What Stash Accessories for Weed Do You Need?


Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant gives us weeds commonly known as Marijuana or Cannabis. This plant consists of chemicals called THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, and other similar compounds that are mind-altering. It is one of the most addictive intakes after tobacco and alcohol; people consume it to get relief from the pressure & stress. They smoke weed in rolled cigarettes, popularly known as joints, water pipes, and cigars. 

People who do not want to smoke prefer vaporizers as they pull out the active ingredient of cannabis, like THC. It collects the vapor into a storage unit, so the person inhales vapors, not the smoke; also, few of them use marijuana liquid extract.

Ways to Consume Cannabis

Majorly there are four methods to consume cannabis. Different people have their preferences and tolerance level, and each method deprives distinct extracts of cannabis. Here are the four methods:-

Inhaling The Weed

One of the fastest ways to consume cannabis is inhalation. When a consumer inhales cannabis, the majority of cannabinoids pass rapidly through the lungs and directly enter the bloodstream, and deliver the most instantaneous effect. According to some studies that disclose cannabis usage for medical purposes and inhalation provides results within minutes. One can inhale the weeds in two ways:-

  • Smoking involves burning the flowers that exhibit active ingredients in the weed, and the consumers inhale it.
  • Vaporization is another way of inhaling where the plant does not get burned, instead gets heated at the appropriate temperature to release the extract of active ingredients. One can use oil extracts in vaporizers that bring the same effect.

Oral Consumption

The oral consumption of weeds can be in the form of oils, capsules, edibles & tinctures. Although, it shows the result slowly but provides strong effects that stay for a long time. The reason behind the slow process is during digestion, cannabinoids go through a few chemical transformations to release strong extracts of ingredients. The timing ranges can fall between 30 minutes to six hours, where one can experience the effects.


Marijuana or weed can enter the bloodstream by keeping it on the tongue for a while, and our mouth absorbs the extract of the active ingredients like cannabinoids. Common products that are being used are sublingual sprays, dissolvable strips, medicated lozenges, and tinctures. The onset timing for this method of consumption is more similar to the oral one.

Topical Method

Here, weeds are consumed in the form of slaves, lotions, oil, and bath salt that are applied to the skin. Cannabinoids present in the weed penetrate the skin to relieve inflammation and pain. Mostly, this method is popular among old consumers due to its non-psychoactive properties. 

Let’s Talk About Accessories!

Weed consumers use different weed accessories to prepare and consume them. Although the preparation of weed is not a technical process, still with the help of accessories, one can enjoy the maximum essence of this cannabis. A few of them are:-


Storing the cannabis in this container will preserve its quality and freshness. It is advisable to keep them in containers, providing a dark and cool environment with blocking air and sunlight rays. One can also prepare joint rolls of cannabis and keep them in containers for long hours. 

Stash Boxes

There are different stash accessories for weed that keep it fresh by blocking air, humidity, and sunlight. A combo of stash may consist of hemp wick, smell-proof bags, nug jars, grinders, rolling trays, toker poker, and other accessories. All these items help the consumers in the formation and preservation of cannabis for long hours of journey and at home. 


It is one of the best containers to store weed or marijuana, and it comes in the shape of a small canister that contains a few sharp teeth-like parts that help the consumers to grind the leaves or flowers of weed for a fine texture. After the grinding process, one can get enough surface to burn it for smoking which provides the best results. Grinders are used by consumers who want to get a high dose of these weeds, and they find it more convenient to use. 

Rollers: Rolling Machine

Although, some people roll the leaves and flowers of weeds with their bare hands. There are devices available in the market that assist consumers to get the perfect rolls. Additionally, the market consists of readymade rolls that are easily accessible online & offline.

Rolling Paper 

These papers are used to spread the grind mixture of leaves & flowers of weed that provide the surface to roll the joints. Consumers who want to prepare their joints should keep the papers. It is always advised to prefer unbleached and transparent paper to stay away from harmful preservatives. These are cost-effective and bring a perfect roll. 

Wrap Up!

Weed consumers may prefer any of the mentioned methods depending on their preferences and other relevant factors. There is no definite thing to follow here; choose any method and pick any containers to enjoy your cannabis with comfort. 

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