The most effective tips to unclog a bathtub

The most effective tips to unclog a bathtub

Facing a Bathtub clogging issue? All your drainage, sewage, and other associated problems can come to an end at once if you browse for some local plumbers near me and seek their assistance to unclog a bathtub.

How does a plumber clean the clogged bathtubs?

There are several ways to clean a clogged bathtub. Some minor ones can simply be done with the help of a strainer or stopper. Here is a step by step cleaning mechanism deployed by the professional plumbers to clean some of the deep clogged bathtubs.  You can follow the steps and do it yourself or browse for some of the local plumbers near me and seek their help for an efficient service to unclog a bathtub.

Step 1: Get all the things in place required for cleaning.

These are some of the things that you may require. They are as follows:

  • A bucket to store the bailing water
  • A screwdriver and a cup plunger
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • Some old rags and towels
  • Protective eyewear to prevent any dirt invading your eyes
  • A plunger used to hold the waste
  • Rubber boots and an apron to wear to prevent the clothes from getting wet.

Step 2: Removing the standing water

You need to bail out the standing water of the bathtub before starting the cleaning process if any. By using a bucket or a cup, you can pour out the water into the drain.

Step 3: Removal of strainers and stoppers

Almost all of the bathtubs are equipped with either starters or stoppers that can block the hair and other wastes from falling down the drain. So you need to put it out before starting the cleaning process. You can remove the stopper either manually if not affixed or else you could do it with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 4: Pour hot water into the tub

If the bathtub does not strain even after you remover the strainer, then it indicates that the drain is clogged enough. Pour in few inches of hot water into the tub. The level of the water should ensure that the head of the cup plunger remains submerged in it. This added water can create pressure and suction, which in turn can help in pulling the clog out of the drain.

Step 5: Using the best fit cup plunger is a must

The cup plungers that can fit snugly on the surface are an ideal choice. Placing it over the drain can help in forming a snug seal. And then you need to hold it vertically at a 90-degree angle, and press the head of the plunge using the handle and pull back. You can repeat this process 10-15 times until all the clogs are pulled out.

Step 6: Final assessment of the debris if any

After the 10 -15 rounds, you can remove the seal created by removing the plunger. If the cleaning were successful, you would encounter dirty water or other debris rising from the drain after removing the plunger. You can break the seal to let the debris flush out on its own.

You can do entire process to unclog a bathtub either on your own or google some of the local plumbers to get the work done professionally.