The Best Android Apps for 2020 – Enjoy Your New Life on A Smartphone!

The Best Android Apps for 2019 - Enjoy Your New Life on A Smartphone

Android’s Play Store has more than 3.5 million apps, which help you improve your life better, for example, managing your time, learning new language, and playing games.

However, not all of them are good as advertised, so you need to download and use selectively. 

To avoid that a multitude of choices make you feel overwhelmed, I make this list of the best Android Apps. You can refer to before making the last decision.

The List of the Best Android Apps for 2019

In this post, I can’t introduce all over 3.5 million apps, so, I recommend 18 best Android apps on Play Store based on my  experiences. Although everyone has different priority, I believe that my choices are almost must-have apps.


Don’t expect any game app in this list because there is a wide range of games available on the Play Store, and the preference of each person is different.

Now, it’s time to discover these apps in details:

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a versatile home-screen replacement for the default theme of Android.

It comes with many advanced and user-friendly features as follows:

  • First, this choice is clearer and faster than the home launcher.
  • It is not only smooth and lightweight but also provides a lot of customization options.
  • This Android app has hundreds of icon packs, allowing you to change the look of your Android phone.
  • There are day and night modes, automatically switching at a specific time.
  • Besides, you can customize notification badge, icon, app-drawer, and folder.
  • A significant number of gestures available gives you more straightforward navigation.

The prime version of Nova Launcher provides you with more outstanding features, unlocking more gestures, for example.

Click here to download Nova Launcher.



Netflix is pretty popular  for 4K video streaming. It is a significant source of TV shows, and movies, especially this app allows you to download your favorite videos.

Although Netflix requires you to sign up to watch any video, you can try a one-month free trial in advance.

If you want to find your favorite videos, type the name on the box to look for it, and it will suggest the best ones for you.

Once you have an account, you can watch movies everywhere and everywhen. What you need to do is to log into your account via one of the devices such as your television, tablets, game consoles, and phones.

You can easily find out the latest TV shows, popular anime movies, and famous series such as Black Mirror, Narcos, The OA, The Crown, and Stranger Things. Feel free to download Netflix here.

Google drive

Google drive

I believe that everyone has heard about this app. It offers a free cloud storage service, meaning you can store your photos, video, and other files in the cloud platform for free.

After logging in to your account in a device, you can access your documents from anywhere all over the world. Some activities you can do with your files on Google drive include:

  • Store your data safely.
  • Read your files offline
  • Search for files by name and content.
  • Share your files with other people to edit and comment on your documents.
  • Rename and download them.
  • Print and copy your documents.
  • Back up your vital files on the cloud.

How much cloud storage will you get?

15GB for free.

Then, you can spend a small amount of money on purchasing extra GB.

Google drive has smaller applications, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google slides, Google sheets, and google calendar. Each of them is a wonderful tool, helping you manage a type of specific document. Download Google Drive here.

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

The default file manager of most Android phones has basic features. If you need more, let’s consider ES File Explorer. It not only provides more space on your Android device but also allows you to share your media files with other people.

When your Android phone is rooted, the in-built App manager will automatically help you uninstall and backup your apps.

However, some  users don’t love this app due to a lot of ads. Click here for downloading ES File Explorer.

LastPassword Manager

Last Password Manager

For a forgetful person like me, LastPassword manager is a savior.


It helps you manage all passwords by saving your login details in the database. Thus, you don’t have to remember your account passwords all the time.

Even it can recognize weak passwords to suggest hard-to-guess and strong passwords.

Thanks to the cross-platform support, you can use it either on your tablet or computer.

This app also allows you to share your password with other people safely and conveniently.

You can use Lastpass Authenticator of the premium version, which has higher security of your accounts.

Unlike other password manager apps, the interface of LastPass Password Manager is very user-friendly. Get LastPass Password manager here.



For me, Evernote is a wonderful tool because it helps me organize my life and work effectively.

Let’s see how great it is:

When it comes to the format, this cross-platform app allows you to take notes in several different formats: text, video, audio, and photo.

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What’s more, you can use this app in different devices such as cell phone, laptop, and iPad.

After syncing, what you took notes on Evernote will be available everywhen you log into, no matter which device you use.

In particular, you can attach your Microsoft Office, and PDF documents into Evernote to use anytime, and anywhere.

You are able to share all your notes for other people to read, edit, and comment.

This app features a home-screen widget, which allows you to access Evernote immediately when you touch it.

Some people choose Google Keep as an alternative, but the interface of Evernote is better, mainly, it provides you with more unique features.

If you buy Evernote premium, you will have a larger working space of about 10 GB every month. Plus, you can  log in to an unlimited amount of devices. Get Evernote here.

WPS Office

WPS Office

WPS Office got Google Play Award: “Best Apps of 2015,” “Editor’s Choice,” “Top Developer.”

This is an Office Suite app to boost your productivity because you can integrate it with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Google docs, PDF, spreadsheets, presentations, and memo.

There is  an in-built PDF converter available, so you don’t need to download an extra PDF converter from Play Store.

Other great features include:

  • Open to edit your PDF files in WPS office app.
  • Save your documents on Cloud drive
  • Access all of your files and documents anywhere and anytime.
  • Share your files with other people through Wifi, NFC, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, Instant Messaging, Email, and DLNA. 
  • Convert from PDF to Word, text, excel, powerpoint, doc, and vice versa., and convert from text to beautiful image.

If you dislike ads, please upgrade to the premium version, which provides you more services and benefits without ads, especially there are more beautiful fonts.

It supports 51 different languages as well as multiple file formats.

Try to download WPS Office here.



SwiftKey is a more powerful Android keyboard than the default keyboard.

Please discover the fact:

The majority of keyboards on Play Store copied the idea of the SwiftKey app.

This keyboard can learn your writing style, including your slang, emoji, and nicknames, so over time, you will type faster through this app. Meanwhile, the personalized keyboard allows you to type and send emoji, GIFs, and alike.

It has the following features to users:

  • Buy keyboard themes.
  • Talk by using gestures.
  • Support many languages and run five languages at once.
  • Sync with the library.

Download SwiftKey here. got the Award-winning To-do list, Calendar, Planner & Reminders app, and 2019 Editors’ Choice By Google.

Although there are a lot of to-do apps available on the Play Store, most of them can’t help you improve your productivity except for

Most users like the spotless interface of app, especially its to-do list and calendar functions, which are perfect for adding your tasks and appointments. There are also several automation options to plan your day optimally.

This app will check your tasks every morning to help you schedule your day. You should integrate this app with your cell phone since it will remind you about your missed phone calls through the system-wide notification.

The premium version of this app is cheap, offering you with color-coding. Click here to download

Grammarly keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard

While Android keyboard can only fix misspelled words, Grammarly keyboard can fix grammatical errors and spelling errors in your text. It is very beneficial for writers, bloggers, students, and job hunters. It also informs the mistakes of the verb choices and corrects your misspelled words.

For every correction, there are short and clear explanations, so you will know why you got that mistake and let you learn from experience.

To check more complicated errors, you must buy the premium version of this app. Feel free to download Grammarly Keyboard here




Google Keep can help you track your groceries while Todoist tracks more complicated things. In particular, this app allows you to share your to-do lists with other people like members of your family.

Here is another wonderful feature:

You can create multiple projects on this app for different owners to your list. After that, it will automatically send emails to these owners about what they need to do.

No matter which platform you use, you can access Todoist because it is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, even a smartwatch, or Android wear.

You connect Todoist with your favorite tools such as Amazon Alexa, Asana, Trello, Slack, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Gmail.

The free version creates up to 80 tasks and adds up to five people on each task. But, if you buy the paid version, it will provide extra great features like a reminder and location-based notifications, the usage of more tasks.

In sum, I feel that it’s fine to use the free version. Download Todoit in this link.



Xender transfers any file from a device to another without needing to use a USB cable.

You can use Xender on any platform, so it’s okay to transfer files from your computer to your Android cell phone.

This application is speedy, sharing even big files in a few minutes.

What’s more, its interface is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing anyone to use at ease.

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Some other features include:

  • Shares your file anytime, and anywhere.
  • Works faster 200 times than Bluetooth.
  • Supports a lot of different languages.

Try to download Xender here.



Among all weather apps available on the Play Store, 1Weather is the best. Let’s discover the reason:

In spite of a simple design, it can show both your current weather and the weather forecast for the next 12 weeks.

The interface of 1Weather is also the best on the market.


You will check the weather from the notification menu without needing to unlock your phone.

This is also a great tool to check precipitation forecast, temperature, and Doppler radar.

There are several photo backgrounds, such as sports, cars, dogs, and cats, but you entirely create your custom background.

Even it supports a lot of different languages. So, you can use it, no matter which mother tongue you use.

This app is free, so there are ads. If you want to remove them, you should buy the paid version, which cost you a small amount of money with the same features with the free version.

Try to download 1Weather here.

Spark Email

Spark Email

For me, Spark Email is greater than the default email app. It comes with many gestures, customization options, and features like Smart Inbox, and Scheduling, especially, it’s free to snooze notifications.

As advertised, Spark Email minimizes noise.

How can it?

It identifies who is important to you and only notifies you of  emails from these people.

The most exciting thing is that you can create many signatures in your email accounts.

Switching between an account to account is very simple and comfortable while you compose your email. But, it requires you to follow some easy steps.

Click to this link to download Spark Email here. 

Unified Remote

Unified remote

The unified remote is an ideal tool to control your computer from your smartphone. With the connection of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you control and support more than 100 popular apps and programs.

It works well on any platform such as Windows, Linux, and Mac, but requires you to install a server program. This app also allows you to wake up the PC from the sleep mode.

There are two color themes, so choose light or dark mode depending on your preference.

The free version comes with a lot of other features such as Wake on LAN, media player controls, and screen mirroring, even controlling your Raspberry, and Arduino Yun. Meanwhile, the paid version offers you more features like custom remotes. Get Unified Remote here.



In the past, only Apple owner can use Canva, but this app has made the debut in the Google Play Store recently.

In spite of a simple user interface, it is a powerful app. You use it to design many things, for example, banners and headers for your blog, posters, flyers, Instagram, and collages.

How to use this app?

You can start a completely new design or use one of 60.000 free ones created by pro designers. 

First of all, you need appropriate content with your idea, then, pick up a template as desired. The last step is to combine text and template to edit your photo.

If you want to edit any part of the template, tap on them.

Do you want to add extra text in the photo?

If yes, click on the ‘Text’ option to write what you think, after that, change the font, spacing, color, and size of the text.

Do you want to edit your photos as well?

This app allows you to adjust the contrast, rotate the picture, change the brightness, saturation, and color of the picture, even create a collage for your photo, and undo unlimitedly.

Finally, RESTORE YOUR PHOTO AND USE. You recover the previously designed photos in the “Your design” section of the app. Download Canva here.

Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker

Any messaging app, especially WhatsApp, has default stickers, emoji, and GIFs, even you can download extra several sticker packs available on Play Store. However, Sticker Maker gives you more exciting moments by designing your sticker packs.

After loading image on this app, let’s use the freehand crop tool to cut the part you need to design your sticker.

You edit your stickers by rotating the pictures, removing your old stickers, and adding new ones.

Every sticker pack requires at least three stickers and contain up to 30 stickers. 

After completing your sticker packs, you can use them in messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Click this link to download sticker maker.



This app is designed for those who want to learn new knowledge. Curiosity can meet the  requirement of both quality (hundreds of quality articles and podcasts) and appearance (the beautiful interface.)

Are you interested in history, psychology, or anything else?

Look for the knowledge in the discover tab.

You can save your favorite topics to follow any related article and podcast.

You can use it without needing to sign up, but registration or login allows you to synchronize on many devices to use.

However, pay attention that it supports English only. Get curiosity here.

Get your new life!

Although Play Store has millions of apps, these 18 best Android apps are the best based on my  opinions. If you have other great apps to add this list, please let me know.

Which apps do you love? Did you experience great moments when using these apps? Let’s leave your comments below and share if you find this article informative and helpful.