What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident : Guide For Claim-Filing

Motorcycle Accident

The steps you are to take directly following a motorcycle accident stand in conjunction with that of an automobile road disaster. Nevertheless, here is a list of guidelines you have to try your best to observe in the event that you find yourself in such a tragedy. And be sure to urgently contact a reliable Motorcycle Accident Attorney Kansas City endorses fully. 

Call For Medical Assistance And Law Enforcement Support 

Urgently call for medical assistance, for the purpose of having your injuries tended to, and for keeping said instance of calling as a part of your documentation for claim-filing. For the latter, exigency is crucial in letting your claim be grounded solidly in medical and observational evidence. 

Or if you are able to drive yourself to the nearest hospital, you can do this, too. Medical evidence and records need to show that you made every effort to have your injuries tended to at the earliest possible opportunity. 

If you postpone this even by the littlest, your defendant and his or her legal representatives can have an edge over you. This piece of information may be used so as to state that your injuries worsened not because of the accident itself, but because of your disregard for seeking immediate medical attention. 

On top of this, call law enforcement representatives as they will know how to handle the situation without tampering with evidence at the scene of the accident.

Do Not Take Off Your Safety Gear

When injured in a motorcycle crash, cyclists think that they can alleviate the discomfort and pain in wounds by removing their safety gear. But medical specialists say that this should not be done. This may worsen the same crash wounds. 

On a different note, the defendant may claim something similar to what we’ve mentioned earlier— that a victim had the intention to aggravate his or her injuries on purpose.

Photographic Evidence And Witness Report After Motorcycle Accident 

Secondly, gather as much evidence as you can through photographs and videos. Ensure that time and date stamps are set on these shreds of evidence accordingly. Gather witness reports in the same manner. The most practical approach to this is to record their statements (video recordings are “stronger” pieces of evidence compared to voice recordings) as they recount to you what they witnessed during your motorcycle accident. 

Make copies of everything you are able to collect and file them securely. If you already have a legal team standing by to represent you, you can ask for their assistance in this matter. They can also help you identify what other details you’ve missed. Details that may play crucial roles when it comes to the negotiations. 

Exchange Contact Information With The Perpetrator After Motorcycle Accident 

Do not overlook this vital step. Be upfront with the driver of the other motorcycle and/or automobile and ask about information such as their complete name, where they work, where their company is located (company address), place of residence, contact details (ask for two to three phone numbers— home, personal, office), etc. 

If it happens that they say they only have one phone number, ask for that of their manager/supervisor, and that of a close relative or friend. 

You will be communicating with them soonest to present your claim and ultimately, have them agree to a settlement. And not having these details may hinder you and your lawyer from doing so.