Brandi Worley is accused of stabbing her children to death.

Brandi Worley


On November 17, 2016, Brandi Worley, a mother of two from Indiana, gained national news for murdering her children. When her husband Jason slept in the basement, a 31-year-old lady stabbed her children Tyler, 7, and Charlee, 3. Jason had only requested a divorce from his wife two days before the murders. The judge sentenced the Darlington woman to life in prison for her actions.

The public was shocked by the savagery of Worley’s act and the oddity of the 911 call in which she casually described what she had done to her children. She reported the event even though she was bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds to the neck.

Who is Brandi Worley?

Brandi Worley came into being in 1986. Her birthplace was Indianapolis. After growing up in the state, she attended Indiana State University, where she studied elementary education. Worley was born on July 5, 1986, in Crawfordsville, Indiana, to parents who eventually divorced and raised her there. She was a lively, well-liked child with a younger sibling.

She attended Crawfordsville High School, where her lively nature and extracurricular involvement made her famous. After college, she taught for a few years before staying home with her children.

Where Are Brandi Worley and Jason Worley’s Children Currently?

Two of Jason Worley’s children had their mother executed. 7-year-old Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley (born in 2009) and 3-year-old Charlee Rose Jean Worley are the children of Jason and his ex-wife, Brandi Worley (born in 2013). Tyler, who attended Sugar Creek Elementary in Montgomery County, Indiana, was Jason’s first-grader.

Charlee, Jason’s daughter, attended the Willson Early Learning Center in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Brandi Worley persuaded her son Tyler into her daughter Charlee’s room by promising him a sleepover. At the time, Jason was sleeping in the basement.

Brandi Worley purchased a Kabar combat knife from Walmart on November 16 to murder her son Tyler. Her daughter, Charlee, awoke to the sound of her brother self-injuring and shouted, “What are you doing?” Brandi responded, “Return to your slumber.” The mother, Brandi, then repeatedly stabbed her toddler. She also self-inflicted a neck stab wound.

Brandi Worley
Brandi Worley’s Chindren

Brandi Worley reported the murders to the proper authorities. She stated that she had taken “a lot of Benadryl” before contacting 911 but remained composed and emotionless throughout the call. She notified the 911 dispatcher that her mother had been contacted and was en route. Her mother was unaware of the latest developments.

The 9-1-1 operator phoned Brandi Worley’s mother, the victim’s grandmother since she initially believed the call was a scam. Jason awoke to his wife’s mother’s screams as she discovered her grandchildren’s bodies. Brandi then informed Jason, “You cannot take the children from me.” The police arrived at approximately 4:30.

Currently, Brandi Worley is completing the remainder of her sentence in an Indiana prison.

Tyler and Charlee were laid to rest in Darlington’s Greenlawn Cemetery days after their deaths. At that time, YouTuber Philip DeFranco brought the case to the attention of individuals worldwide.

Jason sent Philip a message on Reddit informing him that his children appreciated reading his work. Philip said in a video, “Two innocent children were murdered, their futures stolen by the one who gave them life.” They stated, “Jason’s heart was just broken.”

Using a GoFundMe campaign, Philip requested assistance gathering funds for burial expenses and Jason’s ongoing support. In just a few weeks, it surpassed $50,000, and donations continue to arrive.

Brandi initially disputed responsibility for both counts of murder accusations. She had already healed from the self-inflicted stab wounds when charges were filed. As she awaited trial, Worley revealed her intention to utilize insanity as a defense.

Despite this, Brandi pleaded guilty in January 2018. Brandi presented her appeal in the presence of Jason. He told Indy Star the following:

She exhibited the same lack of remorse as in her 911 call. She was matter-of-fact as she described her illicit crime. Having her express such sentiments crushed my heart. All I ever wanted was for her to be removed entirely from my life so I could leave this nightmare in the past.

In March of 2018, Brandi Worley was given a life sentence by Judge Harry Siamas. Evil exists in the world, he observed. And it penetrates to the very center of our beings.”

Brandi stayed mute throughout her sentencing and is serving her time at the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, where she is severely sad and emotionless, according to the press.

Brandi’s defense attorney Mark Inman told The Journal Review that Brandi has become emotionally aloof following two dramatic initial encounters. He hypothesized that this was her coping technique, stating, “That’s the only way she can handle it right now.” She cannot explain her conduct.

What Caused the Murder?

However, in 2016, Jason filed for divorce, marking a turning point in the couple’s marriage. Brandi has refuted his allegations of infidelity.

Brandi had difficulty adjusting to being a single parent and coping with their split. In the past, she has been drugged for her melancholy and anxious periods. Isolation and withdrawal from her friends and family increased her mental health issues.

Brandi called 911 on November 17, 2016, to report killing her three young children. Tyler, age seven, and Charlee, age three, were found dead in their beds when police arrived. Brandi had also attempted suicide by cutting her wrists.

The Deadly night

Even though Brandi and Jason had filed for divorce the day before the murder, the family attended Charlee’s dance performance on the day of the murder as if nothing had happened.

She tricked Charlee into entering Tyler’s room, where she concealed a battle knife, rather than accompanying her to Walmart. Once Charlee awoke, she turned to finish stabbing Tyler in the neck. Brandi urged Charlee to resume her nap, but once she did, she stabbed her repeatedly, ultimately killing her and leaving the other child covered in blood.

The Judgment and Retribution of Brandi Worley

The trial of Brandi Worley reportedly began on August 7, 2017, in Montgomery County, Indiana. During Worley’s trial, prosecutors argued that she killed her neighbors and husband out of jealousy. They also claimed that she planned and carried out the murders and left a message saying she “couldn’t live with this disaster.”

Attorneys for the defense argued that Worley’s long history of mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, justified using this defense. They stated that her marital problems and the stress of having two young children contributed to a further decline in her mental state in the months preceding the murders.

Brandi Worley
Brandi Worley

Notwithstanding these factors, the jury suggested a sentence of 120 years for Worley, who was found guilty of two counts of murder and received a life sentence without the possibility of parole in December 2017.

According to divorce documents filed the day before the shooting, Jason Worley accused his wife of adultery. Initially, Jason intended to divorce Brandi, but after considering what was best for their children, they decided to try reconciliation.

The explanation for the Disappearance of Jason Worley

Jason had no choice but to move on with his life after learning that Brandi Worley was locked up in an Indiana prison. While trying to raise money on GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses, he was assisted by famous YouTuber Phillip De Franco, who raised $50,000. Brandi was scheduled to plead guilty to two counts of murder in 2018.

Jason was in prison when the court read the woman’s 120-year sentence. After her arrest, Jason vowed he never wanted to see her again and would keep her “out of sight, out of mind.”

Jason Worley sought guidance on Reddit.

When Jason discovered that his wife was having an affair with their neighbor, he turned to Reddit for advice.

Although the exact motives for the murders are unknown, it is known that Brandi was suffering from mental health issues and that the family was going through a difficult time. This example illustrates the terrible effects of domestic violence and emphasizes the importance of seeking assistance when needed. Peace be with the children, and may their stories encourage others to seek assistance when needed.

Due to the Brandi Worley case, many people ponder the relationship between mental health and criminal responsibility. It’s a tragic reminder of the domestic toll abuse takes and the importance of seeking help when things get tough.