Why iTop VPN is better for your computer safety? Find out here!!!


As well as guys we have known that there are many VPN apps available on the internet, yet iTop VPN stands out from the majority.  Before we talk about the features and functions of iTop VPN, let’s first talk about what is VPN? As we have known that VPN for windows, a virtual private network or VPN, keeps you anonymous and, in simple words, maintains your privacy online by keeping your internet connection private from the public internet.  Additionally, a VPN protects your browsing activity and your identity by creating a secure encrypted connection.  

Therefore, VPN provides a secure virtual tunnel that protects your IP address from Internet traffic and because of that hackers cannot collect your personal information and online data such as your identity. And iTop VPN is a one of the most beneficial and free VPN for Windows, iOS, and Android.  We introduce this application in this article for that scroll-up.

How does iTop VPN work?

When you guys browse the Internet using your public Internet connection, you provide a public IP address that is not secure and is protected from surveillance, corporations, government agencies, and hackers, allowing you to access your Internet activity, data, and track identity.  For now, guys all your online activities, personal data, and your identity while browsing the Internet are fully protected.  After that for result, all of your internet traffic is routed to a standard, secure startup configuration, allowing you to access or view websites that you would not normally be able to access with your IP address.

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Did iTop VPN provides online security?

Though iTop VPN creates for their users a secure virtual launch for all your data traffic on every connection.  With this security tunnel, iTop VPN gives you complete online security, when your data is transferred between your computer and iTop VPN server, it is fully encrypted and encrypted, avoiding spies, corporations, government agencies and it becomes almost impossible to stop hackers computer scientists.  reading your data.  Like your online activities or your presentation.  Although using another low-rated VPN will give you access to websites that you cannot normally access with your IP address, so you should ditch the lower-rated VPN and install a higher-rated iTop VPN.

When you connect to an iTop VPN server, all your data comes from the powerful iTop VPN server, not your computer.  Your IP will be changed to one of the iTop VPN servers, which can be shared by many other users.   Therefore, iTop VPN gives you the best anonymity.  Users don’t have to worry about someone on our team seeing or recording what he sees on the Internet.  iTop VPN promises not to sell, track or store any data of its users.

Other information on it?

Though unlimited Bandwidth restrictions are the number one reason you can download large files and stream your favorite shows.  Fortunately, iTop VPN can help you stream, surf the web, torrent, and play online games with no bandwidth limits.  Also, iTop VPN encrypts your online activities and other data so that no one can access or read your account online.

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iTop VPN has 3 different connection modes, safeguard mode for maximum protection for those who care most about their privacy.  Balance mode for those who want a balance between security and features.  and game mode for blazing-fast gaming and streaming.  All three are customized for your own specific use cases.  Therefore, you can choose any of them based on your needs.

There are many free VPN services, but not many that offer servers in the United States.  Since maintenance costs are very high in the US, many free VPN providers are hesitant to provide free servers there.  But iTop VPN also has many free servers available in the United States.  You guys can choose any of them based on your requirements and easily connect whenever you want.


iTop VPN, which aims to provide unlimited access but a secure Internet service to global users.  iTop VPN encrypts your internet traffic with military grade encryption and hides your IP address from hackers and trackers, protecting your privacy and security.  Just click the connect button, we will automatically connect you to the fastest and most stable server.   In short iTop VPN is the perfect VPN service for those who want to protect their internet connection without compromising on speed.  You can get started for free and then if you prefer, choose one of their premium packages starting at just $ 4.19 per month, a helpful support team you get here, respectively.


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