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Les Twins
The popular artists

Les Twins are identical twin brothers who are renowned French dancers and creative directors of their brand. Les Twins’ unique style of dance represents the modern era of hip-hop. They began their career by winning the semi-finals of the Juste Debout international dance competition in 2008. The following year, they performed in Twins, a two-person hip-hop comedy stage. Their success in the artistic format can be attributed to their viral YouTube video from the 2010 World of Dance competition. Known by their monikers, Lil Beast” the Les Twins have gained global recognition for their exceptional skills in new-style hip-hop and other dance genres.

About Les Twins’ personal life

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Les Twins, consisting of Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, born on December 6, 1988, is a renowned dance duo known for their incredible performances on stage. Les Twins are a pair of 32-year-old identical twin hip-hop dancers who share the same height (6.4 feet) and weight (84 kg). They both have black eyes and black hair and have multiple tattoos on their bodies. While they have not disclosed their educational qualifications, it is known that they attended a local school in their hometown of Sarcelles, France. They are the youngest members of a large Guadeloupean family, which comprises nine children.

Les Twins Early life

Originally from France, they have become a sensation worldwide with their unique dancing style, which is primarily focused on hip-hop. Apart from being talented dancers, they are also choreographers, models, actors, and young entrepreneurs. They founded the hip-hop dance group, Criminalz Crew. Despite having no formal training, they have gained immense popularity with their exceptional skills. Les Twins won the prestigious international dance competition, Juste Debout, in 2011. Larry and Laurent did not receive any formal dance education. Instead, they honed their skills by observing other breakers, lockers, and poppers and by teaching themselves classical ballet techniques. At the age of 12, Les Twins appeared in different concerts and musicals.

Les twins relationship

The Twins are currently single. Laurent Bourgeois, one half of Les Twins, was previously in a romantic relationship with a singer with whom he has a child. However, the couple is no longer together. Laurent was also in a relationship with a woman named Melissa, but they have since broken up. Larry was previously in a relationship with French singer Lylah, with whom he has a daughter named Leila Bourgeois. However, the couple broke up in 2015.

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How Les Twins Became Popular

Les Twins, who were born and raised in Sarcelles, France, gained popularity in their home country when they became finalists on the hit TV show Incredible Talent in 2008. After a video of their performance at the San Diego stop of the World of Dancing tour in 2010 went popular on YouTube, with more than 46 million views as of December 1, 2019, their career took off in the US.

The song that gave them fame

During their appearance on World of Dance, Les Twins performed the lively and captivating pop-dance track “Fuego” by Eleni Foureira. This song perfectly complemented the duo’s high-energy and breathtaking choreography. The lyrics of the song express a desire to let loose and have a good time, making it an ideal choice for the Les Twins. With its catchy hook and vibrant sound, the song provided the perfect backdrop for the duo’s complex and intricate moves. It’s easy to see why “Fuego” was an integral part of their performance, which turned out to be truly mesmerizing.

Nick Name Les
First Name Les
Last Name Twins
Profession Actor, Dancers, Choreographers,
  Producers, Models, Designers.
Famous For Men in Black: International
Date of Birth 6-Dec-88
Birth Place Sarcelles, Paris, France
Birth Name Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois
Age (in 2020) 31 years
Religion Christianity
Nationality French
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Hobbies Cooking, Writing, Books
Hometown Paris, France

Their participation in the entertainment industry

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In 2008, Les Twins competed in France’s Incroyable Talent, a competition akin to America’s Got Talent, and they made it to the finals, taking sixth place. The biggest hip-hop competition in the world, Juste Debout, also saw them proceed to the semifinals. In 2011, they emerged as the winners of Just Debout. Their performance at the World of Dance competition in San Diego, California, in 2010 was recorded and became a viral hit on YouTube, which caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres. The popular TV host invited them to appear on her show, marking their first-ever TV appearance in the United States. This opportunity proved to be a turning point in their career and opened up new avenues for them.

Le twin’s modeling career

Les Twins are models and are represented by Next Model Management in Paris. They walked in the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 Men’s Collection during Paris Fashion Week in 2010. They have also appeared in advertising campaigns for various brands in print media, television, and the web, such as Rocawear, Givenchy, Benetton, New Era, H&M, Adidas, and Pioneer Steez.

Dancing career

Les Twins became known in the dance community after winning against French street dancers Joseph Go and Meech Onomo in the semi-finals of the Juste Debout competition in March 2008. They also participated in Season 3 of Incroyable Talent and were audience favorites, eventually making it to the finale show watched by over 4 million viewers, which was attended by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. In 2009, they were contracted to perform in Twins, which is a popular two-man hip-hop comedy stage revue.

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Les Twins unique fashion taste

Les Twins are known for their unique fashion sense, which includes wearing their pants backward, neck warmers, and ankle-length knee pads, as well as other accessories like scarves, beaded bracelets, and necklaces. They are recognized for their distinctively large afros. Laurent has commented that their fashion sense has evolved.

Les Twins work with Beyonce

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The twins’ talent and popularity have earned them individual dance performances during Beyonce’s tour shows. Despite working with Beyonce multiple times, they always felt nervous about sharing the stage with her. Although Beyonce has taken a break from performing, Larry and Laurent, who is 33 years old, have stayed busy with their bookings.

Les Twins Achievements

Winning the Juste Débat competition in 2011, Les Twins defeated 353 dancers. This victory led them to perform with the renowned musician Beyonce at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. The same year, they were appointed as the chief dancers for the Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.

Les Twins achieved a major milestone in 2017 when they won the inaugural season of the World of Dance TV show produced by Jennifer Lopez.

Following this victory, they ventured into music production and became the first and only dancers to join the Jordan family after signing with Michael Jordan.

In 2019, they designed a shoe for the Jordan Collection that sold out within minutes.

The duo also served as resident judges on the French Canadian dance competition show, Revolution TVA, in 2018, alongside Jean Marc Genereux and Lydia Bouchard. In 2019, among their many endeavors, Laurent and Larry also appeared in two films that included Cats and Men in Black International.

Les Twins Net worth

Les Twins Net Worth in 2023, Age, Height, Parents, Career - Local 8 Now

Les Twins have made most of their money through their dancing careers, having performed with some of the world’s biggest stars such as Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, and Big Sean. They have also earned a considerable amount of money as models. As of 2023, their net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Ending note

Les Twins are known for their distinctive fashion style, which includes wearing backward pants, neck warmers, knee pads, and sporting large afros. Larry and Laurent’s biggest inspirations include Jackie Chan, Jim Carrey, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, their coach Abibou cartoons, “Playmo” Kébe, and their siblings, who are also dancers. Les Twins have a natural talent for exuding joyfulness, which is reflected in their big, sparkling eyes and their wonderful, goofy smiles. However, their most popular performances are when they showcase their captivating freestyle moves with an energy that fully engages the audience, even without a hint of a smile.