The 50 Best Software, Paid and Free Proxy Server List – What Is The Most Secure?

The 50 Best Software & Paid & Free Proxy Server List
The 50 Best Software & Paid & Free Proxy Server List

Are you looking for a proxy server to avoid or hide your address when logging into a website? As advertised, any free or paid proxy service can keep your data and information safely and securely. But it is the truth in all cases?

BE CAREFUL! If you make a wrong decision, you may lose something important.

Below are 50 Best Software, Free and Paid Proxy Server List. Playcast Media make sure that all of them are very reliable to try.

Is it safe to use a free proxy server?

Is it safe to use a free proxy server?

It’s pretty hard to answer this question because, in consideration of proxy, it’s unsafe in itself.

Here is the problem:

If you allow an unreliable person to access this server, they may intercept anything transmitted over the server.

However, in the event of a secure well run, there is not any risk to your data. This is why the majority of educational establishments and companies allow users to access the Internet via a proxy.

Some unreliable, free proxy servers available on the Internet are misconfigured or deliberately set up to steal your data, such as account names and passwords. Thus, if you want to use a free proxy server, please consider my list below with reliable ones.

50 best software, paid and free proxy server list

Proxy server
Proxy server

Here are the top 50 best software & paid & free proxy servers which make sure the safety for your data:

Best Free Proxy Servers

As I mentioned, the free proxies are reliable to use. Please take a look: 

#1 Hidester

The website:

This site doesn’t require you to install any extra software or app to use it. Moreover, Hidester is available to access on several platforms like your cell phone. The good news is that these proxy servers are spread around Europe and the US, so there is a wide range of available countries.

How to access Hidester:

So, what is the best part?

  • This proxy server doesn’t require you to fill in your sign-in information form.
  • The Hidester Secure VPN Software Suite will help you unleash the Internet.

#2 Proxy site

The website:

Proxy site is the best proxy server to access social media websites like YouTube and Facebook. 

This server makes sure that you safely browse with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, whether the destination site is secure or not.

It even gives you seamless experiences by blocking pop-up ads as desired.

What else?

You can switch between a lot of proxy servers to access many countries at the same time.


The website: proxy site maintains the utmost privacy since it doesn’t store your logs regarding the Online activities.

Even you have an ad-free service in the free package, while there is an extension available for on the Chrome web store.

#4 Kproxy

The website:

Depending on the different demands of users, you can choose an available subscription plan. Generally, there are the following offerings: no ads, unlimited downloads, and access to premium servers. Even you are used the available extensions such as Firefox & Google Chrome.

The highlight of the Kproxy server is that you can hide the top menu.

When it comes to drawback, it takes you about 30′ or reminds you of buying the Pro version after experiencing the extended version for a specific time.

If you don’t mind that it breaks your flow of browsing, Kporxy is a excellent option because of other benefits.

#5 Hide My Ass

The website:

This server has two versions to meet the varied requirements of users. While the free version of Hide My Ass fits simple private browsing, the Pro version can work well on a wide range of devices for games and apps.

You not only can access restricted websites but do safe online banking at stable connection speed as well.

#6 VPN Book

The website:

VPN Book has many 100%-free servers across the US, UK, and Europe. What it can do is to unblock websites to access without requiring sign-up and registration easily, especially, it bypasses government censorship.


The website: is a VPN, giving you a lot of choices of servers all over 16 countries. If you are not sure about what you want, you can leave it to choose a server at random. Even using public Wifi is very safe since this proxy server can protect your browsing history.

I strongly recommend you use for bank transactions, online purchases, and secure password login for websites.


Because it makes sure that your data in maximum safety and anonymity without having the risk of surveillance and data leakage. Moreover, there are two different encryption points for extra security before you visit a website.

#8 MegaProxy

The website:

Here are the unique features of Megaproxy:

You can stop all ads as well as block cookies from websites via MegaProxy.

There is a provision that allows you to disable or enable OS and browser user agent identification.

This proxy service also comes with some disadvantages. You are only allowed to browse a limited number of pages in a limited amount of time. Keep in mind that you can’t use it for stream media files as well as access HTTPS sites.

#9 Zend2

The website:

Zend2 is one of the few free serves, which allows you to access Facebook and YouTube. It is very significant, but you have to remember one thing.

You must be aware of any change in enabling or disabling cookies. Specifically, at the start of the session, all encrypted URLs and scripts need to be done.

#10 Croxyproxy

The website:

The croxyproxy server brings some exciting delights. For example, it’s possible to use for any audio and video streaming.

This free Proxy Server doesn’t require you to download any extra software. Especially, you can anonymously use features on YouTube such as liking and commenting. Whether you use Android or Chrome OS, it works very well.

#11 Anonymouse

The website:

Anonymouse has been since 1997, and it is one of the most reliable proxy servers on any list.

This Proxy server will choose a specific proxy itself for you. Thus, once you use this server, you must completely trust it.

After testing some times, it’s not hard to identify the proxy that you are using, so its security isn’t the best. But, this feature is improved better over time.

Here is the best feature:

Apart from the web proxy, you can send e-mails and post to newsgroups anonymously.

#12 NewIPNow

The website:

First of all, you should know its limitation that is free version isn’t incompatible with some specific sites. The bright side of this drawback is that the truthfulness in advertising shows the sign of trustworthiness.

When it comes to truth and accuracy, NewIPNow will let you see the estimated speed of each server before connecting, but most of them are limited to the United States.

There are two ways of use for NewIPNow: using on-site or connecting via a Firefox browser extension.

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If you want 100 percent compatibility, let’s consider the budget-friendly paid versions.

#13 4everproxy

The website:

You can choose both the server and the IP location before connecting to 4everproxy.

Whether it’s the first selection or the second selection, there is always more than ten options of proxies. Therefore, you should try as many options as possible to find out the ideal combination of connection speed and security.

In case you have to choose between speed and security, your top priority should be the latter. Each server can boast one gigabit/ second connection.

#14 ProxFree

The website:

There are seven servers in North America and four proxy servers in Europe, so that you have a decent geographical reach as well as solid security.

After picking up a server, you are switched to the fastest IP location. If you don’t want it, you can change it manually.

You can customize ProxFree as other proxies. For example, although SSL encryptions are enabled by default, you can turn them off as desired.

The checkboxes allow you to remove objects, scripts, page titles, and cookies. In particular, you can disable some “referer and user agent” headers. Thus, the website you are visiting can’t know what type of computer you are using and what you clicked on to access.

This proxy features dedicated pages for YouTube, Facebook as well as other video streaming websites. So, it has a good capacity for browsing social media anonymously and avoids geoblocks on videos.

#15 FilterByPass

The website:

FilterByPass is one of the free intermediary sites, suiting for recordings. What is more, it also provides you with snappy mysterious access to some prevalent websites such as Facebook, YouTube, NowVideo, and Dailymotion.

Thanks to an easy-to-understand and proficient design, you have unlimited access by evacuating all the web channels. 

#16 Boom Proxy

The website:

The free Boom proxy provides page encryption and content expulsion at high speed. It can unblock all the blocked locales on sites where you will visit.

Of course, it can protect your data by concealing your IP address.


The website:

UnblockProxy will change your unique land area to conceal your genuine profile so that you can access to obstructed sites in a specific nation.

However, to do this, you need to interface with the server of this specific nation. After opening the webpage, you visit the site.

Here is the most impressive thing:

Apart from PCs and workstations, you can use UnblockProxy on your cell phone.

#18 XRoxy

The website:

XRoxy allows you to access the destinations you need to visit.  Because of area database and Proxy IP locations, let’s choose the best proxy to open any blocked site. 

XRoxy also provides you with an adaptable interface for the adjustment of the explicit settings.

Besides, this proxy server allows you to change other things such as association idleness, the dimension of secrecy, the type of proxy, and different alternatives.

#19 24Proxy

The website:

With 24Proxy, you can surf web namelessly, making sure your maximum security and protection. It means that your IP is kept from programmers and spies.

Furthermore, it’s straightforward to use by typing the URL, then visiting the blocked site.

#20 CyberGhost

The website:

The CyberGhost free proxy is considered as a middle person between the server and your gadget (cell phone, tablet, PC, and other devices).

Like others, you can access blocked sites through CyberGhost and keep your online action 100% private. 

#21 Ninja Browse

The website:

This is a free and extremely sheltered proxy in this list. It helps you shroud your personality without being followed.


After typing a URL through Ninja Browse, this URL is encoded into an ID kind before being sent over the website to the server. This way helps you conceal and shield your perusing history from other people.

#22 Tor

The website:

Tor is a popular proxy service used for security and opportunity while you visit blocked sites. Peoples usually use it for individual issues, state security undertakings, secret business achievements, and the like.

#23 Free Proxy

The website:

In general, Free Proxy offers users with anonymous web browsing. And it has the following important features:

  • Hides your IP address to protect your online privacy.
  • Allows you to access any site such as Pinterest, Tumblr, NYTimes, Google, and MSN.
  • Accesses blocked websites.

#24 Squid (Software)

The website:

Squid can offer to forward HTTP web proxy and caching proxy. In particular, it has extensive access control to run all available operating systems like Android and Windows.

Hundreds of Squid Internet service providers allow you to access any website.

Let’s discover some crucical features:

  • After installing the Squid proxy server, any normal browser works as the proxy server.
  • Squid helps you minimize access time and bandwidth consumption.
  • Squid is helpful for ISP firms to raise their customers.
  • It can work as usual or reverse proxy at the same time.

 #25 EZproxy

The website:

This anonymous proxy helps you connect sites from anywhere and anytime securely and safely. The detailed uses log will track access issues to troubleshoot and fit them in time.

It features the industry-leading middleware solution, making sure remote user authentication.

Best Paid Proxy Providers

With a small amount of money, you will have more exciting experiences with the following paid proxy providers

#1 BuyProxies

The website:

This proxy not only works very fast with low latency but also provides unlimited bandwidth. In particular, you have 24/7 support which every user is looking for. So, there is no need to worry when meeting problems during a holiday or in the middle of the night.

In case your proxy is banned by Google, they will replace it with a fresh batch within 24 hours after contact.

#2 MyPrivateProxy

The website:

MyPrivateProxy is great for anonymous browsing as well as SEO software access without being banned.

Furthermore, it supports both HTTPS and HTTP protocols. You get 99% uptime at a reasonable rate.

#3 YourPrivateProxy

The website:

You can change the default IP address through this proxy. Of course, this feature depends on your demands and activities on the website that you are visiting. It also provides you with unlimited bandwidth and supports 24/7.

You can pick up one among many packages and cancel the service as desired, and then they won’t bill you.

#4 EZProxies

The website:

The EZProxies make sure that your IP address will be hidden safely without reflecting in public. What will show up is the IP address of this proxy.

You can choose one from the comprehensive source of services and packages such as private proxies, shared proxies, and international proxies.

#5 Anonymous-Proxies

The website:

Like other paid proxies, anonymous-proxies provides you with a 24/7 package support, but it doesn’t charge an additional cost.

Moreover, you can use anonymous IP addresses and private surfing for maximum security and safety.

#6 LimeProxies

The website:

What you will get from this proxy is a highly anonymous performance, 24/7 phone support, and unique IP address. For example, if you have any questions or need support, you can use the online chat support from the provider.

You are allowed to change your proxy’s IP anytime even authenticate both your IP and username for a high level of security and safety.

#7 SSLPrivateProxy

The website:

Apart from a high level of security, speed, and 24/7 support, the highlight of this proxy is that it’s visible and supports in different locations.

Here is the good news:

  • SSLPrivateProxy has more than 100 locations all over the world.
  • This proxy service is always improved every day through feedbacks and comments of users.

#8 Proxy N VPN

The website:

This proxy comes with several packages, and each package includes high anonymous shared proxies as well as dedicated proxies.

The demands of users are different, and the price range of Proxy N VPN also varies. Thus, you should check and compare every package and its corresponding price before choosing.

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#9 SuidProxies

The website:

Like others, this proxy also offers you unlimited bandwidth.

No matter what type of browser you use, squid proxies allow you to access your proxy 24/7. To use these excellent services and products, it takes you a small amount of money.

#10 Scraper API

The website:

Scraper API handles not only proxies but also browsers, and CAPTCHAs to have raw HTML from a website with a simple API call. 

Scraper API has a wide range of datacenter proxies, mobile proxies, and residential proxies from many proxy providers with proxy servers in more than 50 countries.

#11 Smartproxy


Smartproxy comes with more than 10 million rotating residential proxies at a flexible price. Aside from the best proxies, you can refer to others such as random residential IPs, sticky sessions, geo-targeting, and an automatic proxy rotator.

It gives you unlimited connections and threads and charges by bandwidth (about $3-$15 per GB depending on volume). If you have any problem, you will have 24/7 technical support after a five-minute response.

#12 Luminati


There are more than 40 million rotating residential IPs of Luminati all over the world. Therefore, whether you want mobile proxies, residential proxies, or datacenter proxies, you can find out some suitable proxy servers. Then, what you need to do is to connect to through proxy manager, chrome extension, or API.

It can meet your main proxy needs such as built-in captcha solving, random header generator, and preset configurations for proxy manipulations.

Luminati comes with a lot of payment methods. And the bandwidth-based pricing is $0.6/ datacenter proxy or $12.5/GB for residential proxies.

#13 Microleaves 


If you have a tight budget, I strongly recommend Microleaves. It’s one of the cheapest residential proxies all over the world.

Don’t let the price fool you. It has more than 26 million proxies at any given time, especially, unlike other residential proxy providers, Microleaves isn’t limited on bandwidth.

When it comes to speed, it rotates proxies every five minutes that is faster than other back connect proxy providers.

In case you want to use rotating or dedicated residential proxies without getting charged for bandwidth, this proxy service can meet the requirement.

However, its price is pretty high as follows:

  • $5/ proxy/ month for worldwide proxies
  • $10/ proxy/ month for U.S based proxies.

#14 HighProxies

The website:

HighProxies is one of the faster and most anonymous proxy servers, working best on a virtual private network (Snapchat proxies, Linkedin proxies, Craiglist, Twitter, Paypal, Google, and Amazon). Aside from good customer support, the speed of HighProxies is up to 1Gbps, and it uses Xeon servers with 16GB RAM.

There are 17 data centers in the USA/ 18 in the total. They make sure that your IP will be diversified and redirected.

This is a private proxy server which works better than the shared ones, so its price usually costs double. The price ranges from $2.30 to $329/ month.

Its drawback is that you can’t access Instagram, related- Instagram sites, the sneakers websites (SupremeSneakers, Puma, Nike, and Adidas) through these private proxies. 

#15 Blazing SEO Proxies

The website:

This is one of the newest ones in the proxy industry. In addition to anonymous proxies, you also have archiver and captcha solving. It’s so great to use for SEO purposes because it can help you boost the search engine ranking. This is thanks to a feature – buy, replace, and cancel automation of these proxies.

Other quick features include:

  • The unmetered bandwidth is around 1 Gbps that is so perfect.
  • They have IP authorization and the user or password authorization.
  • There is no need to send emails to the support team. If you get any issue, refreshing the proxy can fix it.
  • Because of the different data centers, the price varies as well. 

#16 StormProxies

The website:

StormProxies is available in residential IPs and datacenter IPs, offering the dedicated or private proxies and reverse rotating proxies.

You can use this private proxy for Google, Amazon, Youtube, Linkedin, Snapchat, eBay, Tumblr, PokemonGo, and Instagram. Bonus, it also works well on Nike, Adidas, Supreme, and others.

Let’s take a look at other features:

  • There are two proxies: dedicated rotating and generally dedicated proxies.
  • It optimizes for SEO tools such as RankerX, GSA, and Scrapebox.
  • StormProxies comes with three ways to access your proxy (IP authorization, username, or password authorization.)
  • These proxies are a bit high, but their price range varies.

#17 Trusted Proxies

Trusted Proxies works well to the business because it mainly uses proxies for SEO. Specifically, these proxies are an ideal solution for the keyword ranking software, speeding up the keyword ranking report.

What’s more, it helps you find out longtail keywords, which are pretty hard to discover once.

When it comes to pricing, while five private proxies cost you about $50, it takes you about $92 per month to buy ten private proxies.

#18 Proxy Key

The website:

Proxy Key has been widely used for web scraping, SEO, IM, and Social Media since 2006.

Perhaps the high pricing is its only disadvantage, so this is not a perfect choice for people with a tight budget.

However, you will get what you pay for. Let’s see its outstanding features.

  • Its speed is quite high while the redundant hardware makes sure 99.92% uptime monitoring.
  • Its data centers are located in more than 25 countries. And the company comes with 16 GEO locations in total, providing 1Gbps speed of the servers.
  • You are allowed to access to Tweet box, Webmail, and Scrapebox, but the web spamming and hacking their servers.

Keep in mind that after your payment, it takes about one day to set up your account. Thus, don’t worry, and don’t be hurried. Just wait for the result. Furthermore, you have a 48-hour money-back guarantee from the company.

#19 InstantProxies

The website:

InstantProxies service provides private proxies to test general browsing sites such as Amazon, Ticketmaster, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter, and Google. They give you a maximum of ten connections.

However, keep in mind that this proxy only works through IP authentication but the username option.

#20 Proxy Fish

The website:

Proxy fish features high performance, low pings, and incredible speeds. You can connect these proxies from anywhere.

Proxy fish can protect your favorite devices from prying eyes while playing games on the Internet or live streaming for your favorite TV show or movies.

#21 GEOsurf

The website:

GEOsurf is a popular residential proxy network, consisting of more than two million different IP addresses in each city all over the world. Thanks to the high speed, you have high-data performance through several IP addresses.

You also have more than 199 locations in total as well as premium support, so your service will always work very well. No matter which plans you pick, you won’t be limited, meaning you can access the complete pool of IPs.

Take a look at my favorite feature:

GEOsurf offers you with a statistics and analytics board, which monitor your data harvesting.

Their package begins at $300/ month, but this number can go up if your requirement of data amount increases.

#22 Tuxler

The website:

Tuxler is a community-powered VPN. Although it has a free version, it doesn’t allow you to access certain locations. If you choose a premium package, you can access to all locations.

Its features include:

  • For a monthly basis, there are available millions of fresh IP addresses.
  • You can access free without being limiting.
  • It charges you $7.99 per month.

#23 Tunnel Bear

The website:

Though this is a paid proxy server, you have a free seven-day trial. Thus, you can try to check whether or not the service suits you and your demands.

It is limited to 500MB of free data month, and it takes you $9.99 for a monthly subscription with unlimited data. 

#24 PanGeo by GeoEdge

The website:

PanGeo by GeoEdge can create virtual browsing sessions from more than 150 global locations, so it’s very secure and safe to connect.

It’s perfect to use them for user testing, global campaign monitoring, and advert debugging. So, I strongly recommend for large advertisers, operations teams, developers, product managers, and campaign managers.

#25 ProxyVoxy

The website:

Though ProxyVoxy is in a cheap range, there are 25 million IP addresses. 

It provides you with high reliability and easy integration because ProxyVoxy will change IP addresses every ten minutes.

A package of dedicated HTTP proxies is $12.50 per month while a package of shared HTTP Proxies is $15 per month.

Get secure!

Above is the best free & paid & software proxy server list. Have you tried anything? Is it helpful? Please let me know your experiences by leaving a comment in the section.

Also, if you have other web proxy server to add this list, don’t forget to comment as well.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!



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