 

Rosie Rivera was born on 3rd July 1981, to her parents in Long Beach, California. Hence, she is an American by nationality. In 2022, Rosie Rivera has turned 42 years old. Her real name is Rosa Amelia Rivera. According to the research, Rosie Rivera is 12 years younger than her late sister, Jenni Rivera. On the contrary, she has two other siblings — Lupillo Rivera and Juan Rivera, who are currently 50 years old and 49 years old, respectively. 

What’s more? 

Rosie Rivera is the youngest daughter and child of Rosa & Pedro Rivera. To the reader’s surprise, Rosa Rivera’s father, Pedro Rivera himself, is one of the biggest regional artists in Mexico. The couple Rosa & Pedro Rivera remained married for 45 years. After marrying Pedro in 1963, Rosa filed for divorce due to unknown reasons in 2008. At last, their marriage came to an end. However, from time to time, the Rivera family gets into chaos, and the media knows about it. In every family fuss, Rosa and Pedro are captured together at times. 

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What are Rosie Rivera’s height, body measurement, and weight?

Without a doubt, Rosie Rivera is one of the upstanding members of the Rivera family. Their popularity in Mexico as well as in America knows no heights. Rosie Rivera stands 5 feet and 3 inches (5’3″) tall. Her height in centimeters is 160. On the contrary, her husband Abel Flores is 7 inches taller than her. He is 5’10” tall. The couple looks amazing together. 

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Credit for the same also goes to Rosie Rivera’s body figure, which is measured — 34-28-36 (chest-waist-hips) in inches. She has a slim body type and fair skin color like her father. Not only this, but she also has amazing features that attract everyone, such as her shiny blonde hair and brown eyes. At 42 years old, she is a stunning beauty!

What is Rosie Rivera educational background? 

According to the inside details, Rosie Rivera had always had a keen interest in her academics. She completed her High School in Long Beach, California. Further ahead, she joined Long Beach Community (City) College and pursued higher education in Criminology. 

She has a BA Degree in Law, Society, and Crimes. However, before she could pursue her dream job in the criminology field, due to her sister’s death, she had to take one step ahead and manage Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc. as the CEO. Her other academic interests and extracurricular interests are unknown yet. 

Is Rosie Rivera married? Who is her husband? 

The answer is yes. Beautiful and charming woman Rosie Rivera is married to Abel Flores. On various TV platforms and shows, Rosie is also acknowledged as Rosie Rivera Flores. According to the inside details, Abel Flores himself is prominent and popularly acknowledged as a Worship Leader in Mexico and America. Further ahead, Abel Flores is also building his space in the music industry as a singer and songwriter, likewise the Rivera family. 

Not only this, but recently Rosie Rivera and her husband Abel Flores received a good amount of fan-following online thanks to the “couple podcast” called “The Power of Us.” For now, the couple is doing great together. To the reader’s surprise, they also have two children together. Their respective names are — Samantha Chay Flores and Elías Melek Flores, who are 9 & 6 years old, respectively. 

What’s more about Rosie Rivera relationships? 

According to the inside details, up until 2003, Rosie Rivera was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend. His name is not disclosed yet. The details reveal that in 2003, Rosie Rivera gave birth to her first daughter named, Kassandra Rivera. Currently, Kassandra is 19 years old. 

She has over 200K followers on social media. She also obtained fame and success for featuring in the “All My Friends are Getting Married” TV Series.” The series was based on a 30+ woman and her struggles. Her nickname is Kassey. For the most part, Kassey is not very close to her father. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles (LA)California, with her mother, Rosa Rivera Flores. She also has recently completed her high school graduation and is looking forward to her university-level education. 

What is Rosie Rivera’s Net Worth in 2022? 

One of the most popular TV Personalities in Mexico and under the royalty of Jenni Rivera Saavedra, Rosie Rivera has obtained wealth without a doubt. She has been the acting entrepreneur and CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc. for many years now. No doubt! She has a lot of money thanks to consistent appearances on guest shows, reality shows, and whatnot! But, how much is it exactly? Want to find out? Here are the details — 

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According to the latest estimation of popular Mexico’s celebrity net worth, Rosie Rivera’s Net Worth in 2022 stands high at $14 Million. To the reader’s surprise, in Mexico’s currency Peso, Rosie Rivera Net Worth 2022 is equivalent to 280525705.17 Peso. That’s correct! She is one of the richest celebrities/business personalities in her native country. 

Rosie Rivera
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However, born in America, Rosie Rivera’s Net Worth still lacks in comparison to the stars of Hollywood. Many of the fans out there don’t know, but Jenni Rivera, Rosie’s elder sister, put Rosie in her will before death. As a consequence, making Rosie the CEO as well as financial manager of all her finances including her children. You will be surprised to acknowledge that Rosie Rivera is currently the richest Rivera member in the family. 

What’s more? 

On the contrary, Rosie Rivera’s Net Worth is not shared by her husband, Abel Flores. According to the inside details, Rosie R. is protecting the hard-earned money of her late sister for her children. Abel Flores, Rosie Rivera husband Net Worth 2022 stands at $1 Million only. 


Since the beginning of the 1970s, the Rivera family (one of the royal families in America) has encountered uncountable ups and downs. However, in 2008, the biggest downfall for Rivera began. Want to know what happened exactly? Let’s find out —

The biggest tragedy for the women of the Rivera family began with Jose Trinidad Marin way before 2008. According to the details, Jose Trinidad Marin was the ex-husband of popular Mexican singer Jenni Rivera. Currently, he is imprisoned on charges related to sexual assault. In 2007, Jacqie Campos (Jenni Rivera’s and Jose Trinidad Marin’s daughter) and Rosie Rivera confronted Jenni herself concerning Jose Trinidad Marin’s sexual behavior and molestation acts against them. 

As the first step toward this fight against such a heinous crime, Jenni Rivera filed for divorce. In 2008, after the trial, the court (jury) sentenced Jose Trinidad Marin to 31 years in prison. The name of the prison he is in is unknown. 

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What’s more? 

Being in jail for over 14 years now, Jose Trinidad Marin has not confessed his crime and maintains his innocence. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the communication section with us. 

BIOGRAPHY — Roșie Rivera

Name Rosie Rivera (Rosa Amelia Rivera Flores)
Born on 3rd July, 1981 
Birthplace Long Beach, California, USA
Age 42 Years Old
Height 5 Feet 3 Inches / 160 centimeters
Weight 70 Kilograms / 150 Pounds
Body Measurement 34-28-36 (chest-waist-hips)
Features Blonde Hair, White Complexion, and Dark brown eyes
Educational Background Bachelors of Arts in Criminology, Society, and Laws
  • CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc.
  • Reality Show Guest
  • Talk Show Guest 
Spouse/Ex-Spouse Abel Flores (American Singer and songwriter)
  • Samantha Chay Flores (9 years old)
  • Elías Melek Flores (6 years old)
  • Kassandra Rivera (19 years old)
Net Worth  $14 Million (Fourteen Million Dollars)
Lives in Los Angeles, California, USA 
Labeled as  CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises Inc.
Nationality American-Mexican
Ethnicity Mexican
Parents Rosa Saavedra Rivera and Pedro Rivera



Q. How old is Rosie Rivera?
A. She is 42 years old.

Q. When was Rosie Rivera born?
A. Rosie Rivera was born on July 3, 1981.

Q: How tall is Rosie Rivera?
A: She is about 5 feet 3 inches.

Q. How many followers does Rosie Rivera Have?
A. She has over 1.5 Million followers.

Q. How much is Rosie Rivera’s Net Worth?
A. Rosie Rivera has a net worth of 14 million dollars.


For today, this is all we have! But stay tuned for upcoming and trending gossip sections, controversies, popular celebrities, their biographies, and much more. Thank you for having this journey with us.