A List On The Top 50 Tv Apk Download 2019

A List On The Top 50 Tv Apk Download 2019
A List On The Top 50 Tv Apk Download 2019

If you Android device is looking a bit empty and quiet, and you are looking to fill the void with some TV apps, you are in the right place my friend. Below is our list on the top 50 TV APK Download 2019 that offer continuously updated TV shows, movies, and many more streaming entertainment.

Before Playcast Media begin, please do know that they are in no particular order, and where they are on the list does not necessarily indicate their ranking. 

Top 50 TV APK apps for Android


One of the most popular streaming Android apps with a vast collection of tv shows, movies, and documentary videos. The interface is very convenient with multiple sub-headlines designed and tailored to anticipate your needs. For example, the “continue watching” for shows or movies that were abruptly stopped before the end, “watch again” for shows that you haven’t seen in awhile, categories of other shows that you prefer according to the collected data. 

In case you haven’t heard about Netflix originals, they are shows and movies exclusive to Netflix platforms only. The majority of the Netflix originals are very well-written and loved by many users. 

Prime Video 

Prime Video does not have a collection of tv shows and movies as broad as Netflix, its quality is the talk of the town. As you might expect from one of Netflix’s many rivals, they also have tv shows and movies exclusive to their platform only. 

Jack Ryan, one of the most popular series by Prime video, is liked by 97% of the Google users. The thrilling storyline, great directing, and meticulous audition for casting are the quality of most of their exclusive tv shows. 

Haystack TV

If you are a person that regularly follows news around the world, check out Haystack TV. This platform is a reliable source for multiple categories of news. Additionally, it allows you to customize the interface with news of your interest only. 

There are at least 100+ sources of news available on Haystack TV.  


Fox, NBC, ABC and many other Tv channels do offer shows which are loved by many. Thus, if you are a fan of one of their shows, you should consider Hulu. It has contents from most popular TV channels from the US and UK, as well as Hulu originals too. The Handmaid’s tale, one of the recently trending tv shows, is a Hulu original. Thus, you can expect their originals are not too shabby either. 


Crunchyroll is arguably one of the largest collections of anime shows. Whatever trending to rare anime you are into, you will find them within the apps. The app also supports creators of the anime and the community, so that the more episodes can be produced. 

Sony Crackle 

Though the platform does not as much latest shows and movies like others on this list, it does have its own originals. Are you a fan of Martin Freeman? He is in one of Sony Crackle’s original called Start-up. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that some of the older shows and movies are available in Sony Crackle’s library. So if you are looking for shows from years ago and couldn’t it find elsewhere, check out Sony Crackle. 

Puffing TV

Puffing TV is a browser platform designed for optimal performance on Android devices. The app has an interesting function to make bookmarks manually or using QR code. The filter system for TV shows has criteria such as rating on rotten tomatoes and some other popular movies and shows rating sites.


Initially, I thought there was no need to mention Youtube app since everyone who uses a phone these days would know about it. However, I, later on, realized there might be people who aren’t aware of Youtube Red, aka Youtube Premium. Apart from additional features such as ads-free, saving data on the go, It also has its own originals like the show Cobra Kai or Steps up: high water. They are currently trending among many rating sites. 


For folks who are interested in weather topics related news, you should download AccuWeather because you will love it. The app has worldwide weather news with video footages, daily forecast, hourly forecast, weather warnings, and essentially whatever else you might need it to have. 

Pluto Tv 

The app is pretty much a TV on your phone. It has hundreds of Tv channels across various categories, and the library has a fair amount of movies. The interface is similar to that of traditional cable services, so it will be user-friendly to folks who are previously fans of a TV. 


While the platform does not boast originals or any sort of exclusive content, many OCD readers still love it. The app allows users to organize available content according to their desired order on any devices, be it Android phones or PC. 

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Kodi is another TV APK app that allows users to manage and organize displaying content with an extra feature of addon installation. A quick search on Google and you will find thousands of guides on Kodi setup. You will definitely find a setup that suits your needs. 

Steam link 

Steam Link is a service that allows you to stream TV shows and movie content from your Stream library to you Android devices. It does require a decent internet connection for optimal resolution, but it is worth it. 


Similar to Steam link, the app also allows you to stream content from your Steam library to your Android devices. The plus feature is that their library also offers free games for you to play. Movies and games? It sounds like my weekends wouldn’t be boring. 


Tv shows and movies might not be your things if you enjoy interaction while streaming entertaining contents. Twitch is an app that allows you to watch other people playing games live while interacting with them. There are tons of Twitch streamers with a likable and funny personality that will surely get you hooked to their contents. 


The app is an ads-supported TV APK platform without more than 10 thousands of movies to choose from. While the occasional ads might be slightly annoying, but it is a small price to pay for free access to content from popular studios. 

CBS All Access 

The platform has various contents from multiple categories such as reality TV shows, dramas as well as their own exclusive originals. Additionally, the app also streams live NFL games, so that might be something that will you get hooked with the apps. 


VUDU is an alternative TV APK app you might want to consider. It has tens of thousands of movies of the latest blockbuster to HD contents which are available at VUDU first. The app also offers approximately a thousand of free movies with commercial breaks. 

TV Network Apps 

In case there is a specific TV channel that you couldn’t find in other TV APK apps on this list, you should give TV Network Apps a try. The platform has multiple TV channels as a network with the host of the channel as a way for users to catch up with older and newest content. 


Are you a fan of sports? If so, you should totally give FuboTV a go. The platform is dedicated to streaming live sports content.

There are at least 100 channels in total, and about 30 of them have live sports in multiple avenues such as NBA, NFL, Olympic, and many more. 


The app is pretty much a standard TV streaming app. However, it is worth mentioning that there are various top shows from popular channels such as AMC, A&E, BET, Comedy Central, Discovery, and many more, all neatly packed into an app. 


Stan is a leading streaming platform from Australia. Similar to Netflix, they have tons of shows and award-winning exclusive originals. There are also content for all kind of ages you can locate for any sort of audience with your family. 

Pokemon TV 

If you are a fan of Pokemon or has children in your family that need entertainment, download Pokemon TV immediately. The platform has hundreds of Pokemon animated series with the most iconic Pokemon figures such as Pikachu as well as Pokemon from other generations. 

ABC iview 

Do you need to practice your Australian accent? If so, ABC iview is here to help. Well, that’s not the only reason why you need to check to ABC iview, of course. 

The app is an Australian company incorporated app with a massive catalog of Australian binge-worthy tv shows as well as other international contents. 

A noteworthy feature of ABC iview is the Show Page. It contains everything related to that shows from all available episodes, extras, guest information, and many more. 


This is another TV APK app I would recommend. Personally, as a person who is interested in Australia related news, I found this app extremely convenient and helpful with my interests. 

Besides, it covers news in other categories such as world, finance, politics, sports, and so on. So if you happen to have the same interest, be sure to check the app out. 


Ifix is another content streaming app similar to Netflix and Stan. The main difference I find is the variation of subtitles available. Apart from all high-quality movies and tv shows which are worth watching, the app also provides subtitles in numerous Asian languages such as Indonesian, Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and so son. 

So if you want to watch a movie together with one of your friends or relatives who doesn’t speak English and require subtitles, consider Ifix. 

Nickelodeon Play

Although the availability of content might differ depending on the market, the app has the majority of Nickeklodeon’s shows.

SpongeBob, TMNT, Game shakers, etc, you name it, the app has it all. Additionally, the app also features exclusive shows of the most popular Nickelodeon characters. 

BBC earth 

A huge collection of Sir David’s work is available in this app for those who are his fans. There are decades of highlights from more than 40 popular channels that people have loved even till these days, which includes Planet Earth, The Life of Mammals, Blue Planet, and many more. 

UK TV & Radio 

The app is a collection of the most popular UK Tv channels and radio stations. They are all free even know there is a geographical restriction. However, a VPN can bypass the restriction easily. 

So, if you are a fan of BBC one Tv Channel, BBC two, Citv Tv channel and so son, make sure to give this app a try. 

NBC News 

NBC News is a platform for readers who are interested in breaking news and live videos. Also, it is an agency that covers news without an agenda which also happens to offer tons of live and raw footages on breaking news all around the US.

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Arguably, IMDb is one of the most popular sources for movie stream and ratings and reviews. Once registered, the app will allow you to give score to movies that you have watched. Another huge plus for the app is that movies available are also packed with information on names of the actors and actresses, credits, and many more. 

World News TV

 World News TV is not a news agency that covers news on their own terms. However, you can follow breaking news from all over the world and across different channels from World News TV. It includes news from CNN, BBC, ABC, Fox and many more. 

Live Football TV Euro 

Are you after a TV APK platform that dedicates itself to sports only? Check out Football TV Euro. It is designed and tailored toward sport loving fans with the majority of popular competitions including Fifa, English premier league, USL, French Ligue, and more. Get the app and enjoy your games anywhere and everywhere. 

Live Soccer TV – Scores & Stats

This is a live soccer TV app with excellent game details which are essential to every sports fans. There is also a guide that shows when and which teams would be on. The app also notifies you when your favorite team is on. It is very convenient if you don’t want to miss out any match of your favorite players. 

UEFA.tv always Football. Always on

If the name of the APK app is not abundantly on what it’s about, I don’t know what is. Sarcasm aside, the app itself is quite decent when it comes to streaming football contents. Although it is not as feature-rich as the others on the list, it is an adequate substitute nonetheless.

U Music TV

This is a music-related Tv APK platform that has been designed to be family appropriate. If you have a child that loves music, but you don’t want to risk inappropriate language and others, then consider U Music TV. There are all kinds of music-related contents, and all are age-appropriate, there is no worry about the unwanted display of female buttocks. 

Natural Geographic Animal Documentary 2019

Install the app for a range of high-quality documentary videos on nature and animals. There are all sorts of wildlife-related contents such as natural geography, animal videos, informative animal documentaries, natural habitats, and many more. It is a must-have Tv APK for animal lovers. 

Documentaries – watch documentary 

For a range of general documentary videos and content, this app is for you. It has a wide range of documentary content including cars, biography, mystery, space, and so on. Though to clarify, the app does produce the contents, instead it is a summary of all documentaries via Youtube.

TV Listing UK – Cisana TV+

Apart from a fair amount of channels available on the app, it also offers a timeline view and the reminders. There are still rooms for improvement, but overall it’s not bad TV APK app. 


There are more than 1000 channels across 10 European countries for you to consume. Channels coverage and content quality are decent even though customization is not as high. Nonetheless, it is still a excellent Tv app to have. 

Cyprus TV & Radio 

The app contains free channels only with ads break. So, there is no worry about hidden cost or anything like that. Overall, the interface is straightforward to use, even though channels coverage is somewhat inferior. 

FMTV – Food Matters TV

For our foodie readers out there, FMTV is the hidden gem for your device. The app has a massive collection for recipe videos as well as other health-related topics. The general concept of the app is superb, even though the interface is a bit tricky to use. Overall, the app provides a significant amount of helpful food and health-related shows. 

Simply Good Food TV

Hungry for more cooking and food contents? Check Simply Good Food TV for a wide range of videos on all food-related topics. 

You will enjoy content and shows from numerous famous chefs around the world, their food, and their stories on it. 

Tastful Easy Recipes

Folks, if you like innovative recipes and short tutorials on cook, you don’t want to miss out Tastful Easy Recipes. There are all kinds of food related categories such as breakfast, Christmas food, sweet and dessert, paste and many more and the content is very addicting to watch. 

Stew Recipes

Install this app for a range of video streaming on healthy stew recipes. It showcases numerous easy-to-make yet succulent and delicious stew dishes. You don’t necessarily have to be a food lover to like them. As several readers have claimed that it is somewhat remedying to binge-watch their contents. 

Breakfast Recipes 

Are you more of a breakfast guy? Then here is a collection of thousands of breakfast cooking shows for you to consume, all tightly packed in one TV APK app. 

Fox News: Breaking News, Live Video & News Alerts  

For more content on politics around the world, add Fox News to your TV APK collection. The app has a wide range of streamed trending and exclusive news as well as clips from your favorite shows to your Android device. 

CNBC: Breaking Business News & Live Market Data

Perhaps you are a businessman or woman that requires a daily update on business news all around the world? If so, CNBC is your boy for the job. 

Science TV

The app is relatively new but is already loved by many users. There are shows on scientific topics across various categories ranging from artificial intelligence, Nano-technology, space, solar power, and more. Be sure to check out the app if you are a science lover. 

247 Comedy Movies & TV

Do you like playing something in the background that can also make you laugh? If so, download 247 Comedy Movies & TV for that very purpose. There are hundreds of free comedy movies and more if you decide to go premium. 

Wrapping up

There you go folks, that concludes our list for a list on the top 50 TV APK Download 2019. Of course, there are still many more apps out there, but the above are those that I like the most. 

If you find the article helpful or if there is anything you would like to suggest to us, please leave a comment below to let me know. I will see you in the next article.


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