Androidhackers Launches Mods of Prominent Android Games and Applications

Androidhackers Launches Mods of Prominent Android Games

As a gamer or as a regular android user, it is a secret wish of everybody to get rid of the limitations and restrictions that pop up while operating them. It can be an added incentive if all these apps can be availed in their premium service without getting trapped under the loop of irrelevant advertisements. For providing an experience of unhindered functioning of apps and games, AndroidHackers have launched hacking apks for several prominent apps and android games that are widely used by people around the world.

These apks are ethical, which, when bought, will render the utmost efficiency in the performance of these apps.  The package file formats are available on the website of AndroidHackers for ensuring accessibility and monitoring of the customers to make their purchase worth the money. They also offer several mods or modifications of these games and apps that can cater to the demands of the players and users.  This website sets forth a streak of services and products, which are discussed further.

Products offered by AndroidHackers

AndroidHackers present a range of apks for products and applications that ensure each of these apps and games can be accessed without any contingencies. Some of the apks of mostly used and bought applications and games are:

  • Productivity
  • Sport
  • Tools
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Entertainment
  • Media and Video
  • Music and Audio
  • Personalization

The following are the applications of all genres, on which AndroidHackers offers its apks. It has a large stock on games along with mods as well.

Specifications of the hacked apps and games

AndroidHackers not only feature their products and services but also highlight their specification for a better understanding of their benefits. In order to provide clarity and transparency in their way of dealing, this website has attached a thorough description of the features for better perusal.

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   1. Instagram MOD APK 

  • One can download videos, igtv and also stories
  • Will remove irrelevant ads and pop-ups.
  • Copy and paste comments and bio from else’s profile.

    2. YouTube MOD APK Premium 

  • The most lucrative feature of background play
  • Ad-free streaming of videos
  • Premium quality videos

    3. Netflix MOD APK v7.38

  • License to watch unlimited movies
  • Premium 4K HD quality
  • Watch series and movies without any interruptions and advertisements.


Apks for the games section is available in all genres. Be it action, adventure educational or puzzle AndroidHackers has furnished premium gaming facilities for every individual who has their separate profile and areas of interest while playing android games.

Sniper 3D Assassin MOD APK

One of the most famous games in the action genre, this game has some unique features that discussed below:

Motocross Meltdown Offline

This game is a hot favorite among gamers who have a keen interest in adventure games. The features gained after downloading the apks are mentioned below:

  • This game can be played even in offline mode.
  • No need to buy the game, one can play it for free.
  • It can be operated even in low-end device support.

Toca Mystery House

Meant primarily for kids, this game has an educational aspect that is ideal for kids. The features after downloading this apk are mentioned here:

  • Ease of access
  • Each level is unlocked after scoring the minimum record.
  • This apk can be installed and used in every android devices

Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator MOD APK v1.15.5 (Unlimited Gold and Crystals)

Passion puzzle is an exciting game that requires individuals to match up missing parts in a way that can render a complete sense.

  • Infinite gold coins can be acquired
  • Countless lives of the player can be achieved.
  • Unlimited crystals can be accumulated
  • It can be safely used by children and adults.
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1.  Eternal Sword M MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

  • Unlimited Coins while playing
  • Free to download option available to get new versions
  • Safe for access and use
  • The apks are compatible with every android version.

2.  Drag Racing MOD APK v1.8.3

  • Unlimited access to account money
  • Free to download options available to upgrade into new versions.
  • Drag racing apks can be downloaded and installed in the device without any hassle.
  • Involves immediate auto-update on the versions as soon as they are available in the market.

3.  Sniper 3D Assassin MOD APK

  • Updated versions are auto-synced with the progression of the game.
  • Compatible with every android devices
  • Safe to operate.
  • Individuals can gain unlimited diamonds while playing that they can use while advancing in the game.

AndroidHackers also offers hacked apks on several other applications that are vastly explored and searched by people. In cases where an individual is tired of getting intervened and loses track of their work by continual popping up of advertisements can try AdguardPremium Apkdedicated for android devices. Using this app will help individuals obliterate endorsements and irrelevant pop-ups on their screen while performing their tasks.

Benefits of attaining android apks

AndroidHackers furnishes individuals with functionalities that can be easily handled by individuals and offer them an unmatched experience while playing games or operating several apps. Given below are the benefits that can be acquired while downloading these apks from this site.

  1. No unnecessary intervention of advertisements and cookies
  2. No restrictions on unlocking new levels.
  3. Upgraded app performance and no lagging.
  4. Mods can help in boosting and customize the functions and operations in a game or an app.
  5. With hacking and applying mods on these applications, the premium version of the same can be acquired.
  6. Less consumption of internet data.

Furthermore, it can make the gameplay seem a cakewalk while integrating new templates and fonts that will enhance the gaming experience.

AndroidHackers do not cultivate any malicious intent and are only dedicated to ethical hacking websites. Each of their apks is meant to strategize and customize the functionalities of these games and applications for smooth running. Although hacking has a negative connotation, in case of breaking or modifying android games, it can be a little dicey and can have licit purposes. Just like the trend of adopting new mods which helps individuals in scoring more and unlocking new levels, is an original of customizing.




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