A Comparison Of The Top 5 Website Builders Of 2020

A Comparison Of The Top 5 Website Builders

A website builder assists businesses and individuals to start their website and customize it themselves. These platforms offer customizable tools to develop a comprehensive website without the need for a developer.

Choosing the right website platform is a tricky task since there are several of them available on the internet. Each comes with their distinctive set of features and tools, though some are common. Before picking a website platform, it’s important to make a note of what you are looking for.


The world’s generally well known, across the board online solutions provider is an expert and inventive web designing specialist, a far reaching eMarketing master and an unparalleled web based social media coordinator, all coming together to drive online commercial centers at every level.

The Pros

Shopify is a feature-rich website builder that helps you in generating a business name with a logo. You also have the option to customize your web address and download stock photos for free. Enjoy stunning themes and automatic software updates, including comprehensive inventory management. Shopify Payments is the integrated payment solution featuring numerous payment gateways. You can easily integrate your website with WordPress.

The Cons

Shopify is pretty high in its pricing compared to other website software. Moreover, moving away from Shopify to other platforms is a herculean task.

Constant Contact Website Builder

This is the most user-friendly, intelligent, and AI-enabled website development platform, helping you build a customized and professional website in minutes. It also helps you develop mobile-responsive websites without any guesswork in minutes.

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The Pros

The artificial intelligence powered website builder has the most comprehensive email marketing service. The AI feature helps you create a completely customized website with an extensive layout from over 550,000 free exceptional quality images. Every template is mobile-friendly and includes comprehensive customer support solutions. There are a host of free plans available too.

The Cons

The website service provider doesn’t allow third-party extensions that allow the installation of new features on your website. Also, when you want a custom domain name, you have to upgrade to the paid plan.

Gator By HostGator

With a drag, drop, and publish facility, Gator caters to first-timers and seasoned professionals alike. The powerful, yet simple website builder is also one of the world’s leading web hosting providers. The all-in-one facility is an ideal choice for small businesses.

The Pros

The fully-hosted platform automatically does the job of software updates and enables backups. The myriad templates come with simple and effective customization facilities. Point-and-click feature allows you to edit any element in a flash. Gator has its own built-in stock photo library available for free. All the paid plans also offer a free custom domain name for your business.

The Cons

Gator doesn’t have free plans and they also don’t offer free trials like other website builders. Third-party add-ons and developers cannot be installed to modify the websites. Gator is suitable only for small businesses and stores with limited items.


With innovation, affordability, and premium quality services, Domain.com assists you in making things happen your way. The easy-to-use interface is intuitive to use, and is an all-in-one solution to build a website in a few clicks.

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The Pros

Yet another drag-and-drop website builder is your companion in every step of building your online business. The platform understands the myriad requirements of various businesses and the templates are optimized to look stunning on all devices. Inventory management and discounting facilities are additional features. Every plan comes with a live chat and enhanced customer support.

The Cons

There is no free website building option available from Domain.com. Free trial is also not available but they offer money-back guarantee. The extension facility is very limited and you cannot combine it with WordPress. The starter plan offers only six pages of website.


It’s one of the leading website development platforms available in the market. It includes all those features and advanced facilities to build an online store that scales. Dynamic tools and revolutionary built-in tools ensure high margins while keeping overheads low.

The Pros

The fully-hosted website builder keeps security, speed, and updates at optimum levels throughout the journey. Every aspect including the technical side is taken care of, and combines seamlessly with WordPress to leverage maximum advantage. Another huge advantage is, BigCommerce seamlessly integrates with numerous payment gateways and doesn’t charge transaction fees.

The Cons

The proprietary platform makes it very difficult to move to other platforms. Since it has the most advanced features and ground-breaking tools, the pricing is pretty expensive compared to other website building providers.


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