Why all fans of activities and offshoots from the plot should try World of Warcraft


Many online games that are popular in the world are built on the general concept of storytelling and a gradual transition to high-level content, excluding alternative pastime opportunities and essentially depriving players of the opportunity to decide for themselves what their gameplay will be – either go according to the idea of the authors, or look for another project.

Wow operates according to a different scheme and in parallel with the main tasks, which not only move the game plot, but help the player to systematically pump their level and earn gold.

As for only pumping, you should understand that the higher your level, the more opportunities you will have to explore the world of Azeroth. You should strive to get the most out of each level, or accelerate to 70 and gradually make up for the lack of equipment.

Ways to level up in World of Warcraft:

  1. Quests and secondary tasks – will bring you levels, gold and sometimes useful equipment.
  2. Farm monsters in locations that suit your level – such hunting zones will bring you rapid progress in level and will give you the opportunity to earn more gold and have a chance to knock out valuable materials and resources, and even equipment and weapons – if you’re lucky.
  3. Order boosting in World of Warcraft from Skycoach professional service. The player will get access to your account and prepare the hero for highlv content in a few hours. Skycoach guarantees anonymity, safety of personal data and support in case of conflicts with the game administration. After the transaction is completed, it is recommended to change the password. A nice bonus is that a professional player will leave everything that he farms during the boosting process to your hero as a gift.


What can you do in the World of Warcraft besides pumping and quests

Wow does not require you to quickly advance through the levels – this will certainly be a good boost to conquer updates, but globally no one forbids you to squeeze out the potential of each level and come to the final level 70 later than the others, but much more prepared.

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What you can do for the benefit of the character or your own pleasure:

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Archeology
  • Procurement of materials
  • Craft professions
  • Achievement system
  • Flying on dragons


Fishing in World of Warcraft is in the list of additional professions and does not require a slot to learn. This means that literally everyone can engage in fishing, regardless of their focus.

Fishing requires a fishing rod – you can buy it from NPCs in major cities, after which you can go to any source of water.

Keep in mind that the fish differ depending on the area you are fishing in and you need to find a safe place as you will be vulnerable to attacks from monsters and other players.

You will come across two types of fish – ordinary and special.

Ordinary fish is needed in cooking to prepare various dishes that increase the characteristics of the character.

Special fish are not suitable for food and are ground into reagents, which will then be used by inscriptions.


Hunting is in many ways similar to fishing, but requires additional tools if you decide to skin your prey. Hunting should be understood as the attack and killing of animals from which you can get meat and skins.

Meat is actively used in cooking for preparing dishes that increase the characteristics of the hero.

The hides need to be skinned and processed into leather for use in the manufacture of leather equipment, backpacks and bags, hats, and other useful items for players.



Archeology is a way of alternative pastime and, in parallel with this, the study of game history and the important lands of the world of Azeroth.

For your curiosity, you will receive valuable achievements and passive characteristics, mounts and a chance to find valuable items during excavations.

To start archaeological work, you need to find places on the map with a shovel mark and go there to start excavations.

Procurement of materials

Procurement of materials is the occupation of any of the professions, which is focused on the collection, or preparation of resources for their subsequent sale, or use in craft professions.

The list of professions for the procurement of materials includes:

  • Herbal Gathering – cutting plants, flowers and herbs to produce alchemical potions and first aid items.
  • Mining – working with rocks to extract ore for blacksmithing and gems for jewelry.
  • Skinning – the skinning of slaughtered animals for dressing the skin and using it to create leather equipment and useful equipment.
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Craft professions

Craft professions are professions that use harvested materials to create useful offensive or defensive equipment for members of all classes and tools.

The list of such professions includes:

  • Blacksmithing – working with metals, producing weapons and armor, tools, creating nests for stones with characteristics in weapons and armor.
  • Leatherworking is the processing of leather and the creation of leather armor, bags, hats and more.
  • Tailoring – processing fabrics, creating threads and rolls, manufacturing magic equipment and sewing bags to increase the inventory limit on carried valuables.
  • Jewelcrafting is the processing of stones and alloys to create stones with characteristics and jewelry that gives protection from magic.
  • Engineering is the production of mechs and useful buffs to armor like turrets and rocket launchers.
  • Alchemy is the processing of plants and herbs to make potions of various kinds.
  • First aid – making bandages and antidotes to heal the wounded.

Achievement system

World of Warcraft has its own list of achievements – unique achievements, for which the game will reward you with valuable items, mounts and increased passive characteristics.

You can evaluate the list of achievements in a special section of the menu.

Tasks will be simple, like killing a certain number of monsters, and difficult, like winning a Mythic raid. Of course, you can find a random group, but most likely you will have to find permanent allies for this task.

Flying on dragons

In the Dragonflight update, Blizzard developers have added new Dragon Islands to the game, where you will meet with all the representatives of this world and, as a result, get a unique chance to tame one of them.

Riding a dragon will give you the ability to fly freely, if before all air travel in the World of Warcraft was just scripted travel, now you can fly in any direction.

Just keep in mind that you and your dragon gain experience for flying and at the initial stages you can be knocked out of the saddle, and the dragon can hardly be called maneuverable, but with a set of experience this will change.