What To Look For When Choosing A Perfect Pet Resort


Almost everyone has business trips, repairs in the apartment, vacations when you want to rush to the sunny coast with the whole family, enjoy gambling at playfina casino, and forget about existing problems. Or maybe you are a beginning author and want to take part in the literature competition in the next town? And even some people risk traveling with their pets, however, it is not always appropriate and not always possible. Someone, squeaking his heart, leaves the keys to the apartment to neighbors who would be able to come in, feed, and walk your little friend.

It is good if there are relatives, who could be entrusted with such a responsible business, but, putting your hand on your heart, do they need it? And if something happens to your favorite dog or other animal, you will not have anyone to ask. There is also another option – a specialized pet resort. Yes, yes, it is almost the same as for people, only the rooms or enclosures there are equipped for the brothers of our lesser. As tempting as the offer is, many owners are still afraid to leave their precious pets in the conscience of unknown people.

How to choose the right hotel for your pet?

To go on a trip or any other errands with peace of mind, and to be sure that your favorite dog or cat is fed and feeling well, it is necessary to get acquainted with the hotel in advance. In major cities across the country, you can find dozens of such hotels, which will range from the simplest of temporary pet boarding facilities to elite and expensive hotels for furry friends. You can put almost any animal in such a hotel, from cats and dogs to birds and reptiles. 

In advance, it is necessary to find out what a particular hotel specializes in, because they are hotels only for dogs, cats, or even birds. And in this, by the way, there is a certain sense: it is unlikely that a cat can feel calm and cozy, if from a neighboring enclosure, now and then, comes the barking of a dog.

However, for those who have different animals coexisting at home, this option can be very acceptable. It is also worth remembering that attaching your pet to such a hotel – is not so easy, especially if there is a time of holidays, vacations, and vacations, so you need to take care of it in advance. The main problem with leaving your animal at such privateers, is you, leave the animal on your word of honor, without any papers and evidence, In addition, there is always a risk of running into an inexperienced amateur who simply does not calculate his strength and will not cope with the pet.

What things do you need to know about a pet hotel before booking it for your beloved pet? First, the hotel you have chosen should be visited in advance. Call there and find out when you can drive up because in such places there are often certain visiting hours, and the rest of the time the territory is closed to strangers. If dogs live in enclosures, make sure that all wooden structures are treated with varnish or paint and cold concrete or tiled floors are covered with removable(!) covers or flooring. Otherwise, what kind of hygiene can we talk about?

Inquire about the rates: avoid low prices, because even if the hotel looks quite decent, it is likely that the savings are made at the expense of food or staff selection.  Look around the city for rates, from which you can add up the average rate for a decent kennel. Talk to the staff, and observe the guests who already live there. If you see two dogs or a couple of kitties for the entire huge pet hotel, it’s already kind of alarming. Try to talk to pet owners who have already stayed there, maybe someone is asking for services again, which is a good sign.

Rooms should be strictly individual, the same enclosures for dogs are better when located in such a way that the guests did not see each other, otherwise, constant lacquer and horny throats are ensured. See that the animal has enough space, it should move freely, and enter the enclosure or room independently. There are simply such “hotels” where the cages or aviaries are located on each other, so the dog or cat after a walk has to be lifted into them by a person, which is a certain stress for the animal. The whole territory should be well-fenced and “equipped” with greenery, and trees. Familiarize yourself with the menu, and find out where the food is prepared because for cooking natural food the hotel should be equipped with its kitchen.

Before you put your pet in a temporary dwelling, it should be examined by a veterinarian, which, by the way, on permanent terms should be attached to the pet hotel. To avoid problems, your pet must have all the necessary vaccinations and certificates, which is better to take care of in advance. Next, a contract should be concluded, which specifies the details of both parties and also lists all the things that the owner brought along with the animal. When checking in, make sure the room has been well-sanitized after the previous guest. All toys, bedding, and bowls should be disposable, if they are not provided, take care of it in advance and bring everything you need from home. Follow these tips and help your furry friend avoid stress and enjoy staying at a pet hotel!