10 Colleges To Study Video Game Design

video game design

Did you know that people actually get paid to design video games? This is a lucrative field because video games take a while before they are viewed as outdated. To be a video game designer, you have to go to school and study video design. There are several universities across the globe that offer degrees in this course.

As an avid gamer, wouldn’t it be nice to spend your time creating games people can enjoy? The beauty of games is that it knows no age. Parents can use video games to bond with their kids. Teenagers and college students also enjoy playing video games with their friends. As a video game designer, you have to create characters and give them names. There is a lot that goes into making a video game functional.

As a college student, make sure you don’t spend all your time playing video games. Set aside time to study to avoid the last-minute rush when exams are around the corner. Check out Mypaperwriter.com if you don’t have enough time to complete an assignment. As a college student, remember that academic excellence is the main reason why you’re in school. Everything else comes second. Ensure the students you play video games encourage you to study so that all of you can excel.

1. Hampshire College

As a gamer, you need an institution that gives you the freedom to flex your creativity muscle. Hampshire College allows it’s game design students to take part in several design projects so that you graduate with an already established portfolio.

The school’s facilities are top-notch because students have a game library as well as a game lab at their disposal. Pursuing game design and development at Hampshire College is fun because you get all the equipment you need.

2. Columbia College Chicago

Located in Chicago, Columbia College is an excellent school to study video game design. The institution encourages teamwork because students get more creative when they put their minds together.

In your final year, you get to work on a project with a team of hard-working students. This is excellent because you get something to show for all the time you spent in school.

3. Northeastern University

Every student interested in game design deserves an institution like Northeastern University. This institution allows you to specialize in what piques your interest. The school has broken down the game design into three major design and development fields.

Graduating with a specialized degree makes it easy for anyone to find a job. The best part is, you’ll spend your tie doing what you love. If you wish to further your studies, you’ll be pleased to know that Northeastern University has Master’s programs you can opt for.

4. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania has undergraduate and graduate programs in video game design. You can go for a degree in digital media design or a master’s degree in game technology and computer graphics.

It is an Ivy League school, which means that the entry requirements are strict. If you manage to get into this school, it means you’re an excellent student.

5. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

This is one of the first institutions in the U.S to offer a degree in video game design. The institution has a degree in gaming development and interactive media. This is a B.S program that covers all the bases when it comes to designing video games.

If you are a first learner, you can major in another subject and take a major in game development and interactive media. The lecturers are rigorous and thorough, so you can be sure of a pass on both courses.

6. Champlain College

Even though the gaming industry is thriving, you cannot secure a spot in the job market without a legitimate degree. That is why you need to attend well-reputed institutions like Champlain college. This institution gives you a unique advantage over other gaming students because the course is thorough.

It’s called an upside-down curriculum because you’ll learn about the history of gaming. Such an elaborate introduction to game design guarantees that you’ll fully internalize every concept as you proceed.

7. Cleveland Institute of Art

CIA is an Ohio-based institution of higher learning that takes an interest in their students even after graduation. The institution helps each student secure a job after graduation. The school has external partners; they can depend on to guarantee your placement in a well-reputed institution.

As a game design student, you need not worry about finding suitable connections. Since the degree program is so rigorous, if you excel, you’re bound to get a well-paying job. The professors in the gaming department all have extensive experience in the industry. This way, you get all the knowledge and skills to make it as a professional.

8. Michigan State University

If you need a minor degree in game design, Michigan State University is the institution for you. You’ll graduate with video game development skills. If you’re majoring in studio art or computer science, you have an easier time pursuing game design at the school. It’s an interdisciplinary school that strives to make every student well-rounded.

By the time you’re graduating, you’ll already have an impressive portfolio that showcases your game designing and development skills.

9. Full Sail University

Located in Winter Park, Florida, Full Sail Univerity is another institution that offers game design. This is a unique institution of higher learning because of the traditional semester setup; you get to study year-round. This way, you finish your degree faster than people you joined a university with.

The university gives you a head start in the job market, and this improves your chances of getting a job.

10. Cornell University

This is an Ivy League school that ensures you graduate with a legitimate degree that allows you to practice as a video game designer. Even though the institution does not offer a degree in video design, the school’s computer science department has a game design initiative. Located in New York, the university helps it’s secure graduate jobs after graduation.

The school’s minor degree in game design helps you gain skills on game analytics, software development as well as project development. You graduate as a well-rounded student who’s ready for the job market.


As a gamer, you can go a step further by learning how to design video games. These institutions give you the opportunity to graduate with a legitimate degree.