The Unknown Merits of Playing Online Video Games

online video games

For those of you who have experienced high school, you must have had the surge playing online games right after school with the leftovers of your money.  As such, teachers and parents see online games as something evil as it forestalls students to go home directly and makes their grades go down hard. Despite some of those may be true, playing judi slot games can keep you entertained, earn extra money and fresh to live your daily life.

As a student, you must feel exhausted from spending roughly 7 to 10 hours studying at a school. This will get even worse for those who are working extra hours at a company for about 12 hours. After going home, there has to be an empty hole that you want to fulfill such as getting you to feel relaxed and joyful. If you have a mobile phone or even a console like PS4, you will have limitless opportunities to have yourself entertained and filled with happiness. As such, here are some precise merits of playing online video games.

Recent study show that playing games can increase the level of your happiness and pleasure than those who do not play a game at all. The reason why our happiness can be lifted this way is that we get the excitement of having to encounter many challenges and objectives to complete in the game such as shooting enemies, reaching a checkpoint, getting secret items or artifacts, and so on. This illusion of happiness that is rarely achieved in real life should be adequate to pass your time and make you feel relaxed even more.

  • Sense Improvement

Online video games have a lot of different mechanics depending on what kind of games are. Through these various mechanics, all of your senses are prominent to improve. Senses such as audio, and visual are likely to improve when you play a game. For example, if you play the Devil May Cry game series, it will challenge you to memorize your hand-eye movement as well as your brain memory capacity. Another example would be a shooting game like Call of Duty that requires you to accurately hear your companion order to which side you have to shoot and do a specific objective to complete a mission. Eventually, you will have a better improvement on your senses than you ever thought possible if you have a game online.

  • Addicted to Greater Evil

if you have the options to be addicted to drugs or games, you might as well choose to play a game as it is slightly “worse” than buying drugs. This is a definitive statement as there are lots of benefits from playing online video games. By playing the game you can spend hours to kill with your friends, new partner, or even strengthening your connections throughout the world. Undoubtedly, you will get the same excitement as those people who get it through using drugs. It would not harm you to play an online game to get the same feeling of enjoyment, would it? Although, it is worth noted that you still have to manage your time when playing the game. No matter who you are- student or workers- you still have to do your responsibilities well. The cost of playing an online game is also relatively cheaper especially if you play it on mobile apps as there are hundreds of versions of the game that can be played for free. Rather than spending your money on drugs, why not uses it for something pure fun in an online game?

  • Staying Young

Being old is not even a destination but it is a flow of time that cannot be avoided. Having said that, you can still look younger if you exercise right, and eat right in a proper amount of portion. Speaking of exercise, playing a video game is a form of exercise too. Throughout the gameplay, you will have to train your brain and hand-eye movement to keep up with the progression of the game so that you will not fall behind. Ultimately, you will some kind of changes with your knowledge and abilities related to your brain capacity.

  • Problem Solving Skills 

It has been explained before that playing online video games increase your decision-making as you have to process every progression that happens in the game. As such, you have to create fast decision-making to survive in the game. Whether the result of the verdict is for the better or the worse, your problem-solving skills will increase greater than ever before.